Microscopic Properties and Processes in Minerals / Edition 1

Microscopic Properties and Processes in Minerals / Edition 1

by Kate Wright

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Il Ciocco, Lucca, Italy, 7-19 September, 1998See more details below


Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Il Ciocco, Lucca, Italy, 7-19 September, 1998

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Nato Science Series C: (closed), #543
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Preface. 1. Crystal structures at extremes of pressure and temperature; R. Miletich, R.J. Angel. 2. Equations of state; J.-P. Poirier. 3. Introduction to Raman spectroscopy at extreme pressure and temperature conditions; Ph. Gillet. 4. Thermodynamic properties of minerals at high pressures and temperatures from vibrational spectroscopic data; Ph. Gillet, et al. 5. Introduction to the application of neutron spectroscopy in the Earth Sciences; B. Winkler. 6. Synchrotron radiation and solid state science; C.R.A. Catlow, G. Sankar. 7. In situ structural and kinetic powder diffraction studies of aluminosilicates; G. Artioli. 8. Mineral synthesis by flux growth methods; H. Skogby. 9. Bonding and electronic structure of minerals; R.E. Cohen. 10. Crystal chemistry of metal sulfide minerals; K. Wright, D.J. Vaughan. 11. Introduction to the theory of lattice dynamics; M.T. Dove. 12. Disorder and defects in solids; C.R.A. Catlow. 13. The modelling of bulk diffusion in solids; L. Vocadlo, G.D. Price. 14. Classical computer simulations; A.N. Cormack. 15. Ab initio LCAO periodic simulations of crystal properties. Phase transitions, magnetic and electronic behaviour, X-ray diffraction; M. Catti. 16. Atomic structure of disordered materials; M.T. Dove, D.A. Keen. 17. Principles of solid state NMR spectroscopy and applications to determining local order in minerals; A. Putnis, V. Vinograd. 18. Introduction to the theory of displacive phase transitions; M.T. Dove. 19. Order/disorder phenomena in minerals: ordering phase transitions and solid solutions; M.T. Dove. 20. Phase transitions and Equations of State; R. Miletich, R.J. Angel. 21. IR spectroscopy and hydrogen bonding in minerals; A. Beran, E. Libowitzky. 22. Water in nominally anhydrous minerals; H. Skogby. 23. Contribution of IR spectroscopy to the problem of water in the Earth's mantle; A. Beran. 24. Solubility and diffusion of 'water' in silicate minerals; D. Kohlstedt, S.J. Mackwell. 25. The theory and simulation of the melting of minerals; L. Vočadlo, G.D. Price. Molecular dynamics computer simulations of silicate glasses; A.N. Cormack. 27. Mineral surface science: principles, applications and case studies; A. Putnis, et al. 28. Atomistic simulation of mineral surfaces and interfaces; N.H. de Leeuw, et al.

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