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The Medusa Reader / Edition 1

The Medusa Reader / Edition 1

by Marjorie Garber

ISBN-10: 0415900999

ISBN-13: 9780415900997

Pub. Date: 12/31/2000

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Fascinating and terrifying, the Medusa story has inspired writers and artists, anthropologists and psychoanalysts, political theorists and poets. The Medusa Reader traces her through the ages -- from classical myth through the Renaissance to our present-day concerns with psychoanalysis, pop culture, art, and fashion. This anthology brings together for the first time


Fascinating and terrifying, the Medusa story has inspired writers and artists, anthropologists and psychoanalysts, political theorists and poets. The Medusa Reader traces her through the ages -- from classical myth through the Renaissance to our present-day concerns with psychoanalysis, pop culture, art, and fashion. This anthology brings together for the first time in one place the essential literary and philosophical passages as well as critical writing on Medusa. From Homer, Hesiod, and Euripides to Ovid, Lucan, and Fulgentius, from Dante, Petrarch, and Christine de Pizan to Vasari, Harington, and Bacon, from Goethe and Shelley to Nietzsche and Freud, from Walter Benjamin, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Sylvia Plath to Jacques Demida. Neil Hertz and Gianni Versace, Western culture has never flinched from Medusa's powerful gaze. With its broad range of materials, The Medusa Reader brings center-stage one of Western culture's most powerful and resonant myths. Includes thirty-two illustrations.

