Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!

Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!

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by Don Wood, Audrey Wood

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The long-awaited sequel to Don & Audrey Wood's mega-bestselling, award-winning classic THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR (1984), which has sold more than 18 million copies in hardcover worldwide.

Painted in acrylics using the same technique and the same paper as the bestseller THE LITTLE MOUSE, THE RED RIPE STRAWBERRY AND THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR, this delightful picture book


The long-awaited sequel to Don & Audrey Wood's mega-bestselling, award-winning classic THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR (1984), which has sold more than 18 million copies in hardcover worldwide.

Painted in acrylics using the same technique and the same paper as the bestseller THE LITTLE MOUSE, THE RED RIPE STRAWBERRY AND THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR, this delightful picture book brings back the same beloved characters, the timid Little Mouse and the mysterious unseen Big Hungry Bear, and ends with a wonderful Christmas surprise--the promise of a new friendship between a tiny mouse and a big bear who doesn't seem quite so scary after all.

Editorial Reviews

Perfect for holiday story hour, this could easily become a personal favorite.
Publishers Weekly
This holiday sequel to The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear juxtaposes its very simple language with expressive, comically exaggerated paintings. As little Mouse sets up his tree and the presents beneath, an unseen narrator reminds him about his neighbor, "the big, hungry Bear." In the illustrations, Mouse responds by anxiously setting up padlocks and barricades, fearfully guarding his heap of gifts. But, hearing that the bear never gets any presents, he has a change of heart. The pleasure of this book isn't in novelty or surprise but in the Woods' utterly confident delivery. A solid choice for the very young, with a subtly rendered lesson about sharing. Ages 2-up. (Oct.) Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.
School Library Journal
K-Gr 2-Presents are piled under Little Mouse's tree, and they're all for him. An unidentified narrator tells him about Hungry Bear, who loves Christmas presents- and never gets any, not even from Santa. At first Little Mouse tries to protect his stash (one humorous spread shows his gifts all chained up and booby-trapped by thumbtacks), but then he begins to feel sorry for the ursine fellow. He gathers together most of his loot, puts on his Santa suit, and bravely makes his way to Bear's den, where he delivers the gifts and starts to decorate the tree. But, will Little Mouse pay for his generous impulse when Bear wakes up? Fans of The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear (Turtleback, 1984) will love this funny, exciting, and satisfying tale that celebrates generosity and the importance of making friends. The colorful spreads feel as familiar and cozy as fuzzy slippers, and project beautifully for sharing in a storytime.-M. A. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
The little mouse who didn’t want to share in The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear (1984) returns to celebrate Christmas in this delightful sequel from Audrey Wood and Don Wood. They again use the same inventive format of the first-person narrative voice speaking directly to the mouse character, who gazes out boldly at the reader and adjusts his expressions and behavior in an interactive way that draws the reader into the story. At first, Mouse doesn’t want to share any of his stacks of Christmas gifts when reminded of big, hungry Bear who also loves Christmas presents. Several double-paged spreads on the oversized pages show Mouse barring the door, setting tacks around the tree, and chaining the presents together. Comments from the narrative voice cause Mouse to feel empathy for Bear, who is never seen but is presented as terrifying but sad because he never receives any presents of his own. Mouse bravely takes a load of presents to leave for Bear, decorates the Bear’s tree to the strains of "Quick little Mouse. Someone big is waking up. . . ." and in return, receives a huge, wrapped box, leaving it to the reader to speculate what might be inside. Mouse exemplifies the lightning-fast mood changes of a young child, looking straight out at his audience and showing pride, fear, greed, obstinacy, empathy, and awe in turn on his amazingly expressive face. Sharing with others, even when it’s hard, is truly an important lesson, and Mouse’s small heart grows three sizes in this touching tale. (Picture book. 2-7)

