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Merck Manual of Health and Aging: The Complete Home Guide to Healthcare and Healthy Aging For Older People and Those Who Care About Them

Merck Manual of Health and Aging: The Complete Home Guide to Healthcare and Healthy Aging For Older People and Those Who Care About Them

by Mark H. Beers (Editor), Thomas V. Jones (Editor)

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Home reference manual for older people and those who care about them.


Home reference manual for older people and those who care about them.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
This mammoth reference book begins with the premise that "[t]he need for good, unbiased health care information runs deep, whether people are seeking to become more active in caring for themselves or others." It then goes on to provide for that need, covering all aspects of health changes through the process of aging, and explaining how to prevent or manage those changes. The book is easy to navigate and cross-reference, and includes simple but useful drawings to explain such conditions as aneurysms, heart valve disorders and pressure sores (aka bedsores). The first two sections address "the fundamentals of aging" (why aging occurs, how it affects the body and how it's changing the U.S.) and "caring for self and others," including preventive care, nutrition, appropriate use of drugs and other topics. The authors then go through an in-depth discussion of medical conditions that can affect the elderly, explaining symptoms, treatment and aftercare. This chapter supplies sound information to enhance interaction with health care providers and enable continuity of care, for both patients and caregivers. The final section covers social, legal and ethical issues and includes a guide to paying for health care and a useful reference table for prescription drugs. Twenty-five inspiring essays by seniors are sprinkled throughout the text, giving this encyclopedic text a human aspect. This excellent handbook is an essential resource for mature people, their families and caregivers. (On sale May 18) Forecast: With a recognizable name and authoritative voice, this manual speaks to both older adults and those who care for them. The publisher plans a 100,000-copy first printing, consumer ads and an extensive media tour. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Library Journal
As the American population ages, the demand for current, authoritative, easy-to-read information about late-life health will intensify. In anticipation, Merck, best known for its Merck Manual and Merck Manual of Geriatrics, has prepared a guide to common age-related diseases and disorders written by experts in caring for older people. Although focusing primarily on health information and specific conditions, it covers a variety of other age-related issues: communicating with healthcare providers, long-term and end-of-life care, hospitalization, sexuality, elder abuse, driving, exercise, preventive care, and more. Charts, tables, line drawings of procedures, and marginal references to related chapters accompany the text. Additional chapters discuss the aging process and the demographics of aging. Essays by older adults along with their photos personalize the aging experience. Appendixes include a short list of organizational resources and tables of generic and trade drug names. Bottom Line More comprehensive than The Johns Hopkins Medical Guide to Health After Fifty but with fewer illustrations, this easy-to-navigate manual is an essential addition to consumer health and aging collections.-Karen Bensing, Benjamin Rose Lib., Cleveland Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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Meet the Author

Mark H. Beers MD has been editor-in-chief of The Merck Manual since 2000. He is an associate Clinical Professor of Medicine-MCP at Drexel University.

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