Microcosm: Into the Quantum Era of Economics and Technology

Microcosm: Into the Quantum Era of Economics and Technology

by George Gilder

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Gilder connects his fascination with the computer as a savior of the conservative ethic with his mystical economic theories (as in his Wealth and Poverty , LJ 3/1/81) in this densely written account of the ``microcosm'' of computer technology, where innovations are occurring in the design of smaller and smaller computer chips. The first sections are largely a history of entrepreneurial goings-on in Silicon Valley; Gilder spent much time with the players, and seems to understand this murky world. If only he could tell us : The prose is often turgid or acronym-laden and unintelligible. The economics come at the end, where Gilder prophesies, broadly, that when we finally get the billion-transistor chip, the world's problems and conflicts will evaporate. This is Gilder's old ideological tract, gussied up in silicon, with scalding indictments of anything that isn't ``entrepreneurial,'' i.e., unregulated, and of the old thinking that caused all the problems in the first place.-- Mark L. Shelton, Columbus, Ohio

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