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Midnight (Warriors: The New Prophecy Series #1)

Midnight (Warriors: The New Prophecy Series #1)

4.7 881
by Erin Hunter

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Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together . . . and shake the forrest to its roots.

The wild cat Clans have lived in peace and harmony for many moons -- but now, strange messages from their warrior ancestors speak of terrifying new prophecies and a mysterious danger.

All the signs point to young


Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together . . . and shake the forrest to its roots.

The wild cat Clans have lived in peace and harmony for many moons -- but now, strange messages from their warrior ancestors speak of terrifying new prophecies and a mysterious danger.

All the signs point to young warrior Brambleclaw as the cat with the fate of the forest in his paws. But who are the other cats mentioned in the prophecy? All he knows for sure is that the strength and courage of the greatest warriors will be needed now, as the quest to save the Clans begins.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
The prolific Erin Hunter (the pseudonymous author/authors of this "created" series) is back with Book One of "Warriors: the New Prophecy." Some of the main characters from the first six books of "Warriors" are present—in name, if not in spirit. It is a definite downer to watch Firestar, the former "kittypet" turned hero, become nothing but a generic spokesman for his clan while the action filters down several generations to the next batch of pussy protagonists. The new plot? Starclan—those deceased feline elders populating the night sky—lay down a new prophecy of doom on the shoulders of four untried cats, one representing each clan. Not only do these four have to learn to tolerate each other, they must also quest for the true meaning of their dreams. The answer, of course, will fill the next five books. In the meantime, there are just too many cats. It takes a close reading of the first fifty pages just to sort them out. Then the half dozen we are left with are fairly wimpy—with the possible exception of Squirrelpaw, Firestar's feisty, but obedience-challenged daughter. Could we have a little more characterization, folks, before your cat franchise goes down the tubes? 2005, HarperCollins, and Ages 10 to 12.
—Kathleen Karr
Kirkus Reviews
This first-in-series animal adventure with a fine plot but recurring preciousness will satisfy a particular readership. Four cat Clans live in bordering countryside territories in tentative peace. They meet only at ritualized times. Each Clan has warriors, apprentices, a medicine cat and a leader. Days are spent hunting and patrolling until a few select cats receive cryptic dreams from their mutual gods about a prophecy of doom. One chosen cat from each clan and two others who refuse to stay behind sneak away together and embark on a journey they don't understand, away from the forest and into dangerous Twoleg territory. A few cats are well characterized, though the sheer number named and the names themselves (Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw) make them blend. Use of "meowed" and "mewed" instead of "said" is contrived (and unintentionally funny); the word "kittypet" (for those who live with humans) is distractingly cloying. Structurally solid; this will please Redwall-genre fans and cat devotees. (name chart, maps) (Fantasy. 8-11)

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HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:
Warriors: The New Prophecy Series , #1
Product dimensions:
5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 1.05(d)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

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Warriors: The New Prophecy #1: Midnight

By Erin Hunter

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2007 Erin Hunter
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780060744519

Chapter One

Leaves rustled as the young tabby cat slid through a gap between two bushes, his jaws wide open to drink in the scent of prey. On this warm night in late greenleaf, the forest was full of the scuffles of tiny creatures. Movements twitched endlessly at the edge of his vision, but when he turned his head he could see nothing but thick clumps of fern and bramble, dappled with moonlight.

Suddenly he stepped out into a wide clearing and gazed around in confusion. He could not remember being in this part of the forest before. Smooth-cropped grass, glowing silver in a cold wash of moonlight, stretched in front of him as far as a softly rounded rock where another cat was sitting. Starlight sparkled in her fur, and her eyes were two small moons.

The young tabby's bewilderment increased as he recognized her. "Bluestar?" he meowed, his voice shrill with disbelief.

He had been an apprentice when the great leader of ThunderClan had died, four seasons ago, leaping into the gorge with a pack of blood-hungry dogs after her. Like all her Clan, he had grieved for her and honored her for the way she had given up her life to save them. He had never thought to see her again, and he realized for the first time that he must bedreaming.

"Come closer, young warrior," Bluestar meowed. "I have a message for you." Shivering with awe, the tabby tom crept across the shining stretch of turf until he crouched below the rock and could look up into Bluestar's eyes. "I'm listening, Bluestar," he mewed.

