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Michael Jackson Conspiracy

Michael Jackson Conspiracy

4.7 37
by Aphrodite Jones

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Aphrodite Jones uses the court transcripts and photo evidence never before seen by the public to tell the real story behind the salacious headlines -- and what went on inside -- and outside -- Michael Jackson's highly sensationalized 2005 criminal trial. Turns out, inside the courtroom, there was no proof offered of Michael Jackson as a sinister character, and no


Aphrodite Jones uses the court transcripts and photo evidence never before seen by the public to tell the real story behind the salacious headlines -- and what went on inside -- and outside -- Michael Jackson's highly sensationalized 2005 criminal trial. Turns out, inside the courtroom, there was no proof offered of Michael Jackson as a sinister character, and no proof that he committed a single crime.

In their efforts to win ratings, Jones proves,the media completely missed the truth. Back then, Jackson was the pop icon everyone loved to hate. Now, with Michael Jackson Conspiracy, he may be restored to the pop icon everyone loves to love.

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Dark Minds - M. William Phelps
When Aphrodite Jones digs into a story, be it Michael Jackson, a group of teen killers, or a celebrity murder trial, one thing entertainingly rises to the surface: Readers are in for a thrill ride of incredible storytelling, set against backdrop of bizarre circumstances that amuse as much�if not more�as educate us about the underhanded, seedy scourge of our celebrity-hungry culture and society.

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With five bestselling crime books under her belt, Aphrodite Jones has become a highly recognized authority on true crime. Jones has made more than one hundred television and radio appearances and has been quoted in articles that have appeared in the "Los Angeles Times", "New York Post", "Daily News", "The Hollywood Reporter", and "USA Today". She is the author of the "New York Times" bestseller "Cruel Sacrifice", and her account of the Brandon Teena story, "All She Wanted", became an international bestseller and was transformed into the film "Boys Don't Cry".

