Mercer's Manor

Mercer's Manor

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by Bobby Woodall

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Dan Mercer is an ex-Union officer trying to forge a new life for himself on Oklahoma's untamed plains.


Dan Mercer is an ex-Union officer trying to forge a new life for himself on Oklahoma's untamed plains.

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Shannah Biondine
Mercer's Manor has Dan Mercer leading a cast of strong male characters through their paces. Mercer's an ex-soldier from Andersonville Prison, trying to forge a new life for himself against tough odds. Mr. Woodall's descriptions paint a vivid picture of the harsh realities of the post Civil War era and Mercer is indeed a memorable hero in the best Western tradition.

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Bobby R. Woodall was born in Oklahoma City in 1944, where he spent his childhood moving from state to state. This constant moving played havoc with his education, though his parents instilled in him a quest for knowledge. Woodall was the first of over fifty cousins to graduate from high school.

A troublemaker in his youth and later in the United States Marine Corps, Woodall learned to be fast with his fists and slow to handle his hot temper. He received an honorable discharge 9 January, 1964 and quickly got married. That marriage crumbled after four years, so he headed to California with a friend.

When Woodall was thirty, he had a horrible car accident and was given a computer when in rehabilitation. There was a psychologist in Indianapolis that had developed a program to help the brain damaged cope with life. While tackling these tasks, he started writing. Woodall would spend countless hours pursing a myriad of educational books, and eventually started writing westerns.

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Mercer's Manor 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
DebiS 10 days ago
A well written book by a talented writer.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bobby R. Woodall pens the western tale of ex-Union Officer Dan Mercer and his adventures. Dan was a prisoner during the Civil War in Andersonville, and after 10 months suffering in less than livable conditions he was released to resume or better yet restart a new life. California beckoned to him, but he would soon find out that a family by the name of Abernathy needed him more. Along the way of finding out what to do with his life, he was acquainted with a female by the name of Glory B. Stahl. She tried to steal Dan¿s horse one night after her escape from some out of hand confederate soldiers, but ended up being knocked out cold by Dan. When she came to, they made fast friends and after a short time of being together enjoying one another she up and left with no goodbyes or no reasoning. He however decided to stay with the Abernathy family and spiff up their ranch. Seven years he spent being the man of the ranch one day out of the blue he was approached by the United States of America Treasury Dept. Secret Service with news concerning Glory. Dan is asked to become an undercover agent of sorts in hopes of finding out the truth about the counterfeit ring and if Glory is indeed mixed up in it all. Dan agrees for one reason, to find out if the love he felt for Glory still burns, or if it is finally time to just let go. Bobby R. Woodall is a very good storyteller, he mixes his western up with things from the good `ol west, saloon brawls and all. Mercer¿s Manor was a joy to read, it being my first western without all that girly romance, I rather enjoyed it. 4 out of 5 Hearts