Memories of Times Square Record Shop, Vols. 1-11 [Box Set]

Memories of Times Square Record Shop, Vols. 1-11 [Box Set]


With a title like Memories of Times Square Record Shop, you wouldn't think that this Collectables series would have such broad appeal, but it compiles dozens of rare doo wop singles -- most of which are excellent -- that have changed hands for substantial sums. Obsessive doo wop fans won't be 100 percentSee more details below


With a title like Memories of Times Square Record Shop, you wouldn't think that this Collectables series would have such broad appeal, but it compiles dozens of rare doo wop singles -- most of which are excellent -- that have changed hands for substantial sums. Obsessive doo wop fans won't be 100 percent satisfied, of course (these are, after all, budget releases), but the beauty of these discs is that the music can be enjoyed by the informed and merely interested alike. This box set combines all 11 volumes, with appearances from dozens upon dozens of under-recognized groups. Needless to say, there's plenty to devour.

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Disc 1

  1. Peppermint Stick  -  Elchords
  2. Hong Kong  -  Quinns
  3. Doom-Lang
  4. The Mope-Itty Mope
  5. The Closer You Are
  6. You Baby You
  7. Hot Dog Dooly Wah  -  Pyramids
  8. Now
  9. Let's Go for a Ride  -  Collegians
  10. Roaches  -  Court Jesters
  11. Bila
  12. Poor Rock and Roll
  13. Shombalor  -  Sheriff & the Ravels
  14. Babalu's Wedding  -  Eternals

Disc 2

  1. There's a Moon Out Tonight  -  Capris
  2. Come on Baby  -  Cordovans
  3. Lullaby of the Bells
  4. My Heart's Desire  -  Wheels
  5. Pretty Little Girl  -  Monarchs
  6. Ankle Bracelet
  7. Cora Lee  -  Hemlock
  8. Baby Oh Baby  -  Shells
  9. Church Bells May Ring  -  Willows
  10. I See a Star
  11. The Wind  -  Jesters
  12. Teenager's Dream
  13. Mexico
  14. Goodnight Baby

Disc 3

  1. Trickle Trickle  -  Videos
  2. Congratulations  -  Turbans
  3. Cinderella  -  Classics
  4. Little Boy and Girl
  5. Moonlight
  6. Honey Honey  -  Louie Lymon & the Teenchords
  7. My Love for You Will Never Die  -  Channels
  8. Mary Lee  -  Rainbows
  9. Lost Love
  10. Fine Little Girl
  11. Paradise Hill  -  Embers
  12. Darling
  13. Let's Start All over Again  -  Paragons
  14. I'll Never Fall in Love Again  -  Legends

Disc 4

  1. Zoom Zoom Zoom  -  Collegians
  2. Love Call
  3. Teenager's Life  -  Visions
  4. My Diane  -  Charts
  5. Come Dance With Me
  6. Dear Lord  -  Continentals
  7. God Only Knows  -  Capris
  8. Twilight  -  Paragons
  9. Comin' Home
  10. Secret Love  -  Moonglows
  11. Bye Bye Baby  -  Channels
  12. Try the Impossible
  13. I'm Not Too Young to Fall in Love  -  Louie Lymon & the Teenchords
  14. My Heart's Desire

Disc 5

  1. Oh Gee Oh Gosh
  2. Life Can Be Beautiful  -  Cineramas
  3. I Love My Baby
  4. The Plea  -  Jesters
  5. You're the Reason  -  Charts
  6. All Night Long  -  Du Mauriers
  7. Golden Teardrops  -  Flamingos
  8. Hey You
  9. All Mine
  10. Never Let You Go
  11. Lonely Room  -  Lee Andrews & the Hearts
  12. Always Be Faithful  -  Monarchs
  13. Coney Island Baby
  14. Valerie  -  Jackie & the Starlites

Disc 6

  1. Let It Please Be You
  2. Darling Can't You Tell  -  Clusters
  3. Don't Leave Me  -  Magnificents
  4. Dear Diary  -  Smoothtones
  5. Life Is But a Dream  -  Classics
  6. Darling I'm Sorry  -  Ambassadors
  7. Everyone's Laughing
  8. Vengeance
  9. Bermuda Shorts
  10. The Girl Next Door  -  Channels
  11. Lamplight  -  Deltas
  12. Pain in My Heart
  13. I'm So Happy
  14. Fountain of Love  -  Starlarks

Disc 7

  1. Rip Van Winkle
  2. Heavenly Night  -  Collegians
  3. Dreams of Contentment
  4. Shirley  -  Rainbows
  5. Evening Shadows Falling  -  Seniors
  6. Dreaming of You
  7. You Painted Pictures
  8. True True Love  -  Corvairs
  9. Bells of Love
  10. I Told You So  -  Charts
  11. Moonglow You Know  -  Videos
  12. At My Front Door  -  Eldorado
  13. When I Woke up This Morning
  14. My Reverie  -  Larks

Disc 8

  1. The Fires Burn No More  -  Chesters
  2. Chapel on the Hill  -  Charmers
  3. Oh, What a Night
  4. Tormented  -  Heartbeats
  5. Fat Fat Fat! Mom-Mi-O  -  Chalets
  6. Thrill of Romance
  7. Alphabet of Love  -  Suburbans
  8. Tina
  9. Fine Fine Frame  -  Continentals
  10. I Found Out Too Late  -  Jackie & the Starlites
  11. Counting the Stars  -  Ladders
  12. If I Can't Have You  -  Flamingos
  13. Legend of Love  -  Legends
  14. School Bells

