Michelangelo: Painter, Sculptor and Architect

Michelangelo: Painter, Sculptor and Architect

by Tim McNeese

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Children's Literature - J. H. Diehl
This very good biography opens by illustrating just how important Michelangelo's masterworks are, providing ample context for understanding the place of both the artist and his work in the history of art. The text then moves forward chronologically through Michelangelo's life and career. Boxed sidebars add more context about various aspects of the Renaissance, including a definition of the word and a description of the period, the city of Florence, tools available to sculptors at the time, an anecdote about Leonardo da Vinci, and an overview of what was happening in the rest of the Europe while Michelangelo was at work in Italy. At the end of each chapter is a "Test Your Knowledge" section, offering a brief reading comprehension quiz that tends to break the flow of the book and for which the intended use is unclear. The back of the book includes a chronology and timeline; footnotes that double as good examples for students preparing their own research papers; a bibliography consisting mainly of biographies of the artist written for adults; a list of children's books, Web sites, and films about Michelangelo; and an extensive index. This comprehensive back section enriches the book, rendering it altogether a solid, accessible source volume for upper elementary and middle school students, as well as for adults seeking a quick way to refresh their knowledge of one of the world's most remarkable artists. The author is a prolific writer of nonfiction histories and biographies for young adults. From the "Makers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance" series.

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Makers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance Series
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