Microeconomics: Private Markets and Public Choice plus MyEconLab / Edition 7

Microeconomics: Private Markets and Public Choice plus MyEconLab / Edition 7

by Robert B. Ekelund, Rand Ressler, Robert D. Tollison

ISBN-10: 0321357000

ISBN-13: 9780321357007

Pub. Date: 09/14/2005

Publisher: Pearson Education

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Table of Contents

<>Part I The Power of Economic Thinking

Chapter 1 Economics in Perspective

Chapter 2 Opportunity Cost, Specialization, and Trade

Chapter 3 Private Markets and Prices: Laws of Demand & Supply

Chapter 4 Markets, Economic Welfare, and Politics

Part II The Architecture of Private Markets

Chapter 5 Elasticity

Chapter 6 The Logic of Consumer Choice and Demand

Chapter 7 The Firm and Costs of Production

Chapter 8 Competitive Markets

Chapter 9 Monopoly: The Firm as Industry

Chapter 10 Imperfect Competition

Part III Input Markets and Income Distribution

Chapter 11 Competitive Labor Markets and Unions

Chapter 12 Entrepreneurship and the Organization of Production

Chapter 13 Income Distribution, Poverty, and Health Care

Part IV Applied Microeconomics and Public Choice

Chapter 14 Antitrust, Regulation, and Public Policy

Chapter 15 Environmental Economics

Chapter 16 Public Choice

Part VIII International Trade and the Global Economy

Chapter 28 International Trade

Chapter 29 International Finance




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