Metalmeister, Vol. 3

Metalmeister, Vol. 3


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Metal Blade


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bolt Thrower   Track Performer
Cannibal Corpse   Track Performer
Mercyful Fate   Track Performer
Riot   Track Performer
Sacred Reich   Track Performer
Lizzy Borden   Track Performer
Skrew   Track Performer
King Diamond   Track Performer
Ty Tabor   Track Performer
God Dethroned   Track Performer
Amon Amarth   Track Performer
Sacred Steel   Track Performer
Beseech   Track Performer
Six Feet Under   Track Performer
Crisis   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Bolt Thrower   Producer
Mercyful Fate   Producer
Sacred Reich   Producer
Lizzy Borden   Producer
King Diamond   Producer
Stevie McCallister   Producer
Bill Metoyer   Producer
Jim Morris   Producer
Paul Orofino   Producer
Mark Reale   Producer
Ty Tabor   Producer
Peter Tägtgren   Producer
Berthus Westerhuis   Producer
Andy LaRocque   Producer
Brian Slagel   Producer,Executive Producer
Sterling Winfield   Producer
Amon Amarth   Producer
Sacred Steel   Producer
Beseech   Producer
Ewan Davies   Producer
Christian Silver   Producer
George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher   Composer
Phil   Composer

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