Michael Atiyah: Collected Works: Volume 2: Early Papers on K-Theory

Michael Atiyah: Collected Works: Volume 2: Early Papers on K-Theory

by Michael F. Atiyah

ISBN-10: 0198532768

ISBN-13: 9780198532767

Pub. Date: 06/30/1988

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Oxford University Press, USA
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Table of Contents

PART III: Early Papers on K-Theory
24. Riemann-Roch Theorems for Differentiable Manifolds
25. Quelques Théorèmes de Non-Plongement pour les Variétés
26. On Complex Stiefel Manifolds
27. Bott Periodicity and the Parallelizability of the Spheres
28. Vector Bundles and Homogeneous Spaces
29. Characters and Cohomology of Finite Groups
30. Cohomologie-Operationen und Charakteristische Klassen
31. Charakteristische Klassen und Andwendungen
32. Immersions and Embeddings of Manifolds
33. Vector Bundles and the Künneth Formula
34. Bordism and Cobordism
35. Thom Complexes
36. Analytic Cycles on Complex Manifolds
37. The Riemann-Roch Theorem for Analytic Embeddings
38. The Grothendieck Ring in Geometry and Topology
39. Clifford Modules
40. On the Periodicity Theorem for Complex Vector Bundles
41. On the K-Theory of Compact Lie Groups
42. K-Theory and the Hopf Invariant
43. K-Theory and Reality
44. Power Operations in K-Theory
45. K-Theory
46. Bott Periodicity and the Index of Elliptic Operators
47. Group Representations
48. Algebraic Topology of Operators in Hilbert Space
49. Equivariant K-Theory and Completion
50. Vector Fields on Manifolds
51. Exponential Isomorphisms for Lamda Rings
52. Vector Fields with Finite Singularities
53. Elliptic Operators and Singularities of Vector Fields
54. Compact Lie Groups and the Stable Homotopy of Spheres
55. A Survey of K-Theory

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