Megatokyo Chapter Zero:

Megatokyo Chapter Zero: "Relax We Understand Joo!"

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by Fred Gallagher, Rodney Caston

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Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly
Megatokyo began in 2000 as a Web comic ( produced by Gallagher, Caston and Dominic Nguyen, with appearances by friends and significant others, all involved in manga, anime and computer gaming. The online strip quickly attracted a big Internet audience. It's the story of Piro, a manga/anime fan, and Largo, a hardcore gamer, alter egos of the comic's co-creators. They hop a plane to Tokyo, the Mecca of their Japanese pop culture obsessions: computer games, Japanese comics, anime and, of course, cute Japanese girls in school uniforms. The two max out their credit cards and end up stranded. Readers soon learn Piro is vaguely depressed and comically frightened of the cute girls he fantasizes about, while Largo has problems separating reality from virtual reality. Besides being a funny sendup of a new generation of American "Otaku" (Japanese for anime/gaming fanboys), this is also a clever record of the methodical development of a Web comic and the evolution of Gallagher into a formidable American manga-ka, or comics artist. This is a series of deft and sensitive character studies, whimsical portrayals of young people learning about themselves and their emotions. The book collects the original Web comic's square four-panel grid; beneath the originals, Gallagher has added a recurring image of Piro humorously providing a running commentary on the ups and downs of the strip's weekly development. Gallagher's pencil drawings grow in their command of manga style and are impressive for both sensitive linework and his bold depiction of comical action sequences. Megatokyo is a delightful and imaginative work of American manga. (Mar.) Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Library Journal - Library Journal
Two young computer gamers fly to Japan on a whim, spend lots of money on cool stuff, and discover that they're stranded when they can't afford plane tickets home. So begins one of the Internet's most popular web comics, still continued thrice weekly at This volume compiles the strip's first year and charts its growth from gag-a-day beginnings-funny but occasionally awkward-into a genuinely engaging story filled with well-defined and interesting characters. After the two crash at a friend's apartment, depressed artist and manga fan Piro (Gallagher's alter ego) takes a job, while L33T (that's "elite") computer technician and adventure-seeker Largo (alias cocreator and writer Rodney Caston) sets out to defend the city from the forces of darkness with the help of the ninja next door. Gallagher is the fastest-rising star on the American manga scene (made up of American artists inspired by Japanese comics and animation), and his work will definitely interest fans of humor and romance manga. These strips are all available for free on the web site, but the book features added introductions and a running commentary by Gallagher, providing background and insight. Strongly recommended for all collections, for teens and adult manga and computer game fans. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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