Metaphor in Culture: Universality and Variation / Edition 1

Metaphor in Culture: Universality and Variation / Edition 1

by Zolt?n K?vecses

ISBN-10: 0521696127

ISBN-13: 9780521696128

Pub. Date: 03/28/2010

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

About the Author:
Zoltan Kovecses is Professor of Linguistics in the Department of American Studies at Eotvos Lorand University


About the Author:
Zoltan Kovecses is Professor of Linguistics in the Department of American Studies at Eotvos Lorand University

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Cambridge University Press
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Edition description:
New Edition
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5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.75(d)

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments     xi
Introduction: Metaphor and the Issue of Universality     1
The Main Issue: Universality and Variation in Metaphor     2
Components of the Cognitive Linguistic View of Metaphor     5
A New Look at the Issue of Universality and Variation in Metaphor     10
Universal Metaphors
Metaphor: From Language to Body, and Back     17
Metaphor in the Body     18
Metaphor in the Brain     23
Metaphor in Thought     26
Metaphor in Language     32
Why Are Metaphors Universal?     34
Universality in Metaphorical Conceptualization     35
The Case of Emotions     35
The Event Structure Metaphor     43
Time     47
Inner Life     54
Which Metaphors Are Universal, and Why?     63
Dimensions of Metaphor Variation
Cross-Cultural Variation     67
Congruent Metaphors     68
Alternative Metaphors     70
Preferential Conceptualization     82
Unique Metaphors     86
Within-Culture Variation in Metaphor     88
The Social Dimension     89
The Ethnic Dimension     92
The RegionalDimension     93
The Style Dimension     95
The Subcultural Dimension     97
The Diachronic Dimension     103
The Developmental Dimension     105
The Individual Dimension     106
Breaking Down the Boundaries of Dimensions     111
Aspects of Metaphor Involved in Variation
How Components of Conceptual Metaphor Are Involved in Variation     117
Source and Target     118
The Relationship Between Source and Target     121
Mappings     123
Entailments     127
Blending     128
Metaphor Variation: Where Are We Now?     130
Conceptual Metaphors and Their Linguistic Expression in Different Languages     131
The Expression of the Same Figurative Meaning     132
The Expression of Abstract Meaning Across Languages     143
Cross-Linguistic Differences in the Expression of the Same Conceptual Metaphor     151
Cultural-Ideological Background     155
How Do Our Tour Questions Get Answered?     160
Metaphor in Social-Physical Reality     163
How Can Conceptual Metaphors Be Realized in Social Practice?     163
American Studies and Cognitive Science     167
Metaphorical Aspects of American Culture     170
Is the American Mind Static and Monolithic? The Case of Emotions in America     177
Individual Variation in Metaphor     182
Metaphor at the Heart of American Culture: life as a show     184
What Does This Mean for the Study of American Culture?     189
Toward a New Cultural Studies     192
Metaphors and Cultural Models     193
Central Metaphors and Cultural Models     194
Does Metaphor Reflect or Constitute Cultural Models?     200
The Relationship Between Conceptual Metaphors and Cultural Models in Real Discourse     223
How Do Cultural Models Emerge?     227
Causes of Metaphor Variation
Causes of Variation in Metaphor     231
Differential Experience     232
Differential Cognitive Preferences and Styles     246
Further Causes of Metaphor Variation?     258
Creativity: Metaphor and Blending     259
Metaphorical Creativity     259
Creativity Through Blending     267
Differential Application of Universal Creative Processes     282
Culture, Coherence, Conflict     283
Metaphor and Culture     283
Coherence     285
Conflict      288
Universality and Variation in Metaphor: Tire Overall Picture     292
References     295
Index     307

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