Medieval Warfare 1000-1300

Medieval Warfare 1000-1300

by John France

ISBN-10: 075462515X

ISBN-13: 9780754625155

Pub. Date: 03/01/2006

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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The International Library of Essays on Military History Series
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Table of Contents

1War and finance in the Anglo-Norman state : transactions of the royal historical society1
2The Anglo-Flemish treaty of 1101 : Anglo-Norman studies27
3Military service and monetary reward in the eleventh and twelfth centuries : history33
4An account of the battle of Hattin referring to the Frankish mercenaries in Oriental Moslem states : speculum53
5Arms, armour and warfare in the eleventh century : Anglo-Norman studies63
6The warhorses of the Normans : Anglo-Norman studies85
7Analysis of military forces in the principality of Liege and the country of Looz from the twelfth to the fifteenth century : studies in medieval and Renaissance history101
8The battle of Hastings : Anglo-Norman studies145
9The myth of the military supremacy of knightly cavalry : in M. J. Strickland (ed.), armies, chivalry and warfare : proceedings of the 1995 Harlaxton symposium, Stamford : Paul Watkins171
10Miles in Armis Strenuus : the knight at war : transactions of the royal historical society185
11The Angevin strategy of castle building in the reign of Fulk Nerra, 987-1040 : American historical review205
12Cultural realities and reappraisals in English castle-study : journal of medieval history233
13Trebuchets : viator271
14Towards a re-evaluation of medieval English generalship : journal of British studies289
15Richard I and the science of war in the Middle Ages : in J. Gillingham and J. C. Holt (eds), war and government in the Middle Ages : essays in honour of J. O. Prestwich, Woodbridge : Boydell299
16Hastings : an unusual battle : Haskins society journal313
17A forty years war : Toulouse and the Plantagenets, 1156-96 : historical research323
18A society organized for war : medieval Spain : past and present339
19Ayn Jalut revisited : Tarih363
20The significance and causes of the battle of the field of blood : journal of medieval history395
21The failure of the siege of Damascus in 1148 : journal of medieval history411
22The army of Godfrey of Bouillon, 1096-1099 : structure and dynamics of a contingent on the first crusade : Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire423
23Crusading warfare and its adaptation to Eastern conditions in the twelfth century : Mediterranean historical review453
24Crusader castles : the first generation : fortress471
25Frankish castle-building in the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem : in S. Rozenberg (ed.), knights of the Holy Land : the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem, Jerusalem : Israeli museum487
26The Mahdia campaign of 1087 : English historical review493
27Transportation of horses by sea during the era of the Crusades : eighth century to 1285 A.D. : mariners mirror523
28The rate of march of crusading armies in Europe : a study and computation : traditio569
29Supplying the Crusader states : the role of the templars : in B. Z. Kedar (ed.), the horns of Hattin, Jerusalem : Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi585
30Wounds, military surgery and the reality of crusading warfare : the evidence of Usamah's memoires : journal of Oriental and African studies599
31Captivity and ransom : the experience of women in S. B. Edgington and S. Lambert (eds), gendering the Crusades Cardiff : University of Wales Press613

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