Microeconomics with Calculus / Edition 1

Microeconomics with Calculus / Edition 1

by Brian R. Binger

ISBN-10: 0673180026

ISBN-13: 9780673180025

Pub. Date: 11/28/1987

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers, Inc.

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Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers, Inc.
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Older Edition
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7.87(w) x 9.45(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Basic Mathematical Concepts1
Ch. 2Unconstrained Maximization and Minimization28
Ch. 3Constrained Optimization56
Ch. 4Introduction to Economic Theory and the Market Economy92
Ch. 5Consumer Preference Theory107
Ch. 6Introduction to Individual Consumer and Market Demand Theory136
Ch. 7Elasticity of Individual and Market Demand Functions160
Ch. 8Compensated Demand Functions and Income and Substitution Effects174
Ch. 9Efficiency and Trade: An Application of Consumer Demand Theory215
Ch. 10Production Theory242
Ch. 11Cost Functions261
Ch. 12Profit Maximization by a Competitive Firm: Supply of Goods and Demand for Inputs302
Ch. 13Competitive Market Supply, Market Equilibrium, and Comparative Statics330
Ch. 14Production Efficiency and General Equilibrium of Competitive Markets360
Ch. 15Monopoly391
Ch. 16Oligopoly and Imperfect Competition420
Ch. 17Time Allocation, Labor Supply, and Labor Markets455
Ch. 18Intertemporal Decisions and Competitive Capital Markets482
Ch. 19Uncertainty: The Basics511
Ch. 20Applications of Uncertainty Models538
Ch. 21Externalities, Public Goods, and Public Decision Making562
Answers to Selected Odd-numbered Problems608
Author Index613
Subject Index615

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