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Michael Jackson Conspiracy 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read another book by aphrodite jones but this has to be her best one yet! Not only did she have the guts to go against the system of liars, but also publish a book out of her own pocket that no one wanted to publish for her. She deserves my respects. I've always wanted to know what really happened inside the courtroom and she tells it like it is. Nothing else has opened my eyes about the media and their biased news as much aphrodite has through this book. Now in my heart i really believe MICHAEL JACKSON was truly innocent of these charges, and theres proof of it in the book!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
ms. jones takes you into the courtroom day by day watching tom mesereau and tom sneddon grilling people on the stand. she provides a fair and balanced and respectful view of the mistreatment of michael jackson. i'm baffled many u.s. media shows like oprah and montel, won't give ms. jones the oppty. to present the OTHER side of the trial. she does an excellent job of portraying michael jackson as a real person going thru the biggest trial of his life. this book is good for anyone that watched the trial and wants to know more about it. she exposes many unfair loopholes in the case that was intentionally set to bring michael jackson down. after reading this book, you will come away with a new respect for michael jackson and how the system can prosecute an innocent person.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do not miss reading this book!!! It will be one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make. "If you want the real truth." The author tells that she wanted to publish the truth. This is why I decided to buy and read her book "Michael Jackson Conspiracy. I am so glad I did. You make your own oppinions and decide what is before you as to whether Michael Jackson is guilty or not. I have a deeper respect for the writer telling it like it was, not what she wanted you to think. The Truth will set you free. Now after reading this book I can defend my reasons as to what I believe and why I believe it. Others do not agree with me, but they have not read this book or are willing to read it. In my heart I have always thought Michael Jackson could not be guilty but realized that I could be wrong. Now I really know how I feel. You will not want to put this book down to sleep at night. You owe it to yourself to find out what really went on inside that court room. We could not help Michael Jackson while he was alive but we can defend him after his death. By the way, I live in the South and I am not Black.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Barnes & Noble - This has been bothering me, this book was not published in 2000 - It was published in 2007 and I believe it is important to have this correct on your website! This is a must read for all MJ fans and those who ever judged him. I couldn't put it down from the Author's note on! I feel so ashamed and sad for ever believing just what the media was telling us. I so regret that I stopped listening to MJ's music amidst all the media frenzy. The media killed Michael Jackson - they never told the whole truth about what was happening inside the court room. There was no evidence whatsoever, MJ was found not guilty (except maybe being guilty of being innocent and naive, not to mention the most caring and giving person) on all charges and you have to read the book to believe what that family did to him...In my opinion it is because of all this that MJ's drug addiction worsened. Trust me - READ THIS BOOK! You won't be able to put it down! We should all be enraged and demand that the media admit to their wrong doing and clear MJ's name for good. RIP MJ
Guest More than 1 year ago
Aphrodite Jones was acknowledged with the Journalist of the Year award by the Los Angeles community in June 2007. This recognition was bestowed because of the courage and conviction it took to research and write the kind of a book, which nobody had expected a New York Times bestselling author to write. 'Michael Jackson Conspiracy' is a hard-hitting book that takes aim directly at the media. If you like to live in a pretend world, where the media is innocent of anything so sinister as what they conspired to do against Michael Jackson, then this book is definitely not for your. You have to have an iron constitution to be able to stomach the dark and twisted reality exposed by Aphrodite Jones in this socially conscious book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have just finished reading Aphrodite Jones' 'Michaael Jackson Conspiracy' and I feel as if I was right there in the courtroom. She gives a wonderful and insightful view of what actually happened in the Michael Jackson case. I applaud Miss Jones' courage in bringing what the rest of the media didn't-a truthful account of both sides-defense and prosecution. Anyone who hasn't read this book does not know the real story of what happened in that courtroom, because the media only told one side-the prosecution's side. What you don't know will not only inform you, it will infuriate you because of the way the media intentionally misled the public. To think that Michael Jackson went through what he did and the public didn't get a fair picture of the facts is mind-boggling. Anyone who is an advocate for justice HAS to read this book. Anyone who wants the truth and not manipulation should read this book. This book is highly recommended!
cawobeth More than 1 year ago
