Mercury Blues 'n' Rhythm Story 1945-1955

Mercury Blues 'n' Rhythm Story 1945-1955


Mercury Blues 'n' Rhythm Story 1945-55 is an eight-disc, 211-track collection covering Mercury's first decade as a label. Each of the four discs is arranged thematically according to region -- East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, and Southwest -- and each features a number of blues and R&B classics, including cuts from ProfessorSee more details below


Mercury Blues 'n' Rhythm Story 1945-55 is an eight-disc, 211-track collection covering Mercury's first decade as a label. Each of the four discs is arranged thematically according to region -- East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, and Southwest -- and each features a number of blues and R&B classics, including cuts from Professor Longhair, Johnny Otis, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Dinah Washington, Lightnin' Hopkins, Jimmy Witherspoon, and Big Bill Broonzy. 22 unreleased performances are mixed into the compilation, making the set enticing for collectors, but the main value of Mercury Blues 'n' Rhythm Story 1945-55 is as a concise overview of one of the most influential R&B labels in history.

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Polygram Records


Disc 1

  1. It's Just the Blues  -  Four Jumps of Jive
  2. Bedroom Blues  - Albert Ammons
  3. Buzz Me  - Albert Ammons
  4. My Baby Left Me  - T-Bone Walker
  5. Come Back to Me Baby Blues  - T-Bone Walker
  6. She Is Going to Ruin Me  - T-Bone Walker
  7. Joy Juice  - Dinah Washington
  8. If It's Good  - Julia Lee
  9. Show Me Missouri Blues  - Julia Lee
  10. Dream Lucky Blues  - Julia Lee
  11. Doin' the Boogie Woogie  - Mildred Anderson
  12. Suitcase Blues  - Albert Ammons  - Mildred Anderson
  13. Tell Your Best Friend Nothing  - Myra Taylor
  14. Railroad Porter's Blues  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  15. Gonna Send You Where I Got You From  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  16. Hold That Money  - Earl Coleman
  17. I'm in My Sins This Morning  - Myra Taylor
  18. Booted  - Myra Taylor
  19. Long John Blues  - Dinah Washington
  20. (I'm A) Wonderin' Man  - Big Bill Broonzy
  21. I Love My Whiskey  - Big Bill Broonzy
  22. You've Been Mistreating Me  - Big Bill Broonzy
  23. I Stay Blue All the Time  - Big Bill Broonzy
  24. Water Coast Blues  - Big Bill Broonzy
  25. Shame on You Baby  - St. Louis Jimmy
  26. I'm Not Satisfied  - St. Louis Jimmy

Disc 2

  1. Mud Kickin' Woman  -  Sunnyland Slim & His Sunny Boys
  2. Evertime I Get to Drinkin'  -  Sunnyland Slim & His Sunny Boys
  3. Train Is Comin'  - Memphis Slim
  4. The Question  - Memphis Slim
  5. I'm a Good Rockin' Daddy  - Ray Snead
  6. Drivin' Me Mad  - Memphis Slim
  7. Never Let Me Love  - Memphis Slim
  8. Train Time  - Memphis Slim
  9. Blue Evening  - Memphis Slim
  10. Get Back (Black, Brown and White)  - Big Bill Broonzy
  11. Willie Mae Blues  - Big Bill Broonzy
  12. I Know She Will  - Big Bill Broonzy
  13. Leavin' Day  - Big Bill Broonzy
  14. Southbound Train  - Big Bill Broonzy
  15. Tomorrow  - Big Bill Broonzy
  16. You Changed  - Big Bill Broonzy
  17. I'm Gonna Dig Myself a Hole  - Robert Lockwood
  18. Dust My Broom  - Robert Lockwood
  19. Glory for Man  - Robert Lockwood
  20. My Daily Wish  - Robert Lockwood
  21. No Mail Blues  - Memphis Slim
  22. You're Gonna Need My Help Someday  - Memphis Slim
  23. Ain't Nothing But a Child  -  Sunnyland Slim & His Trio
  24. Brown Skinned Woman  -  Sunnyland Slim & His Trio
  25. Hit the Road Again  -  Sunnyland Slim & His Trio
  26. Gin Drinkin' Baby  -  Sunnyland Slim & His Trio
  27. Leap Year Blues  -  Sax Mallard & His Orchestra

