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Mercury Living Presence: The Collector's Edition, Vol. 2

Mercury Living Presence: The Collector's Edition, Vol. 2

Mercury Living Presence: The Collector's Edition, Vol. 2, is a 55-disc box set that encompasses some of the finest early stereo recordings made on that innovative label. Like the preceding Volume 1, the discs are housed in a sturdy flip-top cube and are packaged in thin cardboard sleeves showing the original LP cover art, and the package includes a thick


Mercury Living Presence: The Collector's Edition, Vol. 2, is a 55-disc box set that encompasses some of the finest early stereo recordings made on that innovative label. Like the preceding Volume 1, the discs are housed in a sturdy flip-top cube and are packaged in thin cardboard sleeves showing the original LP cover art, and the package includes a thick booklet that recounts the history of Mercury's pioneering work in audiophile sound. But the classic performances by Antal Doráti, Rafael Kubelik, Paul Paray, Frederick Fennell, Howard Hanson, and Marcel Dupré are pure gold for music lovers, and because these recordings are difficult to collect individually, this package offers convenience for collectors.

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  1. Coppélia, ou La fille aux yeux d'émail, ballet
  2. Sylvia, ou La nymphe de Diane, ballet
  3. The Swan Lake, ballet, Op. 20
  4. Die Weihe des Hauses (Consecration of the House), overture for orchestra, Op. 124
  5. Egmont, incidental music, Op. 84: [Selections]
  6. Leonore Overture No. 3 in C major, Op. 72b
  7. Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92
  8. Variations on a Hungarian folksong, "The Peacock" ("Felszállott a páva"), for orchestra
  9. Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber, for orchestra
  10. Pieces (5) for orchestra, Op. 16
  11. La Vida breve, opera, G. 35/39 (2 versions): Interlude - Spanish Dance No.1
  12. Iberia Suite, for orchestra (orchestrated by Arbos from "Iberia" for piano)
  13. Prodaná nevesta (The Bartered Bride), opera, JB 1:100: Overture
  14. Khovanshchina, opera in 5 acts, edited by Rimsky-Korsakov
  15. Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus (The Creatures of Prometheus), ballet, Op. 43: Overtura. Adagio - Allegro molto con brio
  16. Symphony No. 6 in F major ("Pastoral"), Op. 68
  17. Prince Igor, opera (completed by Rimsky-Korsakov & Glazunov): Overture
  18. Francesca da Rimini, symphonic fantasy for orchestra in E minor, Op. 32
  19. Symphony No. 4 in F minor, Op. 36
  20. Divertimento for string orchestra, Sz. 113, BB 118
  21. Sonata for 2 pianos & 2 percussion, Sz. 110, BB 15
  22. The Miraculous Mandarin, pantomime in 1 act, Sz. 73, BB 82 (Op. 19)
  23. Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta, Sz. 106, BB 114
  24. The Wooden Prince (A fából faragott királyfi), ballet in 1 act for orchestra, Sz. 60, BB 74 (Op. 13)
  25. Romeo and Juliet, fantasy-overture for orchestra in B minor (3 versions)
  26. Symphony No. 6 in B minor ("Pathétique"), Op. 74
  27. Concertino for piano & orchestra
  28. Overture, for orchestra
  29. Le boeuf sur le toit, ballet for orchestra, Op. 58
  30. Parade, ballet in 1 scene for orchestra
  31. Contrasts for orchestra
  32. Sinfonia Breve, for orchestra
  33. Rodeo, selections from the ballet (including "Four Dance Episodes")
  34. An American in Paris, tone poem for orchestra
  35. Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee, for orchestra
  36. Symphony No. 8 in G major, B. 163 (Op.88) (first published as No. 4)
