Medieval Philosophy: From 500 to 1500 CE

Medieval Philosophy: From 500 to 1500 CE

by Brian Duignan

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VOYA - Lynne Farrell Stover
This three-volume series meticulously chronicles the history of philosophy from its enlightening origins to present-day theories and practices. The first book in the series, Ancient Philosophy from 600 BCE to 500 CE, begins with a seven-page introduction that previews the entire contents of the book. Following this auspicious opening are the many well-documented details emphasizing the histories, thoughts, and theories of the Greek thinkers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. The subject matter in Medieval Philosophy from 500 to 1500 CE covers the major elements of Western philosophical thought as it intertwines with Judeo-Christian historical people and events. Neither the teachings of Buddha nor Confucius will be found in this text. (There is, however, a small chapter referencing Islamic philosophers.) Because the information is organized chronologically and therefore logically, the reader is able to make connections to the development of philosophical thought as it integrates religious beliefs with scientific reasoning. The black-and=white illustrations are lackluster and include white-on-gray descriptors in a small italic font that is difficult to read. Each book contains an underdeveloped glossary offset by a comprehensive index. While the books in this series could not be considered riveting reads, they are rich enough in content to allow an attentive reader to sweep the "Philosophy of the Western World" category in a game of Jeopardy. Reviewer: Lynne Farrell Stover

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Britannica History of Philosophy Series
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New Edition
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