Disc 3

  1. Garfield Avenue Boogie  -  Jay McShann & His Orchestra
  2. Crown Prince Blues  -  Jay McShann & His Orchestra
  3. Shipyard Woman Blues  -  Jay McShann & His Orchestra
  4. W.B. Blues  -  Jay McShann & His Orchestra
  5. Sloppy Drunk  -  Jay McShann & His Orchestra
  6. Lovin' a Beggar  -  Jay McShann & His Orchestra
  7. Miss Lollipop's Confession  - Alma "The Lollipop Mama" Mondy
  8. Love Troubles  - Alma "The Lollipop Mama" Mondy
  9. Baby Get Wise  - Alma "The Lollipop Mama" Mondy
  10. Byrd's Blues  -  Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers
  11. Her Mind Is Gone  -  Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers
  12. Bald Head  -  Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers
  13. Hey Now Baby  -  Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers
  14. Oh Well  -  Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers
  15. Boogie's the Thing  - George Miller
  16. She Won't Leave No More  - Little Joe Gaines
  17. Mercury Boogie  - Hosie Dwine Craven
  18. Hadacol Bounce  -  Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers
  19. Longhair Stomp  -  Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers
  20. Been Fooling Around  -  Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers
  21. Between the Night and Day (In the Wee Wee Hours)  -  Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers
  22. Streetwalkin' Daddy  - Alma "The Lollipop Mama" Mondy
  23. A Job for a Jockey  - Alma "The Lollipop Mama" Mondy
  24. Still My Little Angel Child  - Alma "The Lollipop Mama" Mondy
  25. Cloudy Weather Blues  - Preacher Lee Graves
  26. Sixty Years and a Day  - Preacher Lee Graves

Disc 4

  1. Papa Said Yes, Mama Said No, No, No  - Preacher Lee Graves
  2. I'm from Texas  - Preacher Lee Graves
  3. Sittin' Here Wonderin'  - Luther "Rocky" Stoneham
  4. January 11, 1949 Blues  - Luther "Rocky" Stoneham
  5. I Don't Want No Woman  - L.C. Williams
  6. Louise  - L.C. Williams
  7. I Don't Like to Travel  - L.C. Williams
  8. Miss Georgia  - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg
  9. She's Always on My Mind  - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg
  10. Dirty Mistreater  - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg
  11. I'm Looking for My Baby  - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg
  12. (All Alone) I Sit and Cry  - Violet Hall
  13. Six Foot Papa (I'm a Whole Lot of Woman)  - Violet Hall
  14. Got a Mean Woman  - John Hogg
  15. Why Did You Leave Me?  - John Hogg
  16. Sad News from Korea  - Lightnin' Hopkins
  17. Let Me Fly Your Kite  - Lightnin' Hopkins
  18. Gone with the Wind  - Lightnin' Hopkins
  19. She's Almost Dead  - Lightnin' Hopkins
  20. (In Love with A) Married Woman Blues  - Elmore Nixon
  21. Playboy Blues  - Elmore Nixon
  22. Cave Man Blues  - Elmore Nixon
  23. Million Dollar Blues  - Elmore Nixon
  24. Ain't It a Shame  - Lightnin' Hopkins
  25. Crazy 'bout My Baby  - Lightnin' Hopkins

Disc 5

  1. Ernestine  - Jimmy Witherspoon
  2. Roll on Katy  - Jimmy Witherspoon
  3. Voodoo Woman Blues  - Jimmy Witherspoon
  4. I Want a Little Girl  - Jimmy Witherspoon
  5. Bar Fly Blues  - Jimmy Witherspoon
  6. Please Stop Playing Those Blues, Boy  - Jimmy Witherspoon
  7. All My Geets Are Gone  - Jimmy Witherspoon
  8. Strange Woman Blues  -  Jay McShann & His Orchestra
  9. Bowlegged Boogie  - Vivian Green
  10. He's the Man (He's Tall and Cool)  - Vivian Green
  11. Red Light  - Vivian Green
  12. When a Man Has the Blues  - Smiley Turner
  13. Lonely Boy Blues  - Smiley Turner
  14. Beer Drinking Baby  - Billy Valentine
  15. What's Good for One's Good for All  - Chuck Norris
  16. Kinda Sick, Mostly Worried  - Chuck Norris
  17. Hey Everybody  - Chuck Norris
  18. I'd Rather Be Like a Hermit  -  Austin McCoy & His Combo
  19. High School Baby  - Frankie Ervin  -  Austin McCoy & His Combo
  20. West Coast Lover  - Big Jim Wynn
  21. Dog House Blues  - Big Jim Wynn
  22. Just Kiss Me Once (And You'll Be Back)  - Meredith Howard
  23. Worrying Blues  - Ike Lloyd
  24. Boogie on the 88  - Ike Lloyd
  25. I Only Want Your Love  - Ike Lloyd
  26. West Coast Blues  - J.D. Edwards
  27. Mama Does the Boogie (Washington Ave. Boogie)  -  Red Johnson & His Orchestra

