Megatrends, 2000

Megatrends, 2000

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by John Naisbitt

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In this sequel to their 1982 bestseller, Megatrends , Naisbitt and Aburdene use solid and startling statistics to identify 10 dominant socio-economic trends for the 1990s. Among these, they foresee a booming global economy, with the ``Pacific Rim'' of Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore rivaling a single-market ``Europe 1992.'' Socialized industry and government welfare services will be largely replaced, they argue, by private enterprise. Meanwhile, women worldwide will achieve parity with men as leaders in the professions. The authors also predict a strong resurgence in the arts, national/ethnic culture, and religion, as the millennium nears. They envision as well epic developments and dangers in biochemical science--test-tube chickens, clones of endangered species, killer-disease vaccines. The authors' figures frequently upset conventional wisdom--more U.S. goods ($37.7 billion) were sold to Japan in 1988, they maintain, than to Germany, France and Italy combined. Major ad/promo; BOMC alternate; author tour . (Jan.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
This is the latest look at social and economic trends and forecasts from that king of trendspotters, Naisbitt ( Megatrends 2000 , Warner, 1988). He now turns his view toward the world economy and how its fluctuations affect the little guys. In this book his gaze shifts from industries (telecommunications, for one), to regions (Latin America), to business ethics--all of which would make the work appear unfocused to the untrained eye. But who cares? It's Naisbitt in all his best-selling glory and as entertaining and informative as ever. He points out that nations are simultaneously striving for political independence and economic unity--the ``global paradox.'' Studying the entrepreneur, he maintains, will help us see the larger economy more clearly. One typically bold statement: ``There will be no union of Europe. Free trade, yes. Union, no.'' An essential purchase for all business and public libraries.-- Lisa K. Miller, Paradise Valley Community Coll. Lib., Phoenix, Ariz.
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
YA-- A bonanza of well-documented information and statistics on the ten major influences affecting the global picture for the 1990s. As they did in Megatrends (Warner, 1982) , Naisbitt and Aburdeen, the world's leading trend forecasters, offer their prophecies for the new decade. They explain the domination by the Pacific rim countries as inevitable, not as the dreaded takeover of our country that is often depicted in the media. Individuals, especially women, will profit from the leadership opportunities that will become available to them. A booming global economy, a renaissance in the arts, a religious revival, free-market socialism, and dramatic biological discoveries are among the predictions. A thought-provoking resource for history, government, and debate students. --Anne Paget, Episcopal High School, Bellaire, TX 2
This follow-up to Megatrends is a social forecast for the 1990s, identifying and describing trends already in evidence, as well as their social, political, cultural, and economic context. The ten most important trends: the global economy; a renaissance in the arts; the emergence of free-market socialism; global lifestyles and cultural nationalism; the privatization of the welfare state; the rise of the Pacific Rim; women in leadership; the age of biology; the religious revival; the triumph of individualism. Easy reading for a popular audience. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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