Memory In Autism: Theory and Evidence

Memory In Autism: Theory and Evidence

by Jill Boucher

A fascinating compilation of research into memory in autism and its effect on people's lives.See more details below


A fascinating compilation of research into memory in autism and its effect on people's lives.

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Foreword; Preface Peter Hobson and Beate Hermelin; Part I. Introduction: 1. Concepts and theories of memory John M. Gardiner; Part II. The Neurobiology of Memory in Autism: 2. Temporal lobe structures and memory in nonhuman primates: implications for autism Jocelyne Bachevalier; 3. Acquired memory disorders in adults: implications for autism Andrew Mayes and Jill Boucher; 4. A comparison of memory profiles in relation to neuropathology in autism, developmental amnesia and children born prematurely Claire H. Salmond, Anna-Lynne R. Adlam, David G. Gadian and Faraneh Vargha-Khadem; 5. Possible parallels between memory and emotion processing in autism: a neuropsychological perspective Yifat Faran and Dorit Ben Shalom; 6. Dysfunction and hyperfunction of the hippocampus in autism? G. Robert Delong; Part III. The Psychology of Memory in Autism: 7. Memory within a complex information processing model of autism Diane L. Williams, Nancy J. Minshew and Gerald Goldstein; 8. Episodic memory, semantic memory and self-awareness in high-functioning autism Motomi Toichi; 9. Episodic memory and autonoetic consciousness in autistic spectrum disorders: the roles of self awareness, representational abilities and temporal cognition Sophie Lind and Dermot Bowler; 10. Impairments in social memory in autism? Evidence from behaviour and neuroimaging Sara Jane Webb; 11. Memory characteristics in individuals with savant skills Linda Pring; 12. Working memory and immediate memory in autism spectrum disorders Marie Poirier and Jonathan S. Martin; 13. Rehearsal and directed forgetting in adults with Asperger syndrome Brenda J. Smith and John M. Gardiner; 14. Memory, language and intellectual ability in low-functioning autism Jill Boucher, Andrew Mayes and Sally Bigham; Part IV. Overview: 15. Practical implications of memory characteristics in autistic spectrum disorders Rita R. Jordan; 16. A different memory: are distinctions drawn from the study of nonautistic memory appropriate to describe memory in autism? Laurent Mottron, Michelle Dawson and Isabelle Soulières; 17. Memory in ASD: enduring themes and future prospects Dermot Bowler and Sebastian B. Gaigg.

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