  37. Symphony No. 7 in D minor, B. 141 (Op. 70) (first published as No. 2)
  38. Ancient Airs and Dances, Set 2, arrangements (4) for orchestra, P. 138
  39. Ancient Airs and Dances, Set 1, arrangements (4) for orchestra, P. 109
  40. Ancient Airs and Dances, Set 3, arrangements (4) for strings, P. 172
  41. Two Portraits (Két portré), for violin & orchestra, Sz. 37, BB 48b (Op. 5)
  42. Dance Suite (Táncszvit) for orchestra, Sz. 77, BB 86a
  43. Concerto for Orchestra, Sz. 116, BB 127
  44. Impressione brasiliane (Brazilian Impressions), for orchestra, P. 153
  45. Gli uccelli (The Birds), suite for orchestra, P. 154
  46. Pini di Roma (The Pines of Rome), symphonic poem, P. 141
  47. Fontane di Roma (The Fountains of Rome), symphonic poem, P. 106
  48. Pieces (3) for orchestra, Op. 6
  49. Pieces (5) for orchestra, Op. 10
  50. Pieces (5) for orchestra, Op. 16
  51. Prodaná nevesta (The Bartered Bride), opera, JB 1:100: Act 3. Dance of the Comedians
  52. Prodaná nevesta (The Bartered Bride), opera, JB 1:100: Act 2. Furiant
  53. Prodaná nevesta (The Bartered Bride), opera, JB 1:100: Act 1. Polka
  54. Tabuh-Tabuhan, toccata for orchestra
  55. The Feast of Love, song for baritone & orchestra (or piano)
  56. Symphony on a Hymn Tune ("Symphony No. 1")
  57. The Black Maskers, suite from the incidental music
  58. Gold and the Senor Commandante, ballet
  59. Miniatures (5) for flute & string orchestra
  60. Capricorn Concerto, for flute, oboe, trumpet & strings, Op. 21
  61. Pieces (3) for orchestra
  62. Poem, for flute & orchestra, A. 93
  63. The Incredible Flutist, ballet suite for orchestra
  64. Elegy in Memory of Serge Koussevitsky for orchestra, Op 44
  65. Symphony No. 3, Op 33
  66. Lament for Beowulf for chorus & orchestra, Op. 25
  67. Symphony No. 5
  68. New England Triptych, 3 pieces for orchestra or band
  69. Symphony No. 3: The Camp Meeting, for orchestra, S. 3 (K. 1A3)
  70. Orchestral Set No. 1: Three Places in New England, for orchestra, S. 7 (K. 1A5)
  71. Fall River Legend, ballet
  72. Medea (Serpent Heart) (rev. as "Cave of the Heart"), ballet, Op. 23
  73. Spirituals for orchestra
  74. Song of Democracy for chorus & orchestra, Op 44
  75. Symphony No. 2 ("Romantic"), Op. 30
  76. Symphony No. 1 in E Minor, Op 22 "Nordic"
  77. La Fiesta Mexicana for wind ensemble, harp & percussion, Nos 1-03 (complete)
  78. Psalm for Band, Op. 53
  79. Canzona, for wind band
  80. Toccata Marziale, for military band in B flat major
  81. Suite No. 1, for military band in E flat major, Op. 28/1, H. 105
  82. Suite No. 2, for military band in F major, Op. 28/2, H. 106
  83. Serenade for 13 wind instruments in E flat major, Op. 7 (TrV 106)
  84. Suite française (5), for wind band, Op. 248a
  85. Serenade No. 10 for winds in B flat major ("Gran Partita"), K. 361 (K. 370a)
  86. The Dawning Of The Day
  87. The Austrian (from The Martial Music of Camp Dupont, pub. George Blake)
  88. Three Camps, for fife & drum
  89. Yankee Doodle, song
  90. Payday Call, bugle call
  91. A hunting we will go
  92. Taps ("Bugle Call"), for trumpet
  93. Tattoo, bugle call
  94. Reveille, bugle call
  95. Call to Quarters, bugle call
  96. Retreat, bugle call
  97. Mess Call, bugle call
  98. Mail Call, bugle call
  99. Drill Call, bugle call
  100. Church Call, bugle call
  101. Adjutants Call, bugle call
  102. Assembly, bugle call
  103. The Old Guard March, for band (3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment)
  104. To the Color, bugle call
  105. Generals March, bugle call
  106. The Bonnie Blue Flag, song
  107. The Connecticut Halftime, for snare drum
  108. Downfall of Paris, for fife & drum
