Microeconomics: Economics / Edition 5

Microeconomics: Economics / Edition 5

by Michael Parkin

ISBN-10: 0201473852

ISBN-13: 9780201473858

Pub. Date: 08/28/1999

Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company

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Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company
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Older Edition

Table of Contents

Pt. 1Introduction1
Ch. 1What Is Economics?5
Ch. 2Making and Using Graphs27
Ch. 3Production, Specialization, and Exchange49
Ch. 4Demand and Supply71
Pt. 2How Markets Work97
Ch. 5Elasticity101
Ch. 6Markets in Action124
Pt. 3Households' Choices152
Ch. 7Utility and Demand156
Ch. 8Possibilities, Preferences, and Choices178
Pt. 4Firms' Choices203
Ch. 9Organizing Production207
Ch. 10Output and Costs231
Pt. 5Markets for Goods and Services274
Ch. 11Competition278
Ch. 12Monopoly312
Ch. 13Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly340
Pt. 6Markets for Factors of Production327
Ch. 14Pricing and Allocating Factors of Production376
Ch. 15Labor Markets406
Ch. 16Capital and Natural Resource Markets427
Pt. 7Markets, Uncertainty, and Distribution454
Ch. 17Uncertainty and Information458
Ch. 18The Distribution of Income and Wealth484
Pt. 8Markets and Government512
Ch. 19Market Failure516
Ch. 20Public Choice536
Ch. 21Regulation and Antitrust Law557
Pt. 9International Economics577
Ch. 22Trading with the World581
Ch. 23Economic Systems in Transition608

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