If you have ever doubted Michael, this shall clear you mind of any doubts. This terrific book tells the truth; based on facts. Ms. Jones bravely and thoroughly investigated the alleged charges and even exposes what's behind the perverse sensationalism of our media here in this book. A must read for Michael is desrving of respect.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book provides a fair and accurate account of the court procedings in Santa Maria. Tom Sneddon comes of as a person who is hell bent on destroying Michael Jackson after his dismall failure in 1993. The prosecution witnesses are all discounted and make themselves look like money grubbing fools along with Mr. Sneddon. I have read several of the Michael Jackson books out there and this one seems to be the one that has the most factual information in it. The rest seem like they are either written as a way to get back at Michael for being let go or just plain tabloid fodder. I hope someday people will see Michael Jackson for who he really was and what these false accusations and all the media hype really did to him. Its Princess Diana all over again. only this time it was a greedy doctor who dealt the final blow.
Angel44AC More than 1 year ago
I loved and I mean loved this book! It truly vindicated Michael. I've always been a big MJ fan but I didn't know what to believe until I read this book. He was truly a beautiful person. I hate the American media for not stating the truth about MJ. This book is definitely worth buying!
Alicia_Q More than 1 year ago
Aphrodite Jones is an excellent writer. She gave the truth to the public to read with Michael's Attorney and the Judge's approval. The facts of the case that were not made public were told by an unbiased individual who was not judgemental. Michael suffered from a lot of unnecessary hatred and lies. He loved children. As Jesus taught us, children are the future. They are innocent and do not judge like the adults do. If you want to really see how children are, look at their parents. A child only acts the way they do because they have seen it from their parent. We as parents are our children's first teacher. It is not the responsibility of the schools or churches to teach our childen manners or respect. Hats off to Ms. Jones for her excellent writing. Michael was an exceptional individual who just wanted to be loved and accepted for himself and not be used due to who he was. May he rest in peace and not suffer anymore.
Divastylez More than 1 year ago
This book is absolutely amazing,i am grateful to Ms Jones for having the will to put the truth out there..Thanks you so much..Michael Jackson was one beautiful,unique human being,he's an inspiration to many of us...I can't imagoine what he endured through these hard times..I've been a fan of Michael Jackson since i was about 5 years old..i am now 27.. May he rest in peace..long live the King of entertainmant and humnity.. This book is a must have whether you're a fan or not..its deep,truthful and i mist say Ms Jones is very open and admits she also judged MJ and made her mind up about him at the start without even looking at the facts..its mazing what the poisonous media can do i suggest we start not to listen and agree with everything the media say...they only know to make money and make a name for themselves ignoring certain facts,destrouing ones life,its sickening..Lesson learnt..
Greenlee07 More than 1 year ago
Breathtaking. Aphrodite Jones is one brave soul for bucking the popular trend in a media that was hell-bent on crucifying Jackson for crimes he did not commit. Jones goes into great detail recounting the before, during and aftermath of a trial that should have never happened and what ultimately contributed to Jackson's downward spiral. It made my skin crawl to read how the media was so invested in Jackson being convicted that they already had people in place for prison suicide watches and to keep tabs on who came to visit him in prison! It is truly frightening to read just how filtered the stories in the media were to make Jackson look guilty and a conviction almost inevitable. This book is equally an indictment of a media run amok whose sole concern has become to generate as much revenue and high ratings by feeding the public sensationalism in the guise of 'news'--truth be damned. Jackson fans will worship Jones for vindicating their hero; those with a passing interest will find the media's hand in shaping public opinion chilling.
jjPA More than 1 year ago
There aren't enough words to say "Thank You" to Ms. Jones for her outstanding informative book! I'm so glad at least someone has some balls! This is the book I had been looking for since Michael's untimely death, not some ridiculous jealous, vindictive, and envious writings such as JRT. I received his book several weeks ago thinking it was going to be like Ms. Jones' book, but was extremely disappointed. If I could return it to him in ashes, I would! Ms. Jones' book was enlightening to say the least. I always felt that Michael was being railroaded but no one was coming forward to say otherwise. Now, thanks to this book, anyone who reads this will see the horrible truth...Michael was innocent. I realize that the "freedom of speech" idea has been pushed way beyond the limits of journalism. Shouldn't that state instead "freedom to lie"? Come on you only-for-the-money writers, at least give both sides! Thank you again for this eye-opening revelation! I wish his family will someday see that all writers were not against their beloved son, brother & father.
DowntownTY More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful read, and nice to finally read some truth when it comes to Michael Jackson. The research done is outstanding, the book is written solely on her interviews with Tom Messereau, her own findings having been in the court room , and reviewing documents in the case. If you want to know what really happened in the court room, get this book. It's refreshing if you're an MJ fan, if not, maybe it's not for you. But there are enough terrible books out there for you so no worries, lol.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I never really had a deifinite opinion one way or the other in regards to MJ's trial. Anyone who wants to know the truth NEEDS to read this book. The details that are released in this book from the trial are astonishing. Incidientally, they are written by a news reporter who spent most of the trial reporting in a manner as if Michael was guilty...until she started paying attention to the evidence and the testimonies. The information in this book came directly from court transcripts too, so at least you know that it was accurate. After reading this book, I have to say that I do not believe that he was guilty of any of the things that the press reported about him. I find it very sad that these circumstances nearly destroyed his life. The facts about these witnesses that were never released by the media are ASTONISHING. If anyone should have gone to jail....I would say you could pick any number of witnesses from the trial that deserved it alot more than MJ. If you want to know the truth about the trial, this is a MUST read.
