Microsoft Word 2007 / Edition 1

Microsoft Word 2007 / Edition 1

by Shelley Gaskin, Robert Ferrett

ISBN-10: 0135129524

ISBN-13: 9780135129524

Pub. Date: 08/09/2007

Publisher: Prentice Hall

The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package. GO! with Microsoft Word 2007, Volume 1, 1/e includes a CD-ROM. This edition covers the following topics:

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The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package. GO! with Microsoft Word 2007, Volume 1, 1/e includes a CD-ROM. This edition covers the following topics: formatting and organizing text; using graphics and tables; applying special document formats, columns and mail merges; working with templates, styles, and charts; creating form letters and working in groups. Ideal for students and individuals seeking an introduction to Microsoft Word 2007.

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Prentice Hall
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Go! Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
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8.70(w) x 10.94(h) x 0.83(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2007



Objective 1 Create and Save a New Document

Activity 1.1 Starting Word and Identifying Parts of the Word Window

Activity 1.2 Beginning a New Document and Displaying Formatting Marks

Activity 1.3 Entering Text and Inserting Blank Lines

Activity 1.4 Creating Folders for Document Storage and Saving a Document

Objective 2 Edit Text

Activity 1.5 Editing Text with the Delete and Backspace Keys

Activity 1.6 Inserting New Text

Objective 3 Select, Delete, and Format Text

Activity 1.7 Selecting and Deleting Text

Activity 1.8 Changing Font and Font Size and Using Live Preview

Activity 1.9 Adding Emphasis to Text

Objective 4 Print a Document

Activity 1.10 Accessing Headers and Footers

Activity 1.11 Printing a Document

PROJECT 1B Navigation and Tools

Objective 5 Navigate the Word Window

Activity 1.12 Opening and Closing an Existing Document

Activity 1.13 Inserting Existing Text into a New Document

Activity 1.14 Navigating a Document

Activity 1.15 Changing Document Views

Activity 1.16 Using the Zoom Slider

Activity 1.17 Splitting Windows and Arranging Panes

Objective 6 Add a Graphic to a Document

Activity 1. 18 Inserting Clip Art

Objective 7 Use the Spelling and Grammar Checker

Activity 1.19 Checking Individual Spelling and Grammar Errors

Activity 1.20 Checking Spelling and Grammar in an Entire Document

Objective 8 Preview and Print Documents, Close a Document, and Close Word

Activity 1.21 Previewing and Printing a Document

Activity 1.22 Closing a Document and Closing Word

Objective 9 Use the Microsoft Help System

Activity 1.23 Typing a Question for Help

There’s More You Can Do!

Convert a Document to a Different Format

CHAPTER 2: Formatting and Organizing Text


PROJECT 2A Document Formatting

Objective 1 Change Document and Paragraph Layout

Activity 2.1 Setting Margins

Activity 2.2 Aligning Text

Activity 2.3 Changing Line Spacing

Activity 2.4 Adding Space After Paragraphs

Activity 2.5 Using the Format Painter

Objective 2 Change and Reorganize Text

Activity 2.6 Finding and Replacing Text

Activity 2.7 Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text

Activity 2.8 Moving Text to a New Location

Activity 2.9 Undoing and Redoing Changes

Activity 2.10 Inserting Non-Breaking Hyphens and Spaces

Activity 2.11 Entering a Line Break

Objective 3 Create and Modify Lists

Activity 2.12 Creating a Bulleted List

Activity 2.13 Using AutoFormat to Create a Numbered List

Activity 2.14 Formatting Lists

Activity 2.15 Customizing Bullets

PROJECT 2B Research Paper

Objective 4 Insert and Format Headers and Footers

Activity 2.16 Inserting and Formatting Page Numbers

Activity 2.17 Inserting the Current Date and Time

Objective 5 Insert Frequently Used Text

Activity 2.18 Recording AutoCorrect Entries

Activity 2.19 Inserting Symbols

Objective 6 Insert and Format References

Activity 2.20 Inserting Footnotes

Activity 2.21 Modifying a Footnote Style

Activity 2.22 Adding Citations

Activity 2.23 Creating a Reference Page

Activity 2.24 Managing Document Properties

There’s More You Can Do!

Adding a Custom Entry to the Quick Part Gallery

CHAPTER 3: Using Graphics and Tables



Objective 1 Insert and Format Graphics

Activity 3.1 Formatting Text Using WordArt

Activity 3.2 Inserting Pictures from Files

Activity 3.3 Resizing an Image

Activity 3.4 Wrapping Text Around an Image

Activity 3.5 Moving an Image

Activity 3.6 Applying Picture Styles

Activity 3.7 Adding a Page Border

Objective 2 Insert and Modify Text Boxes and Shapes

Activity 3.8 Inserting a Text Box

Activity 3.9 Moving, Resizing, and Formatting a Text Box

Activity 3.10 Inserting a Predefined Shape

Objective 3 Set Tab Stops

Activity 3.11 Setting Tab Stops and Using Click and Type

Activity 3.12 Formatting and Removing Tab Stops

Activity 3.13 Using Tab Stops to Enter Text

Activity 3.14 Moving Tab Stops


Objective 4 Create a Table

Activity 3.15 Creating and Entering Text into a Table

Activity 3.16 Adding a Row to a Table

Activity 3.17 Changing the Width of a Table Column

Activity 3.18 Adding a Column to a Table

Activity 3.19 Creating a Table from Existing Text

Objective 5 Format a Table

Activity 3.20 Formatting Text in Cells and Shading Cells

Activity 3.21 Changing the Table Border

Activity 3.22 Centering a Table

Activity 3.23 Merging Cells

Activity 3.24 Applying a Predefined Format to a Table

There’s More You Can Do!