  109. Hell on the Wabash, for snare drum
  110. Wrecker's Daughter Quickstep
  111. Dixie
  112. Garryowen, for chorus & band (1st Cavalry) (after a traditional Irish melody)
  113. Irish Suite (6), for orchestra
  114. Bugler's Holiday, for orchestra
  115. The Penny Whistle Song, for orchestra
  116. Trumpeter's Lullaby, for orchestra
  117. Forgotten Dreams, for orchestra
  118. Sandpaper Ballet, for orchestra
  119. A Christmas Festival, for orchestra
  120. Suite of Carols (6), for string orchestra: Shepherds in Bethlehem / Bring a torch, Jeanette,
  121. Pirate Dance, for orchestra
  122. Four Ways, suite for orchestra: 3. Eastwards (Eastern dance)
  123. Four Ways, suite for orchestra: 1. Northwards (March)
  124. London (London Every Day), suite for orchestra
  125. Billboard March, for band
  126. Colonel Bogey March, for band (or orchestra)
  127. Barnum and Bailey's Favorite, march for orchestra (or band)
  128. Lights Out
  129. On the Mall
  130. American Patrol, march for band
  131. The Stars and Stripes Forever, march for band
  132. King Cotton, march for band
  133. The Washington Post, march for band
  134. The Thunderer, march for band
  135. U. S. Field Artillery, march for band
  136. London (London Every Day), suite for orchestra: 3. Knightsbridge (March)
  137. Valdres March for band (or orchestra)
  138. March for military band in B flat major, Op. 99
  139. Old Comrades (Alte Kameraden), march for band (or orchestra)
  140. The Golden Ear
  141. Le Père la Victoire, march for band
  142. Hands Across the Sea, march for band
  143. Inglesina (Little English Girl), symphonic march for band
  144. The Three Elizabeths, suite for orchestra
  145. Spoon River, folk song for elastic scoring (3 instruments to orchestra) (AFMS 2)
  146. Symphony No.4, for wind symphony, Op. 165
  147. Symphony No. 3 for winds
  148. Symphony No. 4 "West Point"
  149. Japanese Dances (3) for orchestra, Nos 1-03 (complete)
  150. Concerto for 23 wind instruments
  151. Symphony No. 6 ("For Band"), Op. 69
  152. Lincolnshire Posy, folk song suite for wind band (BFMS 34)
  153. Jazz Pizzicato, for string orchestra
  154. Jazz Legato, for string orchestra (or standard orchestra)
  155. The Phantom Regiment, for orchestra
  156. Chicken Reel, for orchestra
  157. Promenade, for orchestra
  158. Serenata, for orchestra
  159. Sleigh Ride, for orchestra (or string orchestra)
  160. Fiddle-Faddle, for string orchestra (or standard orchestra)
  161. Saraband, for orchestra
  162. China Doll, for orchestra
  163. The Girl in Satin, for orchestra
  164. The Syncopated Clock, for orchestra
  165. The Typewriter, for orchestra (with typewriters)
  166. Song of the Bells, for orchestra
  167. Summer Skies, for orchestra
  168. Blue Tango, for orchestra
  169. The Waltzing Cat, for orchestra
  170. Horse & Buggy, for orchestra
  171. Belle of the Ball, for orchestra
  172. Song of Jupiter, for orchestra (after Handel)
  173. The First Day of Spring, for orchestra
  174. The Bluebells of Scotland, for orchestra (Scottish Suite No. 2)
  175. Plink, Plank, Plunk!, for string orchestra
  176. Pieces (3), for organ, M. 35-37: Pièce héroïque
  177. Symphony for organ No. 2 in D major, Op. 13/2: 4. Salve regina
  178. Symphony for organ No. 6 in G minor, Op. 42/2: 1. Allegro
  179. Chorals (3), for organ, M. 38-40
  180. Parergon zur Sinfonia Domestica, for piano, left hand & orchestra, Op. 73 (TrV 209a)
  181. Classical Music Spotlight: Interview with John Corigliano
  182. Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring), ballet in 2 parts for orchestra
