Messengers of Sex: Hormones, Biomedicine and Feminism

Messengers of Sex: Hormones, Biomedicine and Feminism

by Celia Roberts

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ISBN-10: 0521863376

ISBN-13: 9780521863377

Pub. Date: 09/30/2007

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

About the Author:
Celia Roberts is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University


About the Author:
Celia Roberts is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University

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Cambridge University Press
Publication date:
Cambridge Studies in Society and the Life Sciences Series
Edition description:
New Edition
Product dimensions:
6.22(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

List of figures     ix
A message to readers     xi
Acknowledgements     xvii
Introduction: feminism, bodies and biological sex     1
Feminist theories of embodiment     5
Science studies and the active body     16
Foucault's histories of bodies     19
Messaging sex     21
Organisation of the book     24
Hormone Histories     27
Folding hormonal histories of sex     29
Histories of sexual differences     29
Understanding change: between 'science' and 'culture'     39
Time and embodiment in hormone histories     46
Hormonal Bodies     51
Articulating endocrinology's body     53
Theorising technoscientific knowledge production     54
Contemporary physiology's hormonal body     56
Hormones and the development of sexual differences     63
Articulating the hormonal body     72
Messaging and articulation     76
Activating sexed behaviours     78
Hormones and 'the organ of behaviour'     80
Scientific challenges to the biological/social distinction: animal studies     87
Feminist challenges to the biological/social distinction: thelived body     91
Popular science     95
A feminist response: rejecting essentialism?     100
Narrating hormones and sex: two illustrative examples     104
Messaging as multidirectional flow     107
Hormone Cultures     109
Elixirs of sex: hormone-replacement therapies and contemporary life     111
Menopause for women and men     112
HRT histories     114
Scientific theories of sexual and racial differences     117
Sex hormones and women's 'natural' pathologies     119
The menopause as unnatural difference     122
HRT for men: a new model of sexual difference?     129
Elixirs of difference     134
The messaging effects of HRT     137
Intended effects and 'side' effects     138
Feminist responses to HRT     144
Individual women's decisions: making medical choices     146
HRT-taking women and bio-social embodiment     153
Bio-social messaging     157
Hormones in the world     162
Describing 'gender-bending' chemicals     164
Feminism and the politics of endocrine disruption     180
Global messaging     182
Sharing space with polar bears      189
Conclusion: hormones as provocation     191
Feminism and vital material bodies     195
References     200
Index     224

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