Merry, Merry Ghost (Bailey Ruth Raeburn Series #2)

Merry, Merry Ghost (Bailey Ruth Raeburn Series #2)

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by Carolyn G. Hart

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“If I were teaching a course on how to write a mystery, I’d make Carolyn Hart required reading.”
Los Angeles Times


Merry, Merry Ghost by Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Award winner Carolyn Hart, is the spirited second appearance of spectral sleuth, Bailey Ruth Raeburn, who would never let a little thing


“If I were teaching a course on how to write a mystery, I’d make Carolyn Hart required reading.”
Los Angeles Times


Merry, Merry Ghost by Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Award winner Carolyn Hart, is the spirited second appearance of spectral sleuth, Bailey Ruth Raeburn, who would never let a little thing like being dead keep her from enjoying the Yuletide holiday or solving a dastardly crime. The light and funny follow up to Hart’s critically acclaimed Ghost At Work—which Publishers Weekly named One of the Best Books of 2008—Merry, Merry Ghost is a  true Christmas treat, and Bailey Ruth is a most welcome addition to Carolyn Hart’s coterie of beloved series protagonists, joining septuagenarian sleuth “Henrie O” Collins and the Darlings of “Death on Demand” fame.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Introduced in Agatha-winner Hart's Ghost at Work (2008), the late Bailey Ruth Raeburn returns to earth on a heavenly mission to help a four-year-old orphan in this delightful sequel. Susan Flynn, the matriarch of one of the leading families of Adelaide, Okla., who's dying from congestive heart failure, discovers she has a grandson after Keith, the child of Susan's soldier son killed in Iraq, shows up at her door one day not long before Christmas. Susan's decision to change her will to leave her estate to Keith causes one of her many greedy relatives to ignore the message of the Christmas season. When murder and mayhem ensue, Hart's ghostly detective gets on the track of a clever killer. Bailey Ruth's pleasure in her earthly wardrobe, her keen observations of the other characters and her unorthodox but expert sleuthing will engage readers from start to finish. Hart is also the author of the Death on Demand series (Dare to Die, etc.). (Nov.)\
Library Journal
The second entry (after Ghost at Work) in Hart's new supernatural series. When wealthy widow Susan Flynn discovers that she has a grandson, she decides to change her will. Unfortunately, another beneficiary objects, and ghost Bailey Ruth Raeburn is sent down from Heaven to defend the boy. A cute and cozy mystery suitable for most collections. [See Prepub Mystery, LJ 7/09.]\
Kirkus Reviews
After all the trouble a redheaded ghost ran into on her first mission for Heaven's Department of Good Intentions (Ghost at Work, 2008), can she do better the second time around?Bailey Ruth Raeburn-that is, her spirit-is sent to her hometown of Adelaide, Okla., to protect young Keith Flynn. Left on his wealthy grandmother Susan Flynn's doorstep, he's become a magnet for trouble. His father Mitch vanished after accidentally killing his sister in a car accident. Mitch entered the military and was killed in action before his family had any idea he had married or had a child. Now Susan's plans to change her will have upset the original beneficiaries. When she dies before she can sign the new will, Bailey Ruth ignores the rules, moves her body to suggest murder and sees that Susan writes a holograph will and has it witnessed before passing over. Once it's clear that digitalis in her cocoa, not her illness, did Susan in, the police look among some of the town's leading citizens for the culprit. When the new will doesn't turn up and the secretary of Susan's lawyer becomes the next victim, the invisible Bailey Ruth takes to writing clues on the police chief's chalkboard and even materializes against the orders of her long-suffering boss in an effort to solve the crime. Irrepressible Bailey Ruth's sophomore entry is a lighthearted tale, with the murders upstaged by the joys of the Christmas season.\

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An accomplished master of mystery, Carolyn Hart is the author of twenty previous Death on Demand novels. Her books have won multiple Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Awards. She is also the creator of the Henrie O series, featuring a retired reporter, and the Bailey Ruth series, starring an impetuous, redheaded ghost. One of the founders of Sisters in Crime, Hart lives in Oklahoma City.