  183. Rhapsody for cello & piano, Sz. 88, BB 94c
  184. Sonata for cello & piano, L. 135
  185. Introduction and Polonaise brillante for cello & piano in C major, Op. 3, CT. 148
  186. Variations on a Theme of Rossini for cello & piano, H. 290
  187. Variations concertantes, for cello & piano in D major, Op. 17
  188. Sonata for cello & piano in G minor, Op. 65, CT. 204
  189. Sonata for keyboard in F major, K. 541 (L. 120)
  190. Variationes über die Folie d'Espagne (12), for keyboard in D minor, H. 263, Wq. 118/9
  191. Bourrée Alla Polacca, arranged for guitar (or keyboard) (after the Overture, TWV 55:Es2)
  192. Il primo libro d'intavolatura di toccate di cimbalo et organo, No.13, Partita sopra l'Aria di Ruggiero
  193. Work(s): Five Galliards
  194. Suite for keyboard in D minor "Urania": Passacaglia in D Minor
  195. Sonata for keyboard in E major, K. 381 (L. 225)
  196. Sonata for keyboard in A minor, K. 175 (L. 429)
  197. Work(s): Corrente in F Major
  198. Il secondo libro de toccate, canzone...di cimbalo et organo, No.32, Aria detta 'la Frescobalda'
  199. Saltarello del Pass'e Mezo, for harpsichord (Balli d'Arpicordo)
  200. Concerto (Sonata) for 2 harpsichords in F major, F. 10 (BR A12) (previously attrib. J.S. Bach, BWV Anh188)
  201. Toccata for keyboard in F sharp minor, BWV 910 (BC L146)
  202. Concerto for solo keyboard No. 15 in G major (after unknown source), BWV 986 (BC L203)
  203. Fantasia and Fugue, for keyboard in C minor (fugue incomplete), BWV 906 (BC L133, 138)
  204. Overture in the French Manner, partita for keyboard in B minor (Clavier-Übung II/2), BWV 831
  205. My Lady Carey's Dompe (Royal, App. 58)
  206. The Primrose, P6/4
  207. Lavolta, for keyboard No. 2 in G minor, MB 91
  208. Dolorosa Pavan and Galliard, Tregian No 1 (from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)
  209. King's Hunt, for keyboard, Fvb 135, MB 125
  210. Branle-Branle Gay
  211. Tombeau pour Mr. de Blancrocher, for harpischord in F major (Pièces de clavecin, No. 81)
  212. Branle de Montirandé
  213. Concerto for solo keyboard No. 3 in D minor (after Alessandro Marcello), BWV 974 (BC L194)
  214. Sonata for keyboard in A major
  215. Sonata for piano in D major, Op.13
  216. Pavane for harpsichord in F sharp minor (Pièces de clavecin, No. 120)
  217. Allemande "Le Moutier" (after Louis Couperin)
  218. Gavotte and Doubles (6), for harpsichord in A minor (Nouvelles suites)
  219. Passepied
  220. La Mer, symphonic sketches (3) for orchestra, L. 109
  221. Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun), for orchestra, L. 86
  222. Ibéria, for orchestra, L. 122/2
  223. Ma mère l'oye, for piano, 4 hands (or orchestra)
  224. Le Tragédie de Salomé, ballet, Op. 50
  225. Salome's Dance, for orchestra (from the opera; aka "Dance of the Seven Veils") (TrV 215a)
  226. Danse macabre, symphonic poem in G minor, Op. 40
  227. Invitation to the Dance (Aufforderung zum Tanze), for orchestra (orchestrated by Berlioz)
  228. Mephisto Waltz, for orchestra No. 1 (Der Tanz in der Dorfschenke; Episoden No. 2), S. 110/2 (LW G16/2)
  229. Carmen Suite for orchestra No. 1 (assembled by Ernest Guirard): Les toréadors
  230. Carmen Suite for orchestra No. 1 (assembled by Ernest Guirard): Aragonaise
  231. Carmen Suite for orchestra No. 1 (assembled by Ernest Guirard): Intermezzo
  232. Carmen Suite for orchestra No. 1 (assembled by Ernest Guirard): Les dragons d'Alcala
  233. Carmen Suite for orchestra No. 2 (assembled by Ernest Guirard): La garde montante
  234. Carmen Suite for orchestra No. 1 (assembled by Ernest Guirard): Prélude
