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Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance

Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance

4.0 267
by Lucinda Brant

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Lucinda Brant's sweeping family sagas are a perfect reminder of why I fell in love with historical romance — Cheryl Bolen, New York Times bestselling author

Stand-alone book 2 in the Roxton Family Saga, Julian and Deb's story

1760s England and France. Julian and Deb are hurriedly, and secretly, married off as teenagers. Julian is then


Lucinda Brant's sweeping family sagas are a perfect reminder of why I fell in love with historical romance — Cheryl Bolen, New York Times bestselling author

Stand-alone book 2 in the Roxton Family Saga, Julian and Deb's story

1760s England and France. Julian and Deb are hurriedly, and secretly, married off as teenagers. Julian is then banished to the continent. Deb is returned to the nursery, told her midnight marriage was just a bad dream from the effects of laudanum. Nine years later, Julian returns incognito to claim his bride before a debonair rival can seduce her into bigamous wedlock. Can Julian and Deb’s marriage survive such a calculated deception?

Set in the opulent world of the aristocracy and inspired by real events, Lucinda Brant delivers another lavish 18th century experience in her trademark style — heart-wrenching drama with a happily ever after.

Awards for this Book

  • 2013 Readers′ Favorite International Book Award Medalist


“MIDNIGHT MARRIAGE carries on the Roxton series tradition with still another wonderful tale set in the 1700s where life is anything but simple. You will once again be reminded why Lucinda Brant’s books are such a treasure.” — SWurman: 5 STARS, a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

“Nice twists and turns, dramatic revelations, and some enjoyable chaos make this a book that keeps the reader turning the pages. Highly recommended!” — Fiona Ingram: 5 STARS, a Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Medalist

Book Details

Series: Stand-alone prequel and first book in the highly acclaimed ROXTON family saga
Classification: Parental Guidance Recommended (mild sensuality)
Length: Full-length novel (122,000 words, 408 printed pages)
Previously Published: Originally published in print by Random House
Style: Classic romance with a modern voice

Connecting Books

MIDNIGHT MARRIAGE is a stand-alone novel, but many readers enjoy it as part of a series: Lucinda's characters inhabit the same meticulously-researched 18th Century world and all books cross-reference people and events throughout. You can explore the details and delve deeper into the history within each book by visiting LucindaBrantAuthor on Pinterest. Should you wish to read the books in chronological order, here is the sequence:

Roxton Family Saga
1740s NOBLE SATYR (Renard and Antonia)
1760s MIDNIGHT MARRIAGE (Julian and Deb)
1770s AUTUMN DUCHESS (Antonia and Jonathon)
1770s DAIR DEVIL (Dair and Rory)
1770s PROUD MARY (Mary and Christopher) In progress
1780s SATYR’S SON (Harry and Lisa) In progress
ETERNALLY YOURS: Roxton Letters Volume One (A Companion to the Roxton Family Saga Books 1–3)
FOREVER REMAIN: Roxton Letters Volume Two (A Companion to the Roxton Family Saga Books 4–6) In progress

Salt Hendon Series
1763 SALT BRIDE (Magnus and Jane)
1767 SALT REDUX (Antony and Caroline)
1767 A FAIRY CHRISTMAS (Kitty and Tom); a short story in SILVER BELLS COLLECTION

Alec Halsey Mystery Series
Spring 1763 DEADLY ENGAGEMENT (Country house murder and mayhem)
Autumn 1763 DEADLY AFFAIR (A poisoned vicar and the mysterious Miranda)
Winter 1763 DEADLY PERIL (Bloody intrigue abroad)
Summer 1764 DEADLY KIN (Evil lurks in Edinburgh) In progress

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Product dimensions:
6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.81(d)
Age Range:
18 Years

