Michael and Me: Our Gambling Addiction, My Cry for Help!

Michael and Me: Our Gambling Addiction, My Cry for Help!

by Richard Esquinas, Dave Distel

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Wes Lukowsky
The Michael in question is Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of his era and quite possibly the world's msot famous person. Esquinas is a wealthy sports promoter and entrepreneur who owns the arena in which the NBA's L.A. Clippers play their games. Over the course of a relationship that began in 1989, Esquinas claims he and Jordan gambled heavily, usually on golf. In one stretch in the fall of 1991, Esquinas purportedly went from owing Michael $98,000 to being owed $1.25 million, but Michael wouldn't--or couldn't--pay. Esquinas finally cut the debt to $300,000 before a serious payment was made. At the time of publication, Michael still owed Esquinas $200,000. A first reaction to the book may be that Esquinas is a weasel looking to cash in on his relationship with Jordan. But perhaps if Michael had settled his debt there would be no book at all. However one feels about this issue, the book is "not" the "cry for help" that the author claims. Despite lip service to gambling addiction, Gambler's Anonymous, and the dangers of denial, Esquinas is actually celebrating wagering. In his epilogue, he denies the "classic" addiction, claiming it only surfaces when he plays golf. Right. And what about Michael? If Esquinas has written the truth, then one can't help but offer the Chicago Bulls' star some advice: first, that he be more careful in his selection of friends; second, that he remember rules apply to him as well as his opponents--pay when you lose; and third, that he attempt to find something constructive into which he can channel his competitive urges when his basketball career is over. This ugly and ultimately sad book leaves a distinctly foul taste, but it may generate interest. Buy as demand dictates.

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