The Melanin Apocalypse

The Melanin Apocalypse

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by Darrell Bain

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A man-made virus is killing all the blacks in the world. The African continent is devolving into total and complete chaos. Blacks in America begin rioting and killing Whites. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta becomes the focal point of a vast political struggle for a cure or a vaccine, with some politicians preferring to let the disease run its course and rid


A man-made virus is killing all the blacks in the world. The African continent is devolving into total and complete chaos. Blacks in America begin rioting and killing Whites. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta becomes the focal point of a vast political struggle for a cure or a vaccine, with some politicians preferring to let the disease run its course and rid America of its race problems once and for all. China prepares to invade Taiwan now that America is overwhelmed with racial warfare and sick and dying blacks. Israel and the Arab states go to war again. The oil fields of the Middle East and Africa are up for grabs... The CDC provides the only possible bulwark against the whole world falling into anarchy-and then it is attacked by rampaging blacks because of rumors that the government itself might be responsible for the lethal pandemic. The scientists, staff and the small CDC security contingent all have to fight for their lives, and for a chance to save the world from the most appalling conspiracy in history. Darrell Bain's most controversial novel since "The Sex Gates."

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Twisted Tales - Annette Gisby
This is one roller coaster ride that just didn't stop to enable you to get your breath back. Things happen fast and furious, going from one scene to another and you have no choice but to read on to see what is going to happen next. I read it one morning, I just had to see where it was going to lead..he book isn't horror, but it is frightening in the respect that the scenarios the author describes could very well happen in the near future. A book that certainly makes you think. Excellent read.

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Meet the Author

Over the last several years, Darrell Bain has become one of the top best selling authors in the world in the realm of electronic publishing. Most of Bain's books are also in print. He produces a monthly newsletter, discoursing on various subjects brought up by fans or by his own voracious reading habit, written in an informal, narrative style. It is available around the first of each month from his web site at

Darrell is the author of more than two dozen books in many genres, running the gamut from humor to mystery and science fiction to non-fiction. For the last several years he has concentrated on science fiction and suspense/thrillers, with an occasional foray into humor and short stories. Some of his most memorable titles are The Sex Gates, Savage Survival, Alien Infection, The Melanin Apocalypse, Strange Valley, The Pet Plague trilogy and the Williard Brothers series.

Darrell served 13 years in the military and his two stints in Vietnam formed the basis for his first published novel, Medics Wild, and the sequels featuring the zany Williard brothers, where the latest book has brought them up to their present day exploits. Darrell has been writing off and on all his life but really got serious about it only after the advent of computers. He purchased his first one in 1989 and has been writing furiously ever since.

While Darrell was working as a lab manager at a hospital in Texas, he met his wife Betty. He trapped her under a mistletoe sprig and they were married a year later. Darrell and Betty operated a Christmas tree farm in East Texas for many years, which became the subject and backdrop for many of his humorous stories and books.

The Bain family consists of he and his wife Betty and their dachshunds, Tonto and Susie, along with Velcro the cat. They still live on the site of their Christmas tree farm, though it is no longer in business. Darrell is a full time writer now and Betty is retired. They spend most of their leisure time reading.

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The Melanin Apocalypse 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great cautionary tale
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
The genetically altered virus surfaced in Africa killing anyone whose body cells contained a certain level of melanin. Dark skinned people were dying in biblical numbers. As Africa descends into deadly anarchy, the virus leaves the continent for other nations around the world. Globalization collapses drowning the global economy in its tsunami. In the United States, mob chaos begins to reign so Martial Law is invoked.

While everyone is reeling and rioting and looting is everywhere, and CDC scientists work around the clock for a cure, a second virus explodes on the world. This time the customized killer is Middle Eastern people. At about the same time, Church of Blacks militant members lay siege to the CDC. Former soldier Doug Craddock, a Caucasian, providing security to the scientists, tries to persuade the angry militants that this is their best bet for a cure; but no one seems interested in anything except stringing up a white man

The exciting THE MELANIN APOCALYPSE is perfect timing with the economy crashing and the Powell endorsement properly targeting the hate towards specific groups as the real anti-Americanism. The premise is built on genome research allows customizing medical cures can also do the opposite causing specified global holocausts. However, the key to this superb cautionary science fiction thriller is how people act and react to the customized deadly viruses.

Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
A tale that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand, a tale that will keep you in a state of nervous have-to-know-what-happens-next. This is a story that strikes close to home in how we treat each other and perceive ourselves. Using humanity's tainted past and self-soiling present, talented Darrell Bain has composed a theoretical future for mankind that sounds warnings against letting hate have a say. It is also a message of hope. Someone has loosed a viral agent that kills only people with darker skins. The very foundation of civilization is threatened as Doug Craddock and people from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, work to find a cure or prevention. At the same time, race hatred in the hearts of dark-skinned people the world over is rising to kill. Riots, lynchings, mob attacks,-- fed by rhetoric from self-proclaimed religious leaders lead the way. I'd rate this as a satirical commentary on a par with Jonathan Swift's work, by a very able writer who sees clearly what fate can await mankind if hate is allowed to breed hate. A flag is being raised to warn of danger ahead. Highly recommended for any reader. This is a tale to enjoy, one to remember and one that will make you think as it forces us to face our biases. Well worth the time, a must read for any serious thinker.