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by Scott Wade

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Sometimes bullets aren’t enough! Alone and on her own, fifteen-year-old Sam Grace must fight her way through the horrors of a city overrun with hundreds of thousands of the living dead. However, the zombies are the least of her worries. Who can she trust? Is there anyone left to help when her bullets run out? Where can she escape to?


Sometimes bullets aren’t enough! Alone and on her own, fifteen-year-old Sam Grace must fight her way through the horrors of a city overrun with hundreds of thousands of the living dead. However, the zombies are the least of her worries. Who can she trust? Is there anyone left to help when her bullets run out? Where can she escape to?

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Midland 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fifteen-year-old Sam Grace is practically running her family’s small farm after the death of her father and her mother’s deadly illness. This means making sure her younger siblings get an education, keeping the animals fed, and keeping the guns loaded for when the walking dead show up after dark. It is all in a day’s—and night’s—work for Sam, until her mother’s illness takes a turn for the worse. Now she has to saddle up and head from Midland Mesa down to “town” to try to track down Doc Green’s place that she remembers her dad taking her to when she was just a little kid. I was shocked at what she found in town, and won’t give it away, but let’s just say that the hordes of zombies aren't the only thing she has to fight. The first chapter is a great portrayal of the monotony and hard work of farm life, punctuated by the terror and sadness and desperation of their particular situation. Because I’m a survival geek, I love the details about what she takes with her on her journey, and what she gathers along the way. This includes bringing her little blind dog in a flour sack, at first just for company, but it becomes clear that the dog is probably the most valuable thing she’s brought (well, that and her gun!). The rest of the book is action-packed and scary; a quick read too—it only took me a few days to finish it because it was so exciting.  But my favorite thing about Midland is its main character, Sam. Sam’s a strong heroine is there ever was one. She was deeply influenced by her father’s training, and by witnessing the strong and mutually-respectful relationship of her parents (before her father’s death and mother’s illness). She takes after them in how she deals with the (very scary) problems that come up. "See a problem, solve a problem,” she reminds herself. I also appreciate that she’s not perfect, and that she struggles with how to put her family first while not letting down others who have sacrificed their safety for hers. Her strength comes from her courage and integrity. It isn’t that she’s not afraid, but she is going to do what needs to be done to protect the innocent.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received this book from the author for an honest review (Thanks so much for this awesome book) First of all the story and plot for me was new and fresh it surprises me how much I like the western side of it, added to Zombies and you have a great book! What I liked:  The story and the main characters are were well-developed and likable, Sam keeps up the part with everything going on providing and taking care of the family, is very strong and determined to survive. Reminded me of Hunger games but that was ok for me It didn’t bother me relating the characters. This book had several ups and downs but that was what it kept you entertained. I think they are well play. I loved the little romance not the main thing for me so that was another think that made me like this book much more.  What I didn’t like: The points of views that had me re-reading several times to see who was but I think you get sucked in the story that you don’t keep track of the changes. I totally recommend this book, is entertaining and a roller coaster of emotions between rage and tears.  I give this 4 stars! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
You see the words “fresh take”or “unique take” and you can picture a book you felt that way about, right? There are certain plots with hooks that reel you in and keep you reading, hanging out the Do NOT Disturb sign and for me, without a doubt, Midland by Scott Alan Wade takes the zombie apocalypse where no one has gone before! Many of the remaining humans left alive have scattered and the survivors have clustered together, some remaining in shadows of the big cities, others becoming like the pioneers of old, starting over from scratch, living on isolated farms, traveling by horseback, farming the land. There is no electricity, no rambling homes, life for them has essentially reverted to the days of the old West where the days are long and the work is hard. Families raise their children with stories of how it used to be, when there was electricity, phones, everything we take for granted, because honestly, I can’t imagine life without my Kindles! Fifteen-year-old Sam has had to take the world on her shoulders after the death of her father and the almost certain death of her mother, who is gravely ill. Then there are the zombies who could attack their isolated farm at any time and it’s up to Sam and her younger siblings to fend them off or die. Sam knows her mother’s only chance to recover lies with her as she decides to travel to one of the cities she has heard about in search of medicine. Naive to the world and its treachery, Sam must face the unknown with only her grit, determination and the skills she has been taught. Looking for a strong young heroine to be amazed by? Meet Sam, who talks and acts like a girl out of a different time, who thinks fast, acts fast and gives all she has to save not only those she loves, but even some who may not deserve it, leaving them to their own fates. Author Scott Alan Wade unleashed his imagination and creative talent in this fast-paced, post-apocalyptic adventure that carries just a hint of young romance mixed into the danger that comes from humans and zombies alike. His writing flows along with great attention to detail as he builds the look and feel of two worlds fighting to survive in their own way. Be prepared to feel the dust of the trails and the hard concrete remains of Sin City and decide where you would rather fight for survival and for your humanity!