Michael Jackson, The King of Pop: An Anthology

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop: An Anthology

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by Jel Jones

Delving into Michael Jackson’s heart, home, and Neverland, this chronicle reveals secrets from his childhood and details interviews with Oprah Winfrey, Dianne Sawyer, Barbara Walters, USA Today, Vibe Magazine, and more. Covering a wide range of material, a sampling of the chapter titles include: Michael and His First Wife Lisa Marie,


Delving into Michael Jackson’s heart, home, and Neverland, this chronicle reveals secrets from his childhood and details interviews with Oprah Winfrey, Dianne Sawyer, Barbara Walters, USA Today, Vibe Magazine, and more. Covering a wide range of material, a sampling of the chapter titles include: Michael and His First Wife Lisa Marie, Michael and His Second Wife Deborah Rowe, Michael in the Face of Negative Press, and Song Lyrics, Awards, Achievements and Films.

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Jel D. Lewis (Jones) is the author of eight books, including The African-American Woman’s Guide to Great Sex, Happiness & Marital Bliss; James Dean Epitome of Cool: The Man, The Legend; and Oprah Winfrey: The Woman, The Entity, Most Famous Woman Alive!. She has written over 100 published magazine articles on a wide range of topics from relationships to nutrition and travel to beauty. She lives outside of Chicago, Illinois.

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Michael Jackson, The King of Pop: An Anthology 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful book because it's positive and sticks to the factual truth about MJ. Apart from telling the story of MJ's marriages and achievements, it includes the full text from many significant interviews that MJ gave. There is no better way to know the man than to listen to his own words rather than the distorted sensationalised rubbish created by the media. Reviewer from: Sydney, Australia
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I purchased this book for my sister for her birthday because is is a Die-Hard MJ fan and she just loves everything about this book!!, The pictures, The Interviews she says that it even has MJ opinion about how he felt about the his earlier hits. So I say this is a very excellent book to purchase for yourself if you too are a die-hard fan of MJ'S or even if you know someone who is, they won't be disappointed. Reviewer from: USA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am absolutely thrilled with this book...This is not tabloid junk this is a very good book which includes several interviews with MJ. It's nice to read the facts instead of the media bias. This book makes me think the press really disliked Michael because I had no idea he had received so many awards or that he was such a humanitarian. I assume the reason for their dislike was simply because he mistrusted them so and who can blame him? I pray that he is at peace now where they can no longer hound him and I pray that his children will know what a wonderful and sensitive man their father was. Reviewer from: Loris, South Carolina
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Michael Jackson has been a household name since he began his career at the tender age of 5 years old. His songs are world famous, his dancing, unparalleled. In this anthology, the reader is treated to numerous interviews, pictures that may never have been seen before and a lot of in-his-own-words dialogue. He discusses those intimate subjects ¿ his children, his marriages, his skin coloring and of late, those damning child molestation charges that have him going to court every day in a bid to dispel that evil. A lot of people may feel that this man is guilty as charged but Ms. Lewis (Jones) has set out to show the gentler side of Michael Jackson. She explains his childlike qualities¿a child in a man¿s body. His interviews will show that he has not had an ordinary childhood. He shed a lot of tears over the loss of that special time in his life. He is not sorry for his fame and fortune, just sorry for its cost. He has filled his life with the things that he wished for as a child, his home is a prime example. And of course, there should have been kids to play with¿hence his liking to surround himself with children¿both boys and girls. Michael Jackson ¿ King of Pop is a rare glimpse into what makes this man tick. You¿ve seen him on stage and have followed his life from the afro-wearing 5 year old crooning love songs like an adult to the man you see today ¿ a man besieged with criticism from his skin coloring and features, to his sexuality. Will this book help to dispel the negative and give way to a more positive concept of the man Michael Jackson really is? No one really knows but it will certainly give those who would cast stones a reason to pause. Ms. Lewis (Jones) did a fine job of collecting those materials needed to put together this truly remarkable anthology.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jel D. Lewis (Jones) has done a superb job in chronicling the life of a child prodigy and mega-superstar in her latest well-mapped and beautifully designed anthology on the life of Michael Jackson: The King of Pop, and quite possibly one of the most well known Black living legends worldwide next to Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Arthur Ashe, and Jesse Jackson. The book is the latest celebrity biography from Amber 2 of Amber Books, and offers a book every fan of Michael Jackson and those who ever wanted to know the mysteries about 'The Music! The Man! The Legend!' a candid look that tells all and is a historical masterpiece for all ages who love and respect a true KING is born. Readers will be amazed by the depth of mysteries exposed that many may not have known about Michael until reading Micheal Jackson: The King of Pop by Jel D. Lewis. The entire interview form television icons like Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Steve Harvey and even TV Guide are revealed as well as the breadth of outstanding achievements of the singer, dancer and humanitarian that will motivate all to excel to one¿¿s own greatness. Some of Michael's best songs are featured that baby boomers all grown up will love as well as his new fans. There are revelations about his marriage and kids exposed which heighten the sensitivity of Michael Jackson¿¿s need to have biological children and live on his legacy. The photos alone in Jackson: The King of Pop is a work to behold and just simply make for one of the most entertaining reads of the year. Jel D. Lewis has created an embodiment of work that reminds us of Michael¿s fine talent, clever eye-grabbing style, fanciful dance moves, and journey onward as a top charting independent solo artist who kicked down doors with sheer talent, forging music from a Black entertainer onto international status level. We are reminded that he started the dark shades craze, wore the glitter glove and Bobby socks, military style jackets, classic heightened pants, and bold colors to set himself apart from your ordinary entertainer. He dared to go where no other entertainer would go and added that 'hee' to his vocals eluding growth and maturity. He had television watchers glued to his rendition of the ¿Moonwalk as well as baby boomer entertainers who surfaced with his style.¿His name will always be synonymous with the Motown Era, a time that seems can never be replaced as readers get the sense of by reading Michael Jackson: The King of Pop. After all, this is the man who causes fans to scream to the top of their lungs when he appears on stage and send chills and tears rushing from people's faces. He gravitates the kind of energy that demands people's focus and has mastered the art of true entertainment. Remembering just how great Michael Jackson was and still is will not only give readers the big picture, but may invoke emotions and questions like how did this world let the media steal this man¿¿s greatness to near destruction? However, Jel D. Lewis accentuates on the positive image fans of Michael Jackson will always treasure. The writing is no longer on the wall. It is in a book. The only thing that can be proven here is that Michael Jackson is still the King of POP and legend who has spanned almost half a century. Amber 2 Books has another winning celebrity biography thanks to the fine work of this author. It's a book that one cannot put down from beginning to end. Like Oprah Winfrey has stated,'His life is nothing short of incredible,' and may I add.... breathtaking. Reviewed by Heather Covington
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a fan of this writer and I have read all of her books. And I have enjoyed them all. I think she is truly gifted with the written word! When you read her work, you will find that she has a simple yet heartfelt style that makes her words breathe off the page. Even some of her earlier work that is not as polished is still quite enjoyable. But this book here takes the cake!