Create a Chart

CHAPTER 4: Using Special Document Formats, Columns, and Mail Merge


PROJECT 4A Newsletter

Objective 1 Collect and Paste Text and Graphics

Activity 4.1 Using Collect and Paste to Gather Images and Text

Activity 4.2 Pasting Information from the Clipboard Task Pane

Objective 2 Create and Format Columns

Activity 4.3 Changing One Column Text to Two Columns

Activity 4.4 Formatting Multiple Columns

Activity 4.5 Inserting a Column Break

Activity 4.6 Adding Graphics to Columns

Objective 3 Use Special Character and Paragraph Formatting

Activity 4.7 Using Small Caps and Changing the Font Color

Activity 4.8 Adding a Border and Shading to a Paragraph

Objective 4 Create Mailing Labels Using Mail Merge

Activity 4.9 Opening the Mail Merge Wizard Template

Activity 4.10 Completing the Mail Merge Wizard

Activity 4.11 Previewing and Printing the Mail Merge Document


Objective 5 Insert Hyperlinks

Activity 4.12 Inserting Text Hyperlinks

Activity 4.13 Adding a Hyperlink to a Graphic

Activity 4.14 Testing and Modifying Hyperlinks

Objective 6 Insert a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 4.15 Inserting a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 4.16 Adding Text to a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 4.17 Modifying a SmartArt Graphic

Objective 7 Preview and Save a Document as a Web Page

Activity 4.18 Previewing a Document as a Web Page

Activity 4.19 Saving a Document as a Web Page

There’s More You Can Do!

Working Collaboratively: Adding Comments and Tracking Changes

Chapter 5 Working with Templates, Styles, and Charts

Shreveport Motor Mall

PROJECT 5A Templates and Styles

Objective 1: Create a Document from an Existing Template

Activity 5.1 Locating and Opening a Word Template

Activity 5.2 Replacing Content Controls in a Template

Activity 5.3 Replacing Content Control Text with Text from Another Document

Objective 2: Apply and Modify Existing Styles and Create New Styles

Activity 5.4 Displaying Existing Styles

Activity 5.5 Formatting Text and Paragraphs Using Existing Styles

Activity 5.6 Creating a New Paragraph Style

Activity 5.7 Modifying Styles

Objective 3: Apply a Theme and Create a New Template from an Existing Document

Activity 5.8 Adding a Theme to a Document

Activity 5.9 Saving an Existing Document as a Template


Objective 4: Create a Chart

Activity 5.10 Inserting a Chart into a Document

Activity 5.11 Adding Data and Data Labels to the Worksheet

Activity 5.12 Changing the Data in a Chart

Activity 5.13 Adding New Data to the Chart

Objective 5: Format a Chart

Activity 5.14 Changing the Chart Type

Activity 5.15 Adding a Chart Title

Activity 5.16 Changing the Vertical Axis Scale

Activity 5.17 Repositioning the Chart Legend

Activity 5.18 Adding Data Labels and Axis Labels

Activity 5.19 Changing the Chart Style

Objective 6: Work with Sections

Activity 5.20 Adding Section Breaks

Activity 5.21 Applying Different Formats to Document Sections

There’s More You Can Do!

Creating a Template Using Content Controls

Chapter 6 Creating Form Letters and Working in Groups

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PROJECT 6A Mail Merge

Objective 1: Create a Form Letter

Activity 6.1 Setting Up a Form Letter

Activity 6.2 Selecting a Data Source

Activity 6.3 Editing, Filtering, and Sorting a Data Source

Activity 6.4 Inserting Merge Fields

Objective 2: Merge Letters with Records from the Data Source

Activity 6.5 Previewing Merged Data

Activity 6.6 Printing Form Letters

Activity 6.7 Merging Form Letters into a Single Word Document

PROJECT 6B Outlines and Collaborative Editing

Objective 3: Work with a Document Outline

Activity 6.8 Using Styles to Define Outline Levels

Activity 6.9 Expanding and Collapsing Outline Sections

Activity 6.10 Moving Blocks of Text Using the Outline

Activity 6.11 Apply a List Format to Outline Headings

Objective 4: Track Changes in a Document

Activity 6.12 Turning on Track Changes

Activity 6.13 Locating Changes in a Document

Activity 6.14 Accepting or Rejecting Tracked Changes

Objective 5: Use Comments in a Document

Activity 6.15 Adding a Comment to a Document

Activity 6.16 Editing and Deleting Document Comments

Objective 6: Compare and Combine Documents

Activity 6.17 Comparing Two Documents

There’s More You Can Do!

Protecting a Document and Adding a Watermark

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