nmshark More than 1 year ago
I wish every person that is a skeptic about who Michael Jackson really was, would read this book! It angers me that people are so quick to jump to conclusions ~ that being easier to do than keeping an open mind and waiting for the truth to be revealed. Tom Mesereau is a genius ~ Michael was lucky to have him!!
JAM327 More than 1 year ago
Since the passing of Michael Jackson I have become consumed with his life.I have watched video after video, i recorded what ever came on television about him and I even printed out articles that have been written about him threw his years. I was listening to a interview with Steve Harvy and i printed the article from GQ 1994. After that I watched an interview with Aphodite Jones and Tomas Mesereau about this book she wrote about the trial of Michael Jackson. Once I received the book in the mail and started to read it I just couldnt put it down. This book tells us about how so many people tried to destroy him for his money. OMG!! Many people that worked for MJ tried to do the most damage to him, they robbed his personal items, recorded him with out his knowledge and tried to make up stores for the Tabloids. Please read ::::: Everyone who thought he was a demon should read this book to see how we misjudged him all threw his life. Reading what many people had to say made me realize that all MJ wanted in his life was to be loved unconditional and to be normal just like you and I.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Full Disclosure: I'm a big MJ fan, so any publication that puts him in a good light is going to get high marks from me. While I do have a problem with outsiders trying to make a fast buck off MJ's (still years after his passing) rather valuable name, I was happy to use my B&N (sorry Amazon) giftcard to purchase Ms. Jones' book. It was very readable, as publications written by journalists are apt to be, and it was full of information. I always assume info written by jouranlists is going to be biased, even though we are supposed to count on them to just report the facts, I was intrigued by this one because Ms. Jones was one of the journalists who were hell-bent on crucifying MJ. Another reason I was a little hesitant to contribute to her fortune. This is one of many books I've read about MJ and it is clear that he was plaqued by leeches, looking to have him support them for the rest of their lives. Personally, I believe Ms. Rowe was one too but she gave him the Everlasting gift, so she kinda had it coming. But for her to testify on behalf of a prosecution because the checks stopped coming was harsh. There are other ways she could have "gotten back" at MJ and indeed, she did seem remorseful on the stand, according to this book. I was touched by the reported testimonies of many "Big Names" who jumped to MJ's defense, telling the jury that the Arvizo's were gold diggers looking to have Michael foot the bill and even they thought something wasn't right with this family. The media didn't seem interested in anything that made MJ look innocent so much of what is in this book wasn't reported. But I was impressed with USA Today and the NY Times for reporting the truth, albeit very quietly. Bashir and Nancy Grace owe their carreers to MJ and this trial. It didn't seem to matter that they were sending an innocent man to the gallows, as long as the world knew their names the next day. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. MJ's lawyers were brilliant and justice was served but MJ was forever damaged by it and I've no doubt that it contributed to his early demise. Rest well, MJ. <3 U!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an amazing read. I was always a fan of MJ although not a die-hard fan as I've come to be since his passing. I was out of the country when MJ's 2003 California trial was going on, and Ms. Jones' book did a terrific job in filling in all of the gaps. I was impressed that she accepted her own role in tarnishing MJ's image in the media and decided to do the responsible thing by researching the court documents and educating those who wish to know the real truth. She included court transcripts and important background information that was not reported by the media during MJ's trial. Thank you Ms. Jones for having the courage to write this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Aphrodite Jones did an outstanding job of reporting what happened in the Michael Jackson court case on child molestation charges. This book is based on Ms. Jones' day-to-day observation in court of testimony given by the accuser and his family, and court transcripts. It is not based on tabloid gossip. Ms. Jones paints a frightening picture of what Michael Jackson endured at the hands of the vindictive prosecutor who clearly had an axe to grind, and of the media bias surrounding the case. My heart aches with saddness at the thought of what it must have been like for Michael and his family. The media never reported on the obvious financial motives of the accuser and his family, as demonstrated by their history of fraud and past accusations of molestation, nor did the media report on the family's attempt to shake down other celebrities for money. Please read the book to gain insight into this horrific incident.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Jones did a great job. There are photos inside of the trial that some may find interesting. I only wish she didn't sort of rush through toward the end.