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Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Head and Neck

Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Head and Neck

by Peter Neligan, Fu-Chan Wei

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Reviewer: Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, MD (Bridgeport Hospital)
Description: This book is designed to foster knowledge and understanding in a complex field, setting out the current thinking and techniques for treating defects of the head and neck using flaps and microsurgical principles.
Purpose: With the focus on microvascular reconstruction of the head and neck, the editors and authors have produced a landmark book. The overriding theme is to provide readers with an armamentarium sufficient to rebuild the head and neck while maintaining quality of life for patients.
Audience: The audience is just about anyone who deals with patients with head and neck cancer and the reconstruction of the ensuing defects. Thus, residents in specialties whose curriculum includes these topics will benefit, as will surgeons who have passed the diploma stages of their careers. A group of notable global contributors have written this book.
Features: This area is complex and life altering with little to no room for error. The first of the book's seven sections covers the fundamentals of head and neck cancer management, including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy treatments. Part 2 addresses issues relevant to reconstruction, i.e., microsurgical techniques and the choice of the appropriate vessel and flap, preoperative evaluation, and postoperative care. Parts 3 and 4 delve into the free flap options and regional reconstruction with these techniques. The remaining sections cover flap refinement, rehabilitation, dealing with complications, and future reconstruction efforts. Chapters start with a highlight box that offers a concise summary of its themes. They continue with critical points that must not be overlooked, technical words of wisdom, choices for reconstruction, and a system of management modalities. Two DVDs detailing four reconstructive procedures dealing with muscle and bone harvesting accompany the book. The photographs, diagrams, and text are excellent.
Assessment: This superb book should be thoroughly and carefully read. The explanations, writing style, chapter format, and photographic and anatomical illustrations are uniformly praiseworthy.

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