Mediterranean Women Stay Slim, Too

Mediterranean Women Stay Slim, Too

by Melissa Kelly, Eve Adamson

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Mediterranean women live lives free from empty calories, empty diet promises, impossible standards, and a "say no to food" mentality. Thanks to the influence of cooking lessons in her Italian grandmother's kitchen, Melissa Kelly, co-owner and executive chef of Primo Restaurant, has learned how every woman can extract the essence of the Mediterranean spirit and make


Mediterranean women live lives free from empty calories, empty diet promises, impossible standards, and a "say no to food" mentality. Thanks to the influence of cooking lessons in her Italian grandmother's kitchen, Melissa Kelly, co-owner and executive chef of Primo Restaurant, has learned how every woman can extract the essence of the Mediterranean spirit and make it uniquely her own.

She shares these lessons in Mediterranean Women Stay Slim, Too, along with more than one hundred diverse and mouth-watering recipes, as well as a detailed menu planner. While sampling everything from traditional Hummus to Prosciutto, Fennel, and Pear Salad with Persimmon Vinaigrette, you'll join women in enjoying the timeless, artful Mediterranean way of eating well and living a long, sensuous, beautiful life.

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On the diet front at least, the European Union seems to be breaking down. For many Mediterranean women, Mireille Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat hit a nerve. They bristled at the idea that red meat meals capped with cheese and buttery bread could lead to healthy living. High-profile chef Melissa Kelly believes that the more vibrant, whole-food Mediterranean diet offers a better choice for American dieters than Gallic mini-feasts. In this book, she extols an eating philosophy that doesn't dote on calories or fat-gram counts.

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Mediterranean Women Stay Slim, Too

Eating to Be Sexy, Fit, and Fabulous!
By Melissa Kelly

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright ©2006 Melissa Kelly
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0060854219

Chapter One


You don't have to speak Greek to know that alpha symbolizes beginnings. The first letter of the Greek alphabet, alpha implies potential and all that lies ahead. To me, alpha also represents the beginning of a journey, a transformation, and an adventure. Are you feeling adventurous? Are you ready for a change in your life? Do you want to come along with me?

Where would you like to go, and how would you like to look and feel when you get there? Are you thinking southern France, where chic French women spend hours browsing through the local open-air market to find the perfect piece of fruit? How do they find the time, and how do they acquire such good taste? How do they prepare food so that it is just perfectly délicieux?

Maybe Italy is more your style, with its passion, gusto, and boisterous meals that last for hours con la tua famiglia. Or perhaps you are enchanted by the thought of Barcelona, where you can sip sherry and nibble on tapas and gaze upon the magnificent architecture with your animated Spanish friends. Esto está eccelente! Or maybe you imagine yourself as a Greek goddess with gorgeous curves and flowing robes, strollingthrough the ruins of an ancient civilization: Paradeisos. Maybe you like the idea of exotic Morocco, with its alluring spices and mysteriously compelling people? Tagine, anyone? I could go on and on . . . but perhaps you are starting to see the lay of the land.

Whatever your Mediterranean dream, maybe you, like me, think about this part of the world with longing and wonder because you sense that somehow life is different around that blue-green sun-drenched sea, different than it is here in America. And you would be right . . . in a way. But in another way, you can capture that Mediterranean essence -- that lifestyle and that passion -- without ever booking passage to Marseille or Valencia or Naples. You can live in the Mediterranean spirit right here, creating the timeless beauty and commonsense joy of living so famously captured in the independent flight of the Venus Winged Victory, the playfulness of Mona Lisa's smile, the classic features of Helen of Troy and Sophia Loren!

What lies ahead for you as you embark on that journey into your own life, attitudes, and kitchen? The journey starts with you, but it will take you to faraway places. No, we won't literally be going anywhere, but in spirit we will be relaxing in the sun and gazing at the sapphire expanse of water to better learn the secrets of that widely varied collection of cultures where women have a rhythm of life, eating, moving, and socializing that isn't quite like anywhere else on the planet. Mediterranean women have a natural vitality, grace, warmth, and earthiness -- a style that embodies sensuality, embraces motherhood (Madonna!), imparts wisdom, and exudes confidence.

A Trip Around the Sea

The diverse Mediterranean includes Barcelona and Beirut, Algiers and Alexandria, big cities such as Rome and tiny islands such as Crete, Malta, Cyprus, and of course, right at the tip of Italy's boot, Sicily . . . one of my favorite places on Earth.

What can so many cultures have in common, and what can so many different cultures have to teach us? Different as they may be from one another (just as we in America dwell in a nation of cultural diversity), the women living around the Mediterranean Sea do indeed have some secrets that really could change your life for the better. With that in mind, sit back, relax, and get ready to take a brief tour around the Mediterranean. I promise this will be much faster and cheaper than one of those Mediterranean cruises (you know, fourteen days, fourteen countries, just $10,000). Let's look at just how varied the cultures around the Mediterranean really are.

The Mediterranean Sea is much wider than it is long, stretching at its westernmost point from the Strait of Gibraltar, between Spain and Morocco, all the way to Lebanon on the east side. Little pockets here and there have other names. The west coast between Sardinia and Rome is technically the Tyrrhenian Sea. Between the sole and the heel of the boot that is Italy, bordered by Greece on the east side, is the Ionian Sea. And the east coast, between the back of the Italian boot and the land from Croatia to Albania, is the narrow Adriatic Sea. Also, the inlet between Greece and Turkey is the Aegean Sea. But really it's all connected to the Mediterranean, all just divisions of one great sea.

Let's loop around the coastline. We'll start in my favorite spot, the little island of Sicily, smack in the middle of the Mediterranean. Sicily -- Palermo is its biggest city -- still seems to me to exist in a more ancient time, where people live simply, governed by the weather, the season, and the earth. South of Sicily is another, much smaller island: Malta. Two other little islands, Gozo and Kommuna, nestle up to Malta's main island.

Moving east, you'll find Greece and its myriad tiny islands, including Crete, where the very first study on the Mediterranean diet was based in the 1950s, unveiling to the world that the people of this tiny region were living longer and healthier than anywhere else. Further east you will find the long southern coast of Turkey, with the island of Cyprus just west of Syria's western border. Moving south, you'll find Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, where the Mediterranean Sea feeds the Red Sea (via the Suez Canal) and the Nile River. The northern coasts of Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia (famous for its superspicy cuisine) make up the Mediterranean's southern shore. In the southwest, Algeria cradles Morocco, and with a look north, you'll see Spain. Valencia and Barcelona are the biggest cities on the Mediterranean's far west Spanish coastline, and out into the sea just east of Valencia are the Balearic Islands. Moving north again, France's southern coast, including Marseille, touches the Mediterranean, then we reach gorgeous Monaco. . . .


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Meet the Author

Chef Melissa Kelly named her restaurant Primo, located in Maine, after her grandfather, Primo Magnani, a local butcher. Primo has two satellites in Marriott hotels in Orlando and Tucson. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Kelly is a 1999 James Beard Foundation Award winner.

Eve Adamson is an eight-time New York Times bestselling author and multiple-award-winning freelance writer who has written or cowritten more than seventy-five books, including the #1 New York Times bestselling book The Fast Metabolism Diet.

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