Metallurgy, Vol. 2

Metallurgy, Vol. 2


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  1. Victim
  2. Wrench
  3. Misery Guts
  4. Underachiever
  5. Exultation
  6. Chevy Van
  7. 'Archie, Lets Talk and Win Some'
  8. Drug
  9. Powerless
  10. Failure
  11. Charger  -  Mule
  12. Vicious Circle Whirlpool
  13. As I Die
  14. Pain Flower
  15. Saviour
  16. Venus Decomposing
  17. Controller

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Almighty   Track Performer
Killing Joke   Track Performer
Prong   Track Performer
Fields of the Nephilim   Track Performer
Paradise Lost   Track Performer
Geordie   Guitar
Nick Holmes   Vocals
Youth   Bass
Pitchshifter   Track Performer
Mule   Track Performer
Aaron Aedy   Rhythm Guitar
Philip Barry   Guitar
Sam Carr   Drums
Pete Clarke   Bass
J.S. Clayden   Vocals
M.D. Clayden   Bass
Jaz Coleman   Keyboards,Vocals
Brad Davis   Bass
Simon Dawson   Drums
Geoff Dugmore   Drums
Pete Friesen   Guitar
Scott Hill   Guitar,Vocals
Floyd London   Bass
Gregor MacKintosh   Guitar
Kevin Munro   Bass,Vocals
Ted Parsons   Drums
Phil Stevens   Guitar
Mick Walker   Keyboards
Ricky Warwick   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Owen   Rhythm Guitar
Cubanate   Track Performer
Apes, Pigs & Spacemen   Track Performer
Fu Manchu   Track Performer
Manhole   Track Performer
Paul Miles   Guitar
Lee Morris   Drums
Mind Heavy Mustard   Track Performer
Dearly Beheaded   Track Performer
Honeycrack   Track Performer
Jason DeCosta   Guitar,Vocals
Tommy Victor   Guitar,Vocals
Marc Heal   Vocals
Carl McCoy   Vocals
Rob Asuncion   Guitar,Vocals
Philip Blomberg   Bass
Kevin Butterly   Drums
Hugo Degenhardt   Drums
Mark Harpley   Drums
Cian Houchin   Bass
Tony Maddocks   Vocals
Rob Pehrson   Bass,Vocals
Willie Dowling   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Glass   Guitar
Paul Miro   Vocals
Ruben Romano   Drums
Jake Wilson   Drums
Preston Long   Guitar,Vocals
Rico Villasenor   Bass
Alex Creamer   Vocals
York   Vocals
CJ   Guitar
Above All   Track Performer
Dreamgrinder   Track Performer
Chris Cano   Drums
Shep Ashton   Guitar

Technical Credits

Prong   Producer
Youth   Producer
Pitchshifter   Producer
Philip Barry   Programming,Producer
Scott Burns   Producer
Terry Date   Producer
Simon Efemey   Producer
Dave Feeny   Producer
Brian Jenkins   Producer
Alex Newport   Producer
Colin Richardson   Producer
Chris Sheldon   Producer,Engineer
Ross Ian Stein   Engineer
Randy Stern   Producer
Mick Walker   Programming
Tony Wilson   Producer
Michael Bosley   Engineer
Adrian Bushby   Producer,Engineer,Contributor
Neil Perry   Liner Notes
Fu Manchu   Producer
Andy Scarfe   Engineer
Skold   Remastering
Jason DeCosta   Producer
Tommy Victor   Producer,Remastering
Marc Heal   Programming,Producer,Remastering
Carl McCoy   Programming
Vincent Hostiw   Producer
Cian Houchin   Programming
Kevin Ridley   Engineer
Willie Dowling   Producer
Andy Sneap   Engineer
Doug Martin   Producer
Josh Turner   Engineer
Neil Perry   Liner Notes

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