Metal Clay Fusion: Diverse Clays, Detailed Techniques, Artful Projects

Metal Clay Fusion: Diverse Clays, Detailed Techniques, Artful Projects

by Gordon K. Uyehara

The first entry in the new Metal Clay Master Class series features the world's leading artist in this versatile medium, which can be molded like clay, but after firing is pure metal. Gordon K. Uyehara will inspire jewelry makers everywhere with his working methods, expertise, and designs. He offers detailed instructions for 22 original projects using several…  See more details below


The first entry in the new Metal Clay Master Class series features the world's leading artist in this versatile medium, which can be molded like clay, but after firing is pure metal. Gordon K. Uyehara will inspire jewelry makers everywhere with his working methods, expertise, and designs. He offers detailed instructions for 22 original projects using several types of metal clay, including silver, bronze, and copper. A handsome gallery of work demonstrates Uyehara's skill and the extraordinary possibilities of the material.

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“(With) Metal Clay Fusion, you may develop a taste, or a voracious appetite, for metal clay. Metal Clay Fusion is fabulously scripted and well-detailed, written with humor that makes it feel as if Gordon was sitting in your studio for a one-on-one session. (It) is full of gorgeous pieces of jewelry and functional sculptural pieces of art by Gordon himself as well as pieces by leaders in the field today. Although the Metal Clay Master Series of books is intended for intermediate to advanced metal clay artists, beginners in the medium will (also) find that Metal Clay Fusion is an inspiring journey and would benefit by adding it to their library of technique specific titles.” --Judy Freyer Thompson, Robert Dancik’s blog
“If I had to choose just a few titles essential to an artist’s collection of metal clay books, I would definitely recommend Metal Clay Fusion. The book has detailed explanations, ideas, techniques and of course projects you can follow. It gives advice on how-to (and) provides artistic food for thought and lots of inspiration.” — Ziva Averbuch, Chicago Metal Arts Guild
"You and I both know that metal clay is all the rage right now. What makes Gordon Uyehara's book different than all the rest? He's a master at his art, and one of the most renowned and popular metal clay artists in the world! In Metal Clay Fusion, Gordon covers all the basics and some really cool advanced skills from carving to developing your designer's eye. I always like a jewelry book with great step-by-step photos. The photography is lovely, and the whole book has this beautiful glow and positive feeling. Want to learn how to create an intricate focal bead? Or a ring with a hinged top? These are part of this lovely collection of projects." --Lorelei Eurto
"What a scrumptious book! With stunning photos of Gordon's gorgeous work, I'm a fan. And Gordon shows us how, step by step! It really is a thorough book on the skills required, teaching you everything you need to know to create beautiful metal jewelry. I learned so much and I know it will be my 'go to' book. Gordon covers all the angles, from a really complete list to put your 'Metal Clay Kit' together and how to use everything, with techniques to take you from beginner to advanced." --Mikki Ferrugiaro
“Artistic, fabulous, stunning, incredible and beautiful ... this one is hands down the most beautiful, inspiring book on (metal clay) available. I love the projects. The photographs and the directions seem well thought out. There are no clunky projects as I have seen elsewhere. Every single project is worthy to be called art in the truest sense: elegant lines, innovative ideas. If you have experience working in clay and want to step up your work to high art, then this is for you. If you are thinking about working in metal clay, this book will move you from thinking about it to going to do it.” --Sig Wynne-Evans

“This is Uyehara's first book, and I doubt it will be his last. His work is truly stunning. He incorporates a variety of popular metal types in this book including silver, bronze, and copper. Almost all of the projects are jewelry pieces except for a few that are more like items for the home such as a condiment spoon, earring stand, a bell, chopstick rests, and an incense burner. The complexity of the projects tend to vary, but for the most part, most of them are at an intermediate to advanced level. Some projects also require metal fabrication and soldering, which is also included with step by step photographs and instructions. A total novice to metal clay will find very helpful information in this book, though many of the projects may be out of his or her initial expertise. More skilled metal clay designers will find a great deal is offered in this book that really covers the topic with a great deal of detail.” Jewelry Making

"Gordon K. Uyehara, uses many, many shapes and designs from nature, or which were informed by nature, in his work. This gives the hard edge of metal smoothness and positivity. I was very glad to see some new and different projects in this book. The book is a wealth of inspiration in shape, detail and design. There are plenty of curves to offset the hard edge of the metal. Spirals, ovals and circles permeate Uyehara’s work." --Jaye Lapachet

“The cover of ‘Metal Clay Fusion’ speaks volumes as an example of the book's contents. The Silver Flora Pendant is alive with many of the techniques presented; stenciling, sanding, drilling, texturing, carving, stone setting, brush finishing, burnishing, granulation, and anodizing are all there in this one design statement. As a metalsmith student, I have applied several of these techniques to silver or gold sheet after completing the fabrication process. But Gordon K. Uyehara takes the wonderful metal clay and accomplishes all of the above in a seamless manner. The finished pendant appears so fluid and must be a joy to wear. He is truly a master, and I marvel at the inspirational concepts and his knowledge of the material. The designs are quite challenging, but the instructions make each and every one of them doable. I would highly recommend this book as a ‘buy now.’” --Razine Wenneker, Rite-It blog

"It’s meaty enough for intermediate and advanced makers — you will definitely find a challenge, refinement and useful tips here. It’s also comprehensive enough for beginners. The fundamentals section is very clear and complete. A couple of projects could easily be done by beginners, and the rest will inspire you as you work up to them. (Gordon's) sense of calm and 'you can do this' pervade the book. He covers design, making and using templates and thoughts on being an artist. Since I’ve been working with metal clay for a long time and own a lot of books, at this point I’m happy if I get just one good tip from a book — from Metal Clay Fusion I got many good tips." --All Things Metal Clay blog 

“Chock full of gorgeous photos. It's like a trip through a museum - true works of art. After a comprehensive overview on fundamentals and lessons on how to work with metal clay (there's even a page on getting your work into juried shows), you get 22 diverse and unique projects. While some of the projects are intricate, there is honestly something for any skill level. This book is EXCELLENT on so many levels.” --Lori Anderson, Pretty Things blog

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Metal Clay Master Class Series
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Gordon K. Uyehara is an Art Clay Silver Senior Instructor whose work emphasizes small-scale design and wearable art. His motivation is to create pieces that are familiar and yet interestingly seductive and to explore the outer design limits of this relatively new art form. He lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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