"A time of trouble is coming to the forest," she told him. "A new prophecy must be fulfilled if the Clans are to survive. You have been chosen to meet with three other cats at the new moon, and you must listen to what midnight tells you."

"What do you mean?" The young cat felt a prickle of dread, cold as snowmelt, creep down his spine. "What kind of trouble? And how can midnight tell us anything?"

"All will be made clear to you," Bluestar replied.

Her voice faded, echoing strangely as if she were speaking from a cavern far beneath the earth. The moonlight also began to grow dim, leaving thick black shadows to creep out of the trees around them.

"No, wait!" the tabby cat cried out. "Don't go!"

He let out a terrified yowl, thrashing his paws and tail, as darkness rose up and engulfed him. Something poked him in the side and his eyes flew open to see Graystripe, the ThunderClan deputy, standing over him with one paw raised to prod him again. He was scuffling among the moss in the warriors' den, with the golden sunlight leaking through the branches above his head.

"Brambleclaw, you crazy furball!" the deputy meowed. "What's all the noise about? You'll scare off all the prey from here to Fourtrees."

"Sorry." Brambleclaw sat up and began picking scraps of moss from his dark fur. "I was just dreaming."

"Dreaming!" grunted a new voice.

Brambleclaw turned his head to see the white warrior Cloudtail heave himself out of a mossy nest nearby and give a long stretch. "Honestly, you're as bad as Firestar," Cloudtail went on. "When he slept in here he was always muttering and twitching in his sleep. A cat couldn't get a good night's rest for all the prey in the forest."

Brambleclaw twitched his ears to hear how disrespectfully the white warrior spoke about the Clan leader. Then he reminded himself that this was Cloudtail, Firestar's kin and former apprentice, well known for his barbed tongue and ready scorn. His impudent talk didn't stop him from being a loyal warrior to his Clan. Cloudtail gave his long-furred white coat a shake and slipped out of the den, flicking the end of his tail at Brambleclaw in a friendly way to take the sting out of his words as he went by.

"Come on, you lot," meowed Graystripe. "It's time you were moving." He picked his way through the moss on the floor of the den to prod Ashfur awake. "Hunting patrols will be going out soon. Brackenfur is organizing them."

"Right," Brambleclaw mewed. His vision of Bluestar was fading, though her ominous message echoed in his ears. Could it really be true that there was a new prophecy from StarClan? It seemed fairly unlikely. For a start, Brambleclaw could not imagine why she would choose to give it to him, of all the cats in ThunderClan. Medicine cats frequently received signs from StarClan, and ThunderClan's leader, Firestar, had often been guided by his dreams. But they were not for ordinary warriors. Trying to blame his wild imaginings on too much fresh-kill the night before, Brambleclaw gave his shoulder one last lick and followed Cloudtail out through the trailing branches.

The sun was barely up above the hedge of thorns that surrounded the camp, but the day was already warm. Sunlight lay like honey on the bare earth in the center of the clearing. Sorrelpaw, the oldest of the apprentices, lay stretched out beside the ferns that sheltered the apprentices' den, sharing tongues with her den mates Spiderpaw and Shrewpaw.

Cloudtail had gone over to the nettle patch where the warriors ate and was already gulping down a starling. Brambleclaw noticed that the pile of fresh-kill was very low; as Graystripe had said, the Clan needed to hunt right away. He was about to go and join the white warrior when Sorrelpaw sprang up and came bounding across the clearing toward him.

"It's today!" she announced excitedly.

Brambleclaw blinked. "What is?"

"My warrior ceremony!" With a little mrrow of happiness, the tortoiseshell she-cat hurled herself at Brambleclaw; the unexpected attack bowled him over and they wrestled together on the dusty ground, just as they used to when they were kits together in the nursery.

Sorrelpaw's hind paws battered Brambleclaw in the belly, and he thanked StarClan that her claws were sheathed. There was no doubt that she would make a strong and dangerous warrior, one that every cat would respect.

"All right, all right, that's enough." Brambleclaw cuffed Sorrelpaw gently over one ear and scrambled up. "If you're going to be a warrior, you'll have to stop behaving like a kit."

"A kit?" Sorrelpaw meowed indignantly. She sat in front of him, her fur sticking up in clumps and covered with dust. "Me? Never! I've waited a long time for this, Brambleclaw."