Disc 6

  1. Call Operator 210  -  Johnny Otis & His Orchestra
  2. Baby Baby Blues  -  Johnny Otis & His Orchestra
  3. Gypsy Blues  -  Johnny Otis & His Orchestra
  4. Sugar, Sugar  -  Johnny Otis & His Orchestra
  5. Last Mile  -  Johnny Otis & His Orchestra
  6. The Candle's Burning Low  -  Johnny Otis & His Orchestra
  7. The Love Bug Boogie (That's the Way It's Gonna Be)  -  Johnny Otis & His Orchestra
  8. Brown Skin Butterball  -  Johnny Otis & His Orchestra
  9. The Game Is Over  -  Johnny Otis & His Orchestra
  10. Keep Your Hand on Your Heart  - Pat Valdelar
  11. Rock Me Baby  - Pat Valdelar
  12. Boogie the Blues  - Ray Johnson
  13. House of Blues  - Ray Johnson
  14. I'll Never Let You Go  - Ray Johnson
  15. Smilin' Blues  - Ray Johnson
  16. Something's Wrong  - Herbert "Woo Woo" Moore
  17. Five Long Letters  - Herbert "Woo Woo" Moore
  18. Unlucky Man  - Mel Walker
  19. My Baby  - Mel Walker
  20. Another Sad Night  - Mel Walker
  21. Feelin' Mighty Lonesome  - Mel Walker
  22. I Have Decided  - Mel Walker
  23. They Were Doing the Mambo  -  Joe Liggins & His Orchestra
  24. Honeydrippin' Daddy  -  Joe Liggins & His Orchestra
  25. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah  -  Joe Liggins & His Orchestra
  26. In My Neighborhood  - Rollee McGill
  27. Rhythm Rockin' Blues  - Rollee McGill

Disc 7

  1. Jockey Blues  - Bill Samuels
  2. Cherry Red  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  3. Somebody's Gotta Go  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  4. Too Many Women Blues  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  5. Just a Dream (On My Mind)  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  6. I Like to Be Home Blues  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  7. Cleanhead Blues  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  8. When a Woman Loves Her Juice  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  9. Kidney Stew Blues  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  10. King for a Day Blues  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  11. Old Maid Boogie  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  12. Jet Propelled Papa  - Helen Humes
  13. Hey, Sister Lucy!  -  Trenier Twins
  14. When I Get Drunk  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  15. Oil Man Blues  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  16. Ever-Ready Blues  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  17. Have You Ever Missed Your Baby?  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  18. Some Women Do  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  19. Alimony Blues  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  20. I Took the Front Door in (I Took the Backdoor Out)  - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
  21. Record Ban Blues  - Dinah Washington
  22. Good Daddy Blues  - Dinah Washington
  23. Baby Get Lost  - Dinah Washington
  24. Fine Fine Daddy  - Dinah Washington
  25. Please Send Me Someone to Love  - Dinah Washington
  26. Under the Viaduct (In Atlanta GA)  - Junior Tamplin
  27. Love Is a Sin  - Junior Tamplin

Disc 8

  1. Lonely Blues  - Joyce Jackson
  2. Body Rocking Daddy  - Joyce Jackson
  3. Lovin' Blues  - Joyce Jackson
  4. New Blowtop Blues  - Dinah Washington
  5. Worry, Worry, Worry  - Joe Houston
  6. Mumbles Blues  - Paul Bascomb
  7. Hittin' on Me  -  Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra
  8. Don't Give My Good Love Away  -  John Peek & the Blues Caravan
  9. Thank You  -  John Peek & the Blues Caravan
  10. The Other Side  -  John Peek & the Blues Caravan
  11. I'm Just Your Fool  -  Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra
  12. Shut Your Big Mouth (Girl)  -  Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra
  13. Sloppy Daddy Blues  - Stomp Gordon
  14. Juicy Lucy  - Stomp Gordon
  15. What's Her Whimsey, Dr. Kinsey  - Stomp Gordon
  16. Walk Around the Corner  - Stomp Gordon
  17. Short John  - Dinah Washington
  18. This Is All  - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  19. What That Is  - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  20. (She Put the) Wamee (On Me)  - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  21. Well I Tried  - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  22. Talk About Me  - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  23. Sweet and Slow  - Titus Turner
  24. Big John  - Titus Turner
  25. All Around the World  - Titus Turner
  26. Woke up This Morning  - Arthur Prysock

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

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Joe Liggins & His Orchestra   Track Performer
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Armand Jump Jackson   Drums
Ben Turner   Drums

Technical Credits

Big Bill Broonzy   Composer
Percy Mayfield   Composer
Big Joe Turner   Composer
Albert Ammons   Composer
Leonard Feather   Composer
Peter Johnson   Composer
Julia Lee   Composer
Jay McShann   Composer
Dinah Washington   Composer
Leroy Kirkland   Arranger
Bill Levenson   Executive Producer
Billy Moll   Composer
O'Neal   Contributor,Paintings
Rhythm Kings   Contributor
George "Fathead" Thomas   Composer
Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson   Composer
Jimmy Witherspoon   Composer
Hersal Thomas   Composer
Suha Gur   Remastering
Billy Moore   Composer
Claude Demetrius   Composer
Robert Ellen   Composer
Murray Mencher   Composer
Fleecie Moore   Composer
Jessie Mae Robinson   Composer
Anna Spencer   Composer
William Tennyson   Composer
Holmes Daylie   Composer
Jane Feather   Composer
Charles Waterford   Composer

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