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by Xavier W. Niz

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Provides the story of Medusa, Perseus' quests to kill her, and describes the role of myths in the modern world.


Provides the story of Medusa, Perseus' quests to kill her, and describes the role of myths in the modern world.

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Children's Literature
Young readers can capture a glimpse of times past in the telling of this popular Greek story about Medusa, a beautiful woman turned monster. Two-page spreads contain a photo, etching, or painting across from a page that details the life of the featured mythical figure. Medusa angered the goddess Athena and was punished—turned into a snake-haired, scaly skinned, boar-tusked gorgon. Hero Perseus, armed with a sword, shield, winged sandals, and helmet accepted the challenge of King Polydectes to behead the wicked woman who was so ugly that she could turn the mightiest hero to stone. Myths have it that Medusa's head continued to protect Perseus from enemies and even kept away enemies considering attacks. A symbol of protection, her image appeared on ancient Greek and Roman armor and shields while today her name is attached to scary roller coaster and jellyfish who have tentacles and appear as a head floating in the water. The "World Mythology" series of titles provides resources that compliment the content and assist readers in research. They include a list identifying ten mythical gods, goddesses, rulers, monsters, and heroes; one-page introduction to myths; useful related titles; addresses for classical associations; references to mythology today; and FactHound, a internet search engine recommended for safe visits. Violence and sexual issues are addressed in a subtle manner. The table of contents index, glossary, and map add to the value of this source. This title will whet the appetites of those who have or are seeking a flair for mythology with its strong characterizations and explanation of existence through symbols. Add this strong offering to enhance collections. 2005, CapstonePress, Ages 8 to 12.
—Barbara Troisi

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Capstone Press
Publication date:
World Mythology Series
Product dimensions:
8.13(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
7 - 8 Years

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