"I know. You deserve it."


Excerpted from Warriors: The New Prophecy #1: Midnight by Erin Hunter Copyright © 2007 by Erin Hunter. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Erin Hunter is inspired by a love of animals and a fascination with the ferocity of the natural world. As well as having great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich, mythical explanations for animal behavior. She is the author of the Warriors, Seekers, Survivors, and Bravelands series. She lives in the UK. Visit her online at www.warriorcats.com.

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Midnight 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 881 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Warriors is awesome. One of the best book series in a good long while. The characters are structered excellently. The plot twists and turns throughout each of the chapters. It's a real page turner, you're always left pondering for what will happen next.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Every single Warriors book was beyond excelent and beyond a number of stars! If i was to rate this book 1-10, i'd give it a 25!I like it A LOT!!!!!!!! I've read the Warriors series seven-ten times total! I love these books!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
A little sad Firestar isn't the main character any more, but the book was awesome! Can't wait the rest of 'em!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love warriors and at the start i was a little sad to find that Firestar didnt play a very big part but once i kept giong i barley minded that fact.Anyway the book starts off when brambleclaw gets a dream from starclan telling him that he and 4 other cats are going to save the clan from a great danger. So he and 5 ( yes 5) other cats go on what seems a endless quest. This book is narrated by Brambleclaw and Leafpaw. Right now im on book 3 in The New Prophecy and i absloutly love this as much as the first series.After you read this you'll be buying Moonrise right after.Hope you enjoy the book cause its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wish firestar was the main charecter again but its still good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I dont like it as much as the other books. I wish that it was still in Firehearts, i mean Firestars perspective. I guess I'm not used to the change yet. I got bored in th middle. Sorry Erin Hunter, it wasnt as great as I expected it to be. Its just my opinoin, and Im not insulting anyone for liking it. Just consider my thought...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ilove this book:)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book I just wish that it didn't have to stop. Same with Moonrise
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I want Firestar in the books more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OK, this kinda ticks me off. In the darkest hour, the clans all fight BloodClan for their territory. Some die, including Whitestorm and Firestar. They win. And then after all of that, the Clans leave the forest! What the heck!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think that story that person was writing was beautiful. You should NEVER give someone a hard time for just a simple mistake like if they accidentally spelled something incorrectly or hit the wrong key! They were probably typing fast or were in a car on a bumpy road. Nobody is perfect. And if you expect them to be, then that's not OK. Don't crush someone's dreams because they're not perfect! Nobody is perfect. Not even you. And you cannot put paragraphs because for some reason it doesn't show it in the review... I don't know why... but still. They did awesome! They make me want to read more. So please don't give people a hard time for following their dreams. I know what it feels like! And if the person who made that little story is reading this, then you are amazing!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing book but PLEASE FIX THE COVER. I don't know if it's only my nook, but the cover has a weird glitch on it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a GREAT book. There is not one more word to it. Great for any Warrior fans.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I DEFINATELY am a die heart warriors fan! And this is the most addicting book i cant beleive midnight is a badger that speaks fox aine that funneh well im only 10 so why does my opinion matter but read this book if your a die heart like me if not start with ito the wild youll get addicted trust me... PEACE OUT PEEPS AND KEEP READIBG WARRIORS!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Who knew midnight was a badger -Leopardtail
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love warriors books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Warriors are wonderful books for childern ,but all the warrior books are wonderful for me already
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I happen to like the Warrior Seiries not because of the characters, but because of the outstanding plot line, I mean Firestar shows several characteristics of leadership that mear words cannot describe. Also for those of you who haven't read the very first book in this series you should read it. I'm also not going to spoil it for those of you who haven't read the book so you're better off reading the first book in the series. It's called Warriors into the Wild.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Im sad that firestar isnt the main character any more. I really wanted to see what his life of being clan leader was like. Brambleclaws cool though.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I finished The Darkest Hour I was so exited when I foud out there was more! I love this book definitly a must read for people who love cats, adventure, or both. WANING: if you have not read the first 6 books this one wont be clear
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love all his books!!!!!!!!! He must REALLY love cats!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the best book of all time!
Elizabet Landolfi More than 1 year ago
Theres no doubt that warrior books arent great but this one is PERFECT!!!