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Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a HUGE fan of ¿The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear,¿ I was delighted to discover the Woods have teamed up to write and illustrate ¿Merry Christmas, BIG HUNGRY BEAR!¿ Several weeks ago I stopped at my local bookstore for one of my monthly visits, and while perusing the ¿New and Notable¿ section I recognized the illustrated mouse standing among a pile of Christmas packages. I snatched the book off the shelf faster than I could read the title, and immediately became engrossed! As in the first book, the illustrations in ¿Merry Christmas BIG HUNGRY BEAR!¿ are OUTSTANDING, in addition, the Woods have maintained the same cleaver writing style with the reader narrating the story. Children of all ages will enjoy this delightful Christmas tale about sharing and caring among unlikely friends. The story actually begins on the title page; the beautifully illustrated two-page spread shows Little Mouse returning home with a sled full of packages. He lives in a hollow tree somewhere cold, because it has recently snowed and he¿s wearing a red coat with cap, and black snow boots. The narration begins on the next page, ¿Hello, little Mouse. I see you¿re ready for Christmas.¿ The mouse, now tucked away in his cozy, little home is placing presents around a brilliantly decorated Christmas tree that¿s already loaded with gifts. Turn the page, ¿My goodness! What a lot of presents. Are they all for you?¿ Now we see a proud little mouse presenting his mountain of gifts to the reader. Over the next few pages the narrator (that¿s you) reminds the Little Mouse about the Big, Hungry Bear who¿s all alone in the dark cave at the top of the hill. Little Mouse boards up his door, padlocks the gifts and places tacks all over the floor in an attempt to protect his belongings. Then, the mouse hears about the Big, Hungry Bear who cries every Christmas because he never receives Christmas presents, not even from Santa Claus. Little Mouse is sad for his lonely neighbor, and decides to share Christmas with the Big, Hungry Bear. Much to Mouse¿s surprise the Big, Hungry Bear reciprocates the sentiment. The very talented husband and wife team have done it again! This enchanting Christmas tale will have you immediately hooked on this adorable little creature and his unlikely friend. The illustrations are very expressive for easy comprehension, and the melodic text captivates even the youngest listener. This hardbound book measures approximately 10¿ x 10 ½¿ and contains 38 pages. One-year and up.
Sandy5 More than 1 year ago
Love this! I love little mouse and this sequel is even more precious. Little mouse has to protect his presents from the Big Hungry Bear, but how? Little mouse’s facial expressions are just priceless in this novel! Little mouse tries to cover his presents up with a blanket, next he drags a big heavy chain and lock in and ties that around them but we all know that Big Hungry Bear will do anything to get what he wants. As the story continues, little mouse is frantic on what to do to save his presents from Big Hungry Bear and it is the season of giving and little mouse’s heart is big……little mouse, you are truly a blessing. What a terrific story by Don and Audrey Wood, two of my favorite children’s authors. Big lavishing illustrations with large text and a wonderful story that you’ll want to read over and over again. I’m jumping online right now to buy a copy of this, as it is not just going to be Christmas read for my granddaughter and I.
Phlockteacher More than 1 year ago
I love sharing the books I read to our children with our grandson. At 3, the little mouse and the big, hungry bear were no strangers to him, as for months, the original book was his 'read it again and again' bedtime story. I was delighted to notice Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear on a shelf in our school media center-waiting for our specialist to do a read-aloud with our kindergarteners. I knew this was one book that would truly be a surprise for our grandson and our daughter. (Our family's original The Big Hungry Bear and the Red Ripe Strawberry is now on our grandson's shelf-20 years after the pages were turned for our children as they grew.) The story continues with importance of sharing but this time with lots of Christmas spiciness as the little mouse tries to find a way to protect his Christmas from the Big Hungry Bear. The end result leads little listeners to the 'it's better to give than receive' value, but, of course, there's a reward for all.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Don and Audrey really capture a child's imagination with their books. I love their illustrations!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Don and Audrey woods once again captivate the magic of the little mouse and the big hungry bear in this heartwarming and fuzzy story about generosity and giving. It is filled with all the magic of the holidays - a must buy for any little ones at Christmas! What a great find!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a fun read. We like the message it sends. Great book!!