  235. Overture "Patrie", for orchestra, Op. 19
  236. Overture to "Mignon"
  237. L' Arlésienne, suite for orchestra No. 2, from the incidental music (arranged by Ernest Guirard)
  238. Raymond, opera: Overture
  239. L' Arlésienne, suite for orchestra No. 1, from the incidental music
  240. Petite suite (4), for piano, 4 hands (or orchestra), L. 65
  241. Nocturnes, for female chorus & orchestra, L. 91
  242. Boléro, ballet for orchestra
  243. Valses (8) nobles et sentimentales, for piano (or orchestra)
  244. España, rhapsody for orchestra, also arranged for 2 pianos
  245. Suite for orchestra in F major, Op. 33
  246. Bourrée fantasque, for piano (also for orchestra)
  247. Joyeuse marche (Marche française), for orchestra or piano, 4 hands
  248. Le roi malgré lui, opéra-comique in 3 acts: Danse slave
  249. Gwendoline, opera in 2 acts: Overture
  250. Le roi malgré lui, opéra-comique in 3 acts: Fête polonaise
  251. Suite pastorale, for orchestra
  252. Symphony No. 3 in C minor ("Organ"), Op. 78
  253. Paul Paray: post-session thanks to the performers
  254. Mass for the 500th Anniversary of the Death of Joan of Arc
  255. Carmen Suite for orchestra No. 2 (assembled by Ernest Guirard): Danse bohème
  256. Samson et Dalila, opera in 3 acts, Op. 47: Act 3. Bacchanale
  257. Faust, opera: Waltz from Act II (Concert Version)
  258. Faust, opera: Ballet Music. 7. Danse de Phryné (Allegro vivo)
  259. Faust, opera: Ballet Music. 6. Variations du miroir (Allegretto)
  260. Faust, opera: Ballet Music. 5. Les Troyennes (Moderato con moto)
  261. Faust, opera: Ballet Music. 4. Variations de Cléopatre (Moderato
  262. Faust, opera: Ballet Music. 3. Danse antique (Allegretto)
  263. Faust, opera: Ballet Music. 2. Adagio
  264. Faust, opera: Ballet Music. 1. Les Nubiennes, valse (Allegretto)
  265. Les Diamantes de la couronne, opera: Overture
  266. Overture to "Zampa", for orchestra
  267. Mignon, opera in 3 acts: Act 2. Gavotte
  268. Les Troyens, opera, H. 133a: Act 4. No. 29 Chasse royale et orage - Pantomime
  269. La valse, poème choréographique for orchestra
  270. Pavane pour une infante défunte, for piano (or orchestra)
  271. Escales (Ports of Call), suite for orchestra
  272. Rhapsodie espagnole, for orchestra (or 2 pianos)
  273. Symphony No. 9 in E minor ("From the New World"), B. 178 (Op. 95) (first published as No. 5)
  274. Symphony No. 38 in D major ("Prague"), K. 504
  275. Enchanted Lake, for orchestra, Op. 62
  276. Våren (Last Spring), elegiac melody for orchestra (or piano) No. 2, Op. 34/2
  277. Fantasy Variations on a Theme of Youth for piano & orchestra, Op 40
  278. Rapsodies (3), for voice, clarinet, viola & piano: La cornemuse
  279. Rapsodies (3), for voice, clarinet, viola & piano: L'étang
  280. Kikimora for orchestra, Op. 63
  281. Night Song, for orchestra
  282. Winter's Passed, for oboe & string orchestra
  283. Night Soliloquy, for flute & piano (or orchestra)
  284. And on the Seventh Day. . ., for orchestra
  285. Larghetto
  286. Gymnopedie, for orchestra
  287. Autumn Landscape, for orchestra
  288. Diverse Dances, for orchestra: Pavane
  289. Adagio Cantabile, for orchestra
  290. Three Biblical Scenes, for orchestra: Christ Looking Over Jerusalem
  291. Symphonic Sketches, for orchestra in A major, L. 2/15
  292. Sinfonia in G
  293. Suite No. 1 for orchestra in D minor, Op. 42
  294. Adventures in a Perambulator, suite for orchestra
  295. The Pageant of P. T. Barnum, for orchestra
  296. Selections from McGuffey's Reader for orchestra
  297. Once Upon A Time (5 Fairy Tales) for orchestra

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