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Taylor & Francis
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Culture Work Series
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First Edition
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrationsxv
1from The Hiad (c. 750-725 B.C.E.) translated by Richmond Lattimore Medusa as Shield and Sign9
2from The Shield of Herakles and Theogony (c. 700 B.C.E.) translated by Richmond Lattimore Medusa and Perseus11
3"Pythian 12" (c. 490 B.C.E.) translated by Geoffrey S. Conway Medusa and Music14
4from Ion (c. 413 B.C.E.) translated by Ronald Frederick Willetts The Power of Gorgon's Blood16
5"The Daughters of Phorcys" (fourth century B.C.E.) from On Unbelievable Tales translated by Jacob Stern A Rationalist View20
6from The Library (second century B.C.E.) translated by James George Frazer The Beauty of Medusa23
7from The Historical Library (c. 60 30 B.C.E.) translated by G. Booth The Gorgons and the Amazons in Africa26
8from Metamorphoses (c. 43 B.C.E. 17 C.E.) translated by Rolfe Humphries The Story of Perseus30
9from Pharsalia (c. 61-65) translated by Robert Graves Medusa and the Snakes of Libya40
10from The Hall (c. 120-180) translated by A. M. Harmon The Sirens and the Gorgons43
11from Description of Greece (c. 143-176) translated by W. H. S. Jones Another Rationalist View44
12from The Adventures of Leucippe and Clitophon (second century) translated by John Winkler Medusa and the Power of Ekphrasis45
13from Mythologies (late fifth--early sixth centuries) translated by Leslie G. Whitbread Terror and Manliness47
14from The Chronicle (sixth century) translated by Elizabeth Jeffreys, Michael Jeffreys, and Roger Scott The Sorcery of Perseus49
15from Inferno (c. 1310-1314) translated by Allen Mandelbaum Virgil, Dante, and Medusa51
16Rime Sparse, #197 (c. 1327-1374) translated by Robert M. Durling53
17from On the Labors of Hercules (c. 1381-1391) translated by Lesley Lundeen Medusa as Artful Eloquence54
18from The Book of the City of Ladies (1405) translated by Earl Jeffrey Richards Medusa's Beauty57
19from The Philosophy of Love (1535) translated by F. Friedeberg-Seeley and Jean H. Barnes Allegorical Meanings58
20from the "Life of Leonardo da Vinci, Florentine Painter and Sculptor" (1550) translated by George Bull Leonardo Paints the Head of Medusa60
21from Mythologies (1551) translated by Anthony DiMatteo Beauty and Pleasure62
22from Images of the Gods (1556) translated by Walter Hryshko Imaging Medusa64
23from his preface to the Orlando Furioso (1591) Allegories of Man and Earth67
24"Perseus, or War," from The Wisdom of the Ancients (1609) translated by James Spedding Tyranny and the Art of War69
25"The Statue of Medusa" (1616)72
26from Faust (1808) translated by Stuart Atkins Gretchen and Medusa73
27"On the Medusa of Leonardo da Vinci in the Florentine Gallery" (1819)75
28from Capital (1867) translated by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling The Medusa of Capitalist Production77
29"Aspecta Medusa" (1870)79
30from The Birth of Tragedy (1872) translated by Walter Kaufmann Medusa, Apollo, and Dionysus80
31"The Head and the Snakes" (1899) A Story for Children81
32"Medusa" (1921)83
33"Medusa's Head" and from "The Infantile Genital Organization" (1922 and 1923) translated by James Strachey The Classic Psychoanalytic Reading84
34from "On the Symbolism of the Head of Medusa" (1923) translated by Olive Edmonds Medusa and Castration87
35"Medusa" (1935)88
36from "Paris, Capital of the Nineteenth Century" (1939) translated by Howard Eiland and Kevin McLaughlin Medusa and Modernity89
37from Generation of Vipers (1942) Momism90
38from Being and Nothingness: A Phenomenological Essay on Ontology (1943) translated by Hazel E. Barnes The Other's Look92
39"Medusa" (1946)94
40from The Origins and History of Consciousness (1949) translated by R. F. C. Hull A Jungian View of the Terrible Mother96
41"Perseus" and "Medusa" (1958 and 1962)100
42from The Mask of Medusa (1960) translated by George Ordish The Gorgon Mask104
43"Tableau Vivant" (1968)106
44"The Muse as Medusa" (1971)107
45from "Medusa: The Letter and the Spirit" (1972) On Dante's Medusa109
46"Medusa Head Picture" from Pleasures of Crewel (1972) Embroidering Your Own Medusa122
47from "The Look of the Gorgon" (1974) Sartre and the Existentialist Medusa124
48from Glas (1974) translated by John P. Leavey, Jr., and Richard Rand The Gorgon and the Jew128
49from Roland Barthes (1975) translated by Richard Howard The Jellyfish "Medusa" and the Power to Stun131
50from "The Laugh of the Medusa" (1975) translated by Keith Cohen and Paula Cohen A Classic of Feminist Theory133
51"A Navy Blue Afro" (1976)135
52from To Destroy Painting (1977) translated by Mette Hjort Caravaggio's "Head of Medusa": A Theoretical Perspective137
53"Medusa" (1977)161
54from "Difference" (1978) On "The Look for the Woman"163
55from The Enigma of Woman: Woman in Freud's Writings (1980) translated by Catherine Porter A Feminist Rereading of Freud's Medusa165
56from Medusa's Hair: An Essay on Personal Symbols and Religious Experience (1981) An Anthropological View168
57from "Medusa's Head: Male Hysteria under Political Pressure" (1983) Medusa in the French Revolution173
58from The Mirror of Medusa (1983) Medusa as Double196
59from "Desire in Narrative" (1984) Medusa in Cinema198
60from "The Voice of the Shuttle Is Ours" (1984) Rape and Silence in the Medusa Story201
61from "The Medusa Effect or, The Specular Ruse" (1984) Barbara Kruger and the Medusa Effect203
62from "Death in the Eyes" and "In the Mirror of Medusa" (1985) translated by Thomas Curley and Froma I. Zeitlin Frontality and Monstrosity210
63from "The blazon of sweet beauty's best': Shakespeare's Lucrece" (1985) The Face of Medusa232
64from "Ancient Gorgons: A Face For Contemporary Women's Rage" (1986) Experiencing My Gorgon Self238
65"Medusa" (1987)247
66from "Macbeth: The Male Medusa" (1987) Shakespeare's "New Gorgon"249
67"Medusa" (1989)258
68"Grown Older ..." (1989) translated by Francis Michael Sharp Medusa by Free Association259
69from The Jew's Body (1991) The Syphilitic Woman261
70"The Gorgon, Paradigm of Image Creation" (1993) translated by Seth Graebner Medusa as Maker of Images262
71from "Berggasse 19: Inside Freud's Office" (1996) Medusa in the Mirror267
72from "Who's looking at Who(m): Re-viewing Medusa" (1996) Medusa in Theater and Performance Art272
73from "The Versace Moment" by Mark Seal (1996) Seduction276
Sources and Permissions303

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