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Midnight Marriage 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 267 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another winner from Lucinda Brant! Deb and Julian's 660 page story of fate was wonderful. As the storyline unfolded, it was almost impossible to put the book down. This author does a great job with her Georgian Historical Romances.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the second book I've read by this author. Historical accuracy seems right on. Character development strong and plot entertaining. These are not run of the mill romances. Kind of an old fashioned style where the sex is not the only thing driving the story. Plots are also believable to the time period and customs of the time. Refreshing to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A wonderful read by this author especially if you are a true romantic...love the fact it took place during the 18th century and came from a real life experience. Great read and highly recommend if you love the romance of titles and duels and honor.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Being as how this is a free book... I will try not to be to harsh... but to say in simple words, this is not a book to read again later. The story line jumped from time to time and at points I wanted to quit reading. There was some sexual conversation.. as in the way of rumors but most of the actual love scenes were not in alot of detail.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Highly recommend this book. This is the 2nd book I've read by this author and I loved them both.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Worth every penny! Nice romance and plot. Bonus material at the end gives you a preview of her other books. I will definately be purchasing more of her work.
bebwright More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this story a lot. It was sweet and started out so sad. I'll be looking for other books by lucinda brant. Enjoy! It of course ends well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, but historical fictions are some of my favorite reads. This one keeps your attention and you're not overwhelmed with sex throughout the pages...highly recommend it!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Fiona Ingram for Readers' Favorite "Midnight Marriage" continues the saga of the Roxton family, which began with "Noble Satyr" (recently reviewed). Antonia and Roxton’s son, Julian, is wayward and headstrong, to the point where his father, fearing he will either make a disastrous marriage or litter the country with illegitimate by-blows, arranges a match between the youthful Julian and Deborah Cavendish. Deborah has no recollection of her midnight marriage at the age of twelve to a weeping, bellicose teenager. Julian is sent to the Continent to improve his ways, while Deborah continues her life. She proves to have an equally headstrong nature, to the despair of her older brother, Gerald, who has hopes of seeing her settle down in a respectable union with Julian in the future. When Deborah finds an injured duelist in the forest near her home, she has no idea who the handsome stranger might be, let alone that she is his wife. When Julian discovers her identity, he makes haste to propose and whisk her off into married life. But Julian’s chequered past and reputation as a libertine catches up with him, in the form of a lawsuit brought by an irate French father, accusing Julian of seducing his daughter. Deborah also finds out that she is married to the degenerate Marquis of Alston, and if that is so, then what will happen to the love for Julian Hesham whom she adores? Can she reconcile her feelings for the man she loves with her contempt for the man she married?  Another gem from Lucinda Brant’s pen takes readers back into the loves and lives of the Roxtons and to the Georgian era. The plot is intriguing as hints of dark secrets and strange motives gradually unfold. People with both personal and political motives in engineering this match (or sabotaging it) surround Deborah. Whom can she trust? The energy in this novel starts on page one with a mysterious midnight marriage that sets the tone and pace. The action continues and never lets up. Brant isn’t afraid to subject her heroine to a tumultuous roller-coaster of events, and feisty Deborah is up to it! The love story between Julian and Deborah is tender, and filled with the kind of blunders young people make when setting out on the rocky road of true love. Nice twists and turns, dramatic revelations, and some enjoyable chaos make this a book that keeps the reader turning the pages. They will not be disappointed. Highly recommended!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great story. This is the story of a marriage. This marriage had a very rocky midnight start. Strong characters. Wonderful family. Great and beautiful and colorful background and supporting characters. The mystery that runs through the story has an unexpected but very believable ending. This was my first by this author. I'm going to buy the next book in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read. Holds your attention. Enjoy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unless there have been some major changes by the author I wouldn't recommend this. When the heroine meets the wonded duelist she's wearing a man's shirt for comfort over her skirt and petticoats. All well and good until she choosees to rip the shirt for bandages instead of the petticoats mentioned just beforehand. Then of course she's embarrassed and must put the man's coat on. It was this ridiculous plot device that assured me this wasn't a book for people who desired intelligent characters. It was free when I tried it and I'm grateful it was.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was so bad I couldn't finish it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderful plot based on a true story. Fast moving, easy to read with likeable characters. Makes you want to read all her other books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great read. The hero/heroine both learn that there are more layers and different sides to us all. But we are our own selves at our core and we never lose that.
NavyWave62 More than 1 year ago
I have read all 3 books in this series, and this was my favorite. I loved the story of Deb and Julian, it broke my heart with all the twist the author puts our character's through. Even the secondary character's were so rich in their developement. Great book. Salt Bride was my next favorite by this author. The 3rd in the series, has been my least favorite. Still a good series.
indiebrag 11 months ago