Disc 9

  1. The Stars Are Out Tonight  -  Teardrops
  2. Bing Bong
  3. The Bells Ring Out
  4. Rendevouz With You
  5. My Heart's Desire
  6. Cruise to the Moon
  7. There Goes My Girl  -  Chancellors
  8. Missing You  -  Jackie & the Starlites
  9. Tell the World
  10. So in Love  -  Classics
  11. Castles in the Sky
  12. Again
  13. Little Did I Know
  14. I'll Be Forever Loving You  -  Eldorado

Disc 10

  1. Rang Tang Ding Dong (I Am the Japanese Sandman)
  2. You're Daddy's Little Girl
  3. Judy  -  Prodigals
  4. Wedding Bells  -  Tiny Tim & The Hits
  5. Puppy Love  - Little Jimmy
  6. Florence  -  Paragons
  7. Baby It's You
  8. Angel Face
  9. I
  10. Ding Dong  -  Echoes
  11. Just Suppose  -  Lee Andrews & the Hearts
  12. If You Want To
  13. Stars in the Sky  -  Channels
  14. Why Do You Have to Go?

Disc 11

  1. Picture in My Wallet  -  Darrell & the Oxfords
  2. Jeannie
  3. I Lost You
  4. Picture of Love  -  Continentals
  5. If I Knew
  6. Angel of Love  -  Schoolboys
  7. Darling
  8. Up on the Mountain  -  Magnificents
  9. Dear One  -  Scarlets
  10. I Laughed  -  Jesters
  11. Know I Know  -  Key Notes
  12. Bluebird of Happiness  -  Lee Andrews & the Hearts
  13. Teenage Vows of Love  -  Dreamers
  14. My Love Is Gone  -  Ladders

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Capris   Track Performer
Cellos   Track Performer
Channels   Track Performer
Dells   Track Performer
Jackie & the Starlites   Track Performer
Nutmegs   Track Performer
Roulettes   Track Performer
Scarlets   Track Performer
Turbans   Track Performer
Velvets   Track Performer
Superiors   Track Performer
Bop Chords   Track Performer
Cruisers   Track Performer
Deltas   Track Performer
Magnificents   Track Performer
Schoolboys   Track Performer
Teardrops   Track Performer
Spaniels   Track Performer
Pyramids   Track Performer
Tokens   Track Performer
Collegians   Track Performer
Embers   Track Performer
Moonglows   Track Performer
Versatones   Track Performer
Kodaks   Track Performer
Imaginations   Track Performer
Five Discs   Track Performer
Rainbows   Track Performer
Silhouettes   Track Performer
Universals   Track Performer
Vanguards   Track Performer
Vocaltones   Track Performer
Five Satins   Track Performer
Suburbans   Track Performer
Veltones   Track Performer
Willows   Track Performer
Mint Juleps   Track Performer
Corvairs   Track Performer
Carousels   Track Performer
Classics   Track Performer
Deltairs   Track Performer
Devotions   Track Performer
Ducanes   Track Performer
Echoes   Track Performer
Excellents   Track Performer
Fashions   Track Performer
Matadors   Track Performer
Seniors   Track Performer
Lee Andrews   Track Performer
Louie Lymon & the Teenchords   Track Performer
Opals   Track Performer
Videos   Track Performer
Magnificent 4   Track Performer
Desires   Track Performer
Arcades   Track Performer
Avalons   Track Performer
Unique Teens   Track Performer
Delroys   Track Performer
Rocketones   Track Performer
Chaperones   Track Performer
Neons   Track Performer
Prodigals   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Neil Sedaka   Composer
Jesters   Composer
Paragons   Composer
Nolan Strong   Composer
Earl Lewis   Composer
Michael Lewis   Composer
Verne Allison   Composer
Richard Barrett   Composer
Bob Edwards   Composer
Jerry Eubanks   Composer
Howard Greenfield   Composer
Larry Hayes   Composer
Gene Hicks   Composer
Joe Martin   Composer
Thomas "Butch" Curry   Composer
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
J. Troy   Composer
Arlene Smith   Composer
Paul Albano   Composer
Ewart Abner   Composer
Joe Barsalona   Composer
Tony Basile   Composer
Nate Bouknight   Composer
Charles DiBella   Composer
Ralph Martin   Composer
Julius McMichael   Composer
Ronnie Pearson   Composer
John Gamble   Composer
Bobby Robinson   Composer
Morty Craft   Composer
Walter Coleman   Composer
Arthur Allen   Composer
Joe Luccisano   Composer
Striano   Composer
Ethel Byrd   Composer
Robert Gallaway   Composer
Gentile   Composer
Paul Winley   Composer
Hiram Johnson   Composer
Fred Johnson   Composer
L. Arnold   Composer
John Carbone   Composer
Charles Sampson   Composer
George Thorpe   Composer
C. Lewis   Composer
Frank Vignari   Composer
Jeff Pearl   Composer
Donald Razor   Composer
Willie Hunter   Composer
Ruben Wright   Composer
Johnny Carter   Composer
Edward Ward   Composer
Ritchie Davis   Composer
Tony Middleton   Composer

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