Meditations at Sunset: A Scientist Looks at the Sky

Meditations at Sunset: A Scientist Looks at the Sky

by James S. Trefil

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Like Trefil's earlier essay collections, A Scientist at the Seashore and Meditations at 10,000 Feet, this uses an aspect of the environment as a starting point for explaining scientific phenomena. Peering at the sunset, Trefil sees a chance to describe diffusion and refraction of light. Clouds trigger a discussion of wind shear, which causes airplane crashes. Explaining sunlight turns into a look at how quantum theory offers a consistent explanation for the behavior of atoms, moelcules, and quarks. This collection lacks some of the clarity and verve of the earlier books, but may appeal to adult public library patrons who enjoy short essays on popular science topics. The illustrations, many integral to understanding the author's arguments, were not seen. Laurie Tynan, Montgomery Cty. Lib., Norristown, Pa.

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