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Melissa: A Father's Lessons from a Daughter's Suicide

Melissa: A Father's Lessons from a Daughter's Suicide

2.6 5
by Frank Page, Lawrence Kimbrough

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Desperately hurting people take their own lives every day throughout the world, yet the church is not on top of the epidemic and often seems ill- equipped to address it biblically and effectively.

Frank Page, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, learned this firsthand when he and his wife Dayle lost their daughter, Melissa, to suicide in 2009.


Desperately hurting people take their own lives every day throughout the world, yet the church is not on top of the epidemic and often seems ill- equipped to address it biblically and effectively.

Frank Page, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, learned this firsthand when he and his wife Dayle lost their daughter, Melissa, to suicide in 2009. Writing from personal experience, he examines the biblical truths that carried him through such a painful time and that minister to him on dark days still known to come around.
Ultimately, Melissa: A Father's Lessons from a Daughter's Suicide is beauty from ashes, a book of wisdom and hope that Page wishes he could have read before going through this valley, and a resource the church can use to directly address an all-too-real problem.

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From the Publisher

"When I picked this book up I simply could not put it down. So many emotions ran through me as I read it I struggle even now to find the right words to describe them. Grief. Sadness. Despair. Tragedy. Heartbroken. Thankful. Blessed. Wisdom. Perseverance. Hope! Yes, there is hope on the other side of suicide and it is found in Christ and the rock solid promises of His Word. This was a painful book for my friend Frank Page to write. But, it is a book that will minister to thousands of souls who have walked the dark path of death to find there is light and life on the other side. This book is brutal in it's honesty. That is why it is so powerful. Thank you my friend for opening up your heart. Melissa's death is not in vain."
Daniel L. Akin
President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Stunning.  Heart-wrenching.  Gospel-centered.  Breathtaking.  I am struggling to articulate exactly what I want to say about this book.  Frank Page raises a troubled child.  He goes through the heartbreak of numerous issues with her. Then, when her life seemed to be on the mend, she learns she has cancer.  Ultimately and tragically, even after the battle with cancer is won, she takes her life.  As a father, I cannot begin to imagine the pain Frank and his wife, Dayle, are experiencing.  As a reader, I know that I have seen God's grace and love poured out abundantly through this book.  Simply stated, this book is one of the most powerful I've ever read.
Thom S. Rainer
President and CEO
LifeWay Christian Resources
"Although my four children are grown and I am a very proud grandfather, my greatest fear is still losing one of my children. I do not know how I would cope with the death of a child, especially death by suicide. Dr. Page has experienced my worst fear and has mustered the courage and the wisdom to help rescue and restore others who are living in this suffocating darkness. Melissa will give hope and comfort to those who are living with the pain of suicide, and perhaps even more important, save others from this pain by shining light on the signs, symptoms and solutions to self destructive behavior."

