Middle of Nowhere (Boldt and Matthews Series #7)

Middle of Nowhere (Boldt and Matthews Series #7)

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by Ridley Pearson

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Filled with the fast-aced, spiraling action that makes Pearson's novels "irrestistible" (LA Times Book Review) works of suspense that "grip the imagination" (People)See more details below


Filled with the fast-aced, spiraling action that makes Pearson's novels "irrestistible" (LA Times Book Review) works of suspense that "grip the imagination" (People)

Editorial Reviews

Jill M. Smith
Immerse yourself into the brilliant storytelling of suspense master Ridley Pearson this is one author who never disappoints.
Romantic Times
Barnes & Noble Guide to New Fiction
When the Seattle Police Force goes on strike, Detective Lou Boldt is determined to remain on the job no matter what. But as the pressure of being an essentially one-man operation heats up, his psyche and marriage are threatened. "Pearson pulls out all the stops in this suspense thriller - crooked cops, labor politics, and the three M's - menace, murder, and mayhem. This hyperkinetic novel twists and turns like a rollercoaster." "Electrifying." "Clear your calendar and then sit down to read this book."
USA Today
Excitement quotient: high; technology details: intriguing.
New York Post
. . . Pearson is able to effortlessly intertwine several deatiled plot lines while still keeping his story firmly robed in reality.
Providence Sunday Journal
Pearson . . . exposes the psychologicsl doubts and fears of his characters and keeps the plot racing from scene to scene.
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
"Blue Flu" is running through the ranks of the Seattle Police Department, and life's not easy for the few cops who've chosen to buck the union and remain on the job. Among them is Lt. Lou Boldt, the relentless crime fighter and star of Pearson's outstanding series, whose loyalty to law and order tends to suck him into more than his share of life's complications. With 90% of the force calling in sick, Boldt has to shoulder an enormous caseload, yet a strange series of burglaries worries him the most. During one of the hits, a strikebreaking police officer was savagely attacked, her neck broken. When two other officers are mauled in similar fashion, and Boldt himself is badly beaten, a sickening prospect emerges: the cops who are on strike are retaliating against the cops still on the job. Yet it may not be that simple. Some of the crimes could be the handiwork of Bryce Abbot Flek, a crafty career criminal who has devised an ingenious method of coaxing people out of the homes he wants to burglarize. Along the way, Flek has also developed a searing hatred for Boldt, whom he holds responsible for the death of his brother, who was killed in prison shortly after a visit from the lieutenant. Pearson (The Pied Piper) never quite masters the intersection of these two disparate story lines, yet they eventually converge in a well-devised finale. This seventh Boldt thriller packs all of Pearson's usual wallop: it boasts simmering suspense, a plot with a level of detail that comes only from painstaking research, and dynamic chemistry between Boldt and his colleagues and family. Somewhat less effective is Pearson's latest stab at working current events into his books. His detailed explanation of how cell phones can be effective police tools fails to captivate and slows the story's otherwise torrid pace. 125,000 first printing; $300,000 ad/promo; Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club and Mystery Guild selections; audio rights to Brilliance; 11-city author tour. (June) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.|
Library Journal
Middle of Nowhere is the seventh and current installment in the Lou Boldt/Daphne Matthews police procedural series. Boldt, a homicide detective, is investigating a string of burglaries and assaults because a labor dispute has much of the Seattle Police Department at home with the "blue flu." The story weaves skillfully between the nuts and bolts of the forensic investigations, the possibilities of internal police corruption related to the "sick-out," and the characters' personal relationships, developing from previous books. Authors are not, of course, automatically skilled at reading their own work for audiobook programs, but Pearson does the job extremely well; he clearly knows and likes his characters: he succeeds in finding their voices and conveying their personalities, as well as pacing the action and plot. One of the best in this series; highly recommended for mystery collections.--Kristen L. Smith, Loras Coll. Lib., Dubuque, IA Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
No, it's not murder this time—just a series of violent robberies: only the first sign that master-plotter Pearson (The First Victim, 1999, etc.) has taken some of his accustomed edge off Lt. Lou Boldt's latest case. The Blue Flu has struck Seattle. So many of the city's finest have called in sick to protest cutbacks on overtime that the brutal assault on Detective Maria Sanchez is not only an outrage to cops like Boldt who are still on the job; it's another body blow to his depleted force of investigators. And when Boldt unofficially shifts over from Homicide to join his longtime colleague, Lt. Daphne Matthews, the staff psychologist who's technically in charge of the case, his reward is a blue-painted brick through the window of his home and his own percussive waylaying by three masked men who figure to be disapproving colleagues. Sanchez, it turns out, was on the trail of a crook as nasty as he was petty—a guy who's worked out a robbery scheme that depends on the government's unwitting complicity. But when Boldt and Matthews lose their most promising line on the perp to an untimely demise, they find themselves surrounded by bad guys who are mad that they're disrupting a profitable business and good guys who are mad that they're still punching the time clock. The endless threats, which ought to keep up the tension, end up blurring the focus, and not even Pearson's well-earned reputation for high-tech savvy (confined this time to the problem of tracing calls from cellular phones) can keep him from slipping into the hoariest clichés in the book: the personal blackmail, the kidnapped officer, the bullet-riddled showdown.Reliablethrills from a pro, though only about half of Pearson's usual 12 cylinders are firing this time out. (Literary Guild/Mystery Guild selection; first printing of 125,000; $300,000)

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Boldt and Matthews Series, #7

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