Method and Order in Renaissance Philosophy of Nature: The Aristotle Commentary Tradition

Method and Order in Renaissance Philosophy of Nature: The Aristotle Commentary Tradition

by Daniel A. Di Liscia, Charlotte Methuen, Eckhard Kebler

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Table of Contents

Philoponus and Simplicius on Tekmeriodic Proof1
El "realismo" de principios del S. XII y el "eclecticismo" platonico-aristotelico: sobre los universales y la teoria de la indifferentia23
Aristotle and Averroes on Method in the Middle Ages and Renaissance: The "Oxford Gloss" to the Physics and Pietro D'Afeltro's Expositio Proemii Averroys53
Method in the Aristotelian Tradition: Taking a Second Look113
Velocidad quo ad effectus y velocidad quo ad causas: la tradicion de los calculadores y la metodologia aristotelica143
Alonso De La Veracruz as an Aristotelian Natural Philosopher177
Keeping Order in the School of Padua: Jacopo Zabarella and Francesco Piccolomini on the Offices of Philosophy183
The Foundation of an Autonomous Natural Philosophy: Zabarella on the Classification of Arts and Sciences211
Galileo's Regressive Methodology, its Prelude and its Sequel229
Galileo and the Mixed Sciences253
Flaminio Papazzoni: un aristotelico bolognese maestro di Federico Borromeo e corrispondente di Galileo271
Principle and Method: Francesco Buonamici's Version of Renaissance Aristotelianism301
Non-Regressive Methods (and the Emergence of Modern Science)319
Vinculum concordiae: Lutheran Method by Philip Melanchthon337
Kepler's Epistemology355
Latin Aristotelianism and the Seventeenth-Century Calvinist Theory of Scientific Method369
Sturm, Morhof and Brucker vs. Aristotle: Three Eclectic Natural Philosophers view the Aristotelian Method381
Index of Names409

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