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Merry, Merry Ghost (Bailey Ruth Raeburn Series #2) 4.3 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 32 reviews.
mary_kennedy More than 1 year ago
Carolyn Hart fans can rejoice because Bailey Ruth Raeburn, the irrepressible ghost-detective from GHOST AT WORK, is back in MERRY, MERRY GHOST. In the second book in this delightful series, Bailey Ruth faces a daunting task--she has to unmask a murderer and save a little boy in jeopardy. Bailey Ruth has been sent back to earth by her straight-laced supervisor, Wiggins, from Heaven's Department of Good Intentions. He knows that Bailey Ruth is a first-rate sleuth, with keen instincts, amazing powers of deduction and a ready wit. But the clock is ticking and this might be her most difficult mission ever--a child's life hangs in the balance. .Carolyn Hart, the winner of multiple Agatha, Anthony and Macavity Awards, once again entertains her readers with a tale that is completely plausible and a heroine who manages to be both clever and yet down-to-earth. Why do so many readers enjoy mysteries? As Carolyn Hart says, "Mysteries can be therapeutic. They provide a sense of order in a disorderly world and reaffirm a commitment to justice."
harstan More than 1 year ago
Being the forgiving type, the Heaven's Department of Good Intentions give the spirit of Bailey Ruth Raeburn a second chance as a GHOST AT WORK helping a mortal. Bailey Ruth is sent to her hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma to keep an angelic eye on four year old Keith Flynn. The child was dumped on his wealthy but dying paternal grandmother Susan Flynn, whose son (and Keith's father) died in combat in Iraq. Susan plans to change her will to leave everything to her grandson. This angers those sycophants who expected to inherit with both of the widow's children dead. However before Susan signs her revised will she dies. Not one to adhere to the rules of even heaven, Bailey Ruth rearranges a few things to make it clear to the cops that Susan was murdered by digitalis in her cocoa and left a witnessed holograph last will. Leaving other clues for the dimwitted police, Bailey Ruth tries to expose a diabolical avaricious killer who murders a second person to conceal the crimes. This is a fun lighthearted Christmas criminal caper starring an irresistible rule-breaking heavenly amateur sleuth. The story line is amusing as Bailey Ruth drives her boss at HDGI crazy with her antics especially her interfering when she is not supposed to. Her actions as the holidays approach make for an amusing frolic in which heavenly preparations for the Yuletide season supersede a merry murder mystery. Harriet Klausner
AnnieHC More than 1 year ago
This is a great series. I enjoyed all three of them. Hope she will write more soon.
xstitchingrt More than 1 year ago
LOVED IT I enjoy Carolyn Hart's work. I had a chance to pick this ebook up the other day and had a hard time putting it down. Bailey Ruth an angel on a mission to help put things right for an elderly grandma and her unknown grandson. it was a delightful read as Hart weaved a story of murder during the holdidays....who wanted a wonderful sick lady to die instead of losing what could have been their's IF an unknown blood heir hadn't arrived on the doorstep one cold dark night. Who is so ugly and greedy for money that they would see a 4 yr old child go without....... Bailey Ruth is a delight of an interferring angel! Now I need to read the first book....hope for a third!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story line, funny, hard to put down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A heart-warming suspense with a great ending!
LPApril More than 1 year ago
Bailey Ruth, the ghost is having adventures again. She must protect small orphaned Keith from an unknown murderer and help him to inherit from his grandmother in keeping with her wishes. Wonderful descriptions of small town Christmas joy and food. Uplifting and consistent world view of emissaries-ghosts, what they can do and what they are supposed to do. Bailey Ruth is a vibrant endearing character. This is great book to read for fun.
Martha-A-Cheves More than 1 year ago
Merry Merry Ghost - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat Susan shakily reached out for the mask and held it to her face. Slowly her breathing eased. The bluish tinge faded from her face. She put aside the mask, sank back against the chair. "I'm tired now." Her voice was faint. "Tomorrow I'll read everything." Her voice was flagging. Susan gathered up the papers, replaced them in the envelope. "Mitch's little boy... tomorrow... some toys... I'll talk to Wade... He'll take the proper steps, make everything official." Tears glistened in her eyes. "Mitch's little boy..." She twisted to look up at Peg. "Take good care of him." Susan Pritchard Flynn is the last living Pritchard. At least that's what she thought until Keith showed up at her door shortly before Christmas. He arrives with a note stating that he is her grandson. His father was Sergeant First Class Mitchell Pritchard Flynn who had been killed in the line of duty. Keith also carried an envelope that contained his father's medals and a birth certificate from the military hospital in Germany. Susan and her deceased husband Tom had two children. Their daughter Ellen had been killed in a car accident and Mitch had left home shortly afterwards. They had not heard from him since. And when she was notified by the military that he had been killed, she was without true Pritchards to pass her estate on to. But Keith's arrival changed all of that. It also threatened the inheritance that was expected by Tom's relatives who had lived with her and through her generosity. Susan's original will was to leave the main house to Jake who had spent years taking care of the house and Susan. Tucker, who was currently maintaining the ranch would have it signed over to him upon her death. The others, Gina, Harrison and Peg would receive equal shares of the balance, amounting to several million each. And then there was Peg's boyfriend Dave who hounded Susan to loan him enough money, interest free, to open his own clinic. So what steps will be taken to keep Susan from signing a new will leaving everything to Keith? And who will take those steps? That is where Bailey Ruth Raeburn comes in. Bailey Ruth is a ghost who lived in Adelaide, OK before her death. She and her husband were on their boat when it capsized. Their bodies never found. Bailey Ruth is spunky and even though she tries, she doesn't always follow Heaven's rules of how an "Emissary" is supposed to act. She sometimes fudges just a bit but all in the line of accomplishing the task at hand. And that task is to keep Keith safe. When I read Merry Merry Ghost, I had one author come to mind... Mary Higgins Clark. This book is so light hearted and loving...yet it's still a murder mystery. The characters are so believable and their thoughts and actions are so understandable under the circumstances. Even Bailey Ruth becomes so real that if you don't already believe in Angels, you just might start. This is the first book I've read by Carolyn Hart but I can promise you, I will be reading more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this author and the new Bailey Ruth series...Fun reading and goes quickly...leaving you wanting more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
writer-historyreader More than 1 year ago
A heart warming ghost cozy as a busybody continues keeping her finger in a lot of pies at her home town even if she did die. This one involves a homeless little boy and his potential grandmother . . . with a whole lot of relatives that wanted the money the little tyke may take from them. Sad and wonderful at the same time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jackiestone More than 1 year ago
I love Bailey Ruth Raeburn!! These books are so fun. Carolyn Hart is an excellent writer. I tire of the too serious novels at times and when I do, I read hers. Just enough humor in them along with excellent stories that always leave me guessing. Jackie Stone
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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