We are proud to announce that MIDNIGHT MARRIAGE by Lucinda Brant is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Delightful Georgian romance with more plot and character development than sex! I applaud the author for not falling into "contemporary" traps and giving a tale worth rereading and following up on sequels. Lucinda Brant is added to my 'must read' list.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Tracy Slowiak for Readers' Favorite Audio books...they can be an absolute dream, something that makes your drive to and from work go by so quickly that you find yourself sitting in your garage, still listening, waiting to see what happens next, or a complete slog that feels like torture to get through. Thankfully, the audiobook for Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance, book two in the Roxton Family Saga series by Lucinda Brant was definitely the former. Follow the story of Deb and Julian, who were secretly married off at midnight when only teenagers. Julian is then sent away, and Deb is told to forget the marriage, to chalk it up as a vivid dream caused by laudanum. But when Julian finally comes back to claim his bride before she falls for a charming suitor, the story really begins. Narrator Alex Wyndham's voice is truly an actor's instrument. If you didn't know there was only one person narrating, you'd certainly think there were several voices involved, that is how skilled he is as differentiating between characters. His ability to use his voice in different tones helps the listener to easily tell who is speaking, which is quite a gift. I've listened to some audiobooks in which it's incredibly difficult to tell who is saying what as the voice actor barely changes tone or inflection. Alex Wyndham's lovely voice was a pleasure to listen to, and I would certainly like to hear more from him in the future. I so enjoyed Midnight Marriage. It was exciting, full of intrigue, and had enough romance and sexiness to keep me listening obsessively. I found the voice of narrator Alex Wyndham to be excessively pleasing to the ear, and his inflections were perfect for the story. Author Lucinda Brant has created characters that her readers will connect with, relate to, and continue to think about long after the book is done, certainly a hallmark of a great author. Her ability to set the scenes appropriately for the time period is a true gift. Any reader who enjoys historical romance, romance in general or just a fun read would love Midnight Marriage. I highly recommend this audio book, and I very much look forward to reading another book by author Lucinda Brant as soon as I possibly can.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers' Favorite I certainly enjoy a good audio book. They can make a long trip seem manageable, even entertaining. Some stories are great at catching your attention from the get go, others take a while to get into, but are still well worth the listen, and some you have to turn off after a short time, they just won’t do. Luckily, Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance fits into the first category, a story that grabs a listener from the beginning and keeps them going until the very end. Follow the story of Julian and Deb, a young couple secretly married off as teens, then separated, and only reuniting when older when a new suitor pursues the lovely Deb. Set in the gorgeous time period of 18th century aristocracy, with all of the beauty and grandeur that implies, author Lucinda Brant has provided her readers with an absolutely fantastic read and listen. Narrator Alex Wyndham was an absolute delight to listen to. He does more than read the book, he acts it out with his voice. It's astounding to me how one voice actor can imbue such life and livelihood into many and varied characters, but Mr. Wyndham certainly does this with great panache. It was easy to tell when the story switched between characters, the timbre and pitch of his voice changed just enough to be evident, but not enough to seem forced or false. I found it easy to listen to his voice, and its pleasant and melodious sound never ceased to keep me involved in the story. I very much enjoyed Midnight Marriage. Author Lucinda Brant is truly a master at scene setting, at creating interesting and intriguing characters, and at writing a story that will keep her readers turning the pages and listeners glued to their players. Midnight Marriage is a story that holds great appeal for readers who love historical fiction, romance, adventure, intrigue or just a fun book. I highly recommend Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance. I will certainly look for more work by author Lucinda Brant in the future. If it’s anything like Midnight Marriage, it will absolutely be worth the read or listen!
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Janelle Fila for Readers' Favorite Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance by Lucinda Brant is a historical romance inspired by actual events in history. It is set during the extravagant and beautiful times of the 18th century aristocracy. Deb, a twelve-year-old girl, is drugged and whisked away to marry Julian, a rebellious youth, in the middle of the night. Deb remembers nothing of the night and grows up without the knowledge that she is actually married. When Julian returns to the scene nine years later, he plans to reclaims his first love before his rival seduces Deb and attempts to marry her. But how can Julian impress Deb and earn her trust with the knowledge of their past looming over their head? Worse, how can he explain the deception that mars their marriage and subsequent love? Lucinda Brant did an excellent job of writing a sweeping family saga that showcases her talent in this genre and that will appeal to all fans of historical romance. This story has tons of lies, deceit, and manipulation that create well-written subplots intertwined in the story. The story is interesting, will keep the reader's attention, and is authentically written. The story moves along at a nice pace and will keep readers interested in the characters' sagas. The dialogue is authentic for the time period, and the historical aspect is written splendidly. The characters, outfits, settings, and customs are so fascinating that readers will find themselves falling in love with these characters and this novel in one fell swoop. The narrator of this audio book was Alex Wyndham. Mr. Wyndham is a British actor and has many acting credits to his name including the Emmy award-winning Little Dorrit, HBO's Rome, the BBC series The Crimson Field, and Kenneth Branagh's "As You Like It." I think his acting expertise shone brightly in this audio book because it wasn't just read to the audience it was performed. I love audio books where you can "hear" different character voices and forget that you are listening to one narrator. The different use of voice and accents, tone and depth was fantastic and makes this an awesome audio "read."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good historical love story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the novel