Jim DeMint
President, The Heritage Foundation
U. S. Senator 2005-2013
Never again will I see Frank Page the same way. Never again will I see anyone the same way.  MELISSA opens the heart of a leader to the love, pain, hope, despair, joy, sorrow, and ultimate peace that God in His providence allows.  He invites us all in to this very tender place.  He does not hide the most personal reflections and feelings.   And he does it for our sakes. You will weep.  You will smile.  You will thank God for His peace.  And you will keep this book on hand to give to those who must walk a similarly lonely road. Thank you Frank Page for capturing your sorrow for our edification. 
Paige Patterson
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Fort Worth, Texas
The hardest day of my life as a minister was when the call came that a dear friend and deacon’s son had just killed himself.  I never dreaded a visit more than I did that one.  What could I say?  How could I possibly know how they feel?  I wish I possessed Frank Page’s book that you hold in your hands back then!  The author is one of our finest preacher/scholar in our Convention.  He is articulate and passionate.  He occupies one of the highest offices in Southern Baptist life.  But never would I have imagined that he would have opened his heart and soul with us about his daughter’s suicide as he has in these pages.  You will experience the heart throbbing passion of grief and the guilt and frustration that a parent experiences when a child chooses suicide.  You will not want to put these pages down until you complete it.  You will experience blessing, inspiration, the agony of grief, and the clear sufficiency of our Lord.
James T. (Jimmy) Draper
President Emeritus, LifeWay Christian Resources    
Painful . . . Poignant . . . Penetrating . . . Powerful. These words, along with a host of other moving and emotional descriptors continually came to mind as I was turning the pages in this transparent portrayal of the struggles faced by Frank Page and his family following the suicide of his adult daughter, Melissa. Anything but a simplistic "how to" manual for dealing with grief and loss, Frank Page walks us through the reality of his struggles in an authentic manner that allows the readers to experience with him the hurts that accompany such a traumatic interruption in one's life and family. The, book, however is not just the telling of a personal story. Rather, it is a pastoral and fatherly reflection, grounded in the love and mercy of God as revealed in Holy Scripture, intended to provide guidance for families and individuals who have walked down the paths of sorrow that the author himself has walked. Even beyond this valuable contribution, the book offers helpful and wise counsel in a tender, compassionate, and hopeful way for those struggling with doubt, depression, disillusionment and thoughts of suicide. I am truly grateful for Frank Page's courageous efforts to write this powerful book. Without a doubt, this work was hard for him to write . . . and, at times, it is a hard book to read. Yet, it is a book that needed to be written and, moreover, a book that needs to be read.
David S. Dockery
President, Union University
"Heartbroken . . . Painful . . . Hopeful . . . Helpful. From this kind heart to your heart, Frank Page has poured himself out word-by-word with transparency about suffering in life.  With a healing heart and limping with pain, he wants to help all of us.  This book will help you, so read it.  This book will help others, so share it.  It is a moving story that will move you and others just like it moved me."
Dr. Ronnie Floyd
Senior Pastor, Cross Church
Death by Suicide; a heart wrenching term for any parent to hear about their child. Even more devastating given the close bonds between "Daddy's little girl" and her father. I clearly witnessed this devastation first hand as I stood beside my good friend, Frank Page at his daughter Melissa's grave.  How do we deal with that kind of tragedy?  In this book, Melissa, Frank not only deals with those black holes of grief and despair but also provides an answer for the even larger question of how we deal with life and so many of the problems even the strongest Christians can encounter.  Christ is the answer, the only answer.  Frank paints a vivid portrait of a God who loved us so much he gave his son for us. A loving God who provides for us even in the terror of "the shadow of death".
Major General Gary L. Harrell
"These words are not a mere theoretical treatise but have been beaten out and written out on the anvil of personal experience by Frank Page. He writes to us out of a heart of love not only for Melissa, but for us...and for anyone anywhere who may be contemplating crashing the gates of heaven on their own initiative. Hope and healing come with every passing page. Read it and reap!"

O.S. Hawkins
GuideStone Financial Resources
"I prefer to read books by authors that have been there, Frank Page has walked through the valley and now offers us help from his journey."
Johnny Hunt
Pastor, First Baptist Woodstock, GA
I attended the funeral. The pain and questioning were a thick fog. But through it all the faith and stamina of Frank Page came shining through. He knows whereof he speaks. Read and be blessed, and be a blessing to many others going through the same valley.
Dr. John Marshall
Pastor, Second Baptist Church
Springfield MO

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Meet the Author

Frank Page is president and chief executive officer of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lawrence Kimbrough has cowritten many books including New York Times No. 1 best seller The Love Dare.

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Melissa: A Father's Lessons from a Daughter's Suicide 2.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found Melissa to be an inspirational book, and I find some of the comments offensive. Having been a member of a church that Dr. Page served as interim, I found him to be a kind and compassionate man. Individuals that write nasty comments should remember, "There but by the grace of God go I." The book would be helpful to anyone that has thought of suicide, or experienced it in there family.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Suicide doesn’t just affect only one individual; it affects everyone! Frank Page pulls back the curtain and reveals his heart from a unique perspective as a grieving father… He and his family are still grieving from this fairly recent catastrophic event in their lives. What are the red flags to look for? As parents, what can we do to learn from this? I’m appreciative of his candidness and his vulnerability expressed in his book… May no parent go through what they went through.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Frank Page is a hurting confused man. He loves his daughter and defends her and puts her down at the same time. I thought he might understand mental illness after what he has been through but he doesn't get it at all. He puts down psychiatric medication. He shows how Baptists have pushed their own children to suicide. Believe me, as a former member of his church, Taylors First Baptist, they will make a depressed person even more depressed because they are so judgemental and unforgiving. I wonder why did the girl have to give up her baby at the age of 19? Was it to protect her daddy's image so she did it because, "daddy, I love you and I'll do anything you tell me to even though it kills me inside". the Page's certainly had enough money to care for a grandchild. Page also puts down his daughter for attending AA meetings where it is likely she found acceptance and support and unconditional love you will not find in his former church.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just listened to Frank Page talking about this book on the Mike Huckabee show. (I don't normally listen to him. I just happened to turn the radio on and hear the upcoming topic and decided to listen.) Anyway, I heard Frank Page claim to love his now deceased daughter and then go on to call her sometimes "meaner than a junkyard dog." Funny thing, I believe I have heard my own Southern Baptist deacon father refer to my deceased sister using the exact same phrase. Like Melissa, my sister killed herself after a long battle with mental illness and drug abuse. My father still refuses to admit his role in her death. Sure, she took her life with her own hands, but he was the one who lead her onto that dark path. I know what the skeletons in my family's closet look like. It makes me wonder if the ones in the Page closet look the same