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Midnight's Master (Dark Warriors Series #1)
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Midnight's Master (Dark Warriors Series #1)

4.4 60
by Donna Grant

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Defenders against evil. Bound by the gods. The Dark Warriors are taking their battle from ancient Scotland to the modern world—where a woman's love can set them free…


Gwynn Austin has no idea why her father has disappeared on a mysterious trip to Scotland. When she goes on a desperate mission to search for him she


Defenders against evil. Bound by the gods. The Dark Warriors are taking their battle from ancient Scotland to the modern world—where a woman's love can set them free…


Gwynn Austin has no idea why her father has disappeared on a mysterious trip to Scotland. When she goes on a desperate mission to search for him she finds more than she bargains for in a ruggedly handsome, wickedly exciting Highlander who exudes danger and mystery. And when she discovers her own link to Scotland, she'll have to trust her heart to help lead her...


Propelled through time by powerful Druid Magic, Logan Hamilton uses his immortality and powers of the god inside him to help prevent the awakening of an ancient evil in the modern world. He never expects to find help in the form of a beautiful, alluring, and all too tempting woman whose passion and strength matches his own. Together, Logan and Gywnn must fight for their love—before a demon from the past destroys them both…

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Grant’s first Dark Warriors paranormal craftily blends elements of reality and magic as a Scottish warrior is thrust forward in time 400 years. Logan Hamilton has traveled to the 21st century to defeat Deirdre, “a Druid who had given herself over to evil and black magic.” Logan is unprepared for his magnetic attraction to Gwynn Austin, an American woman who has come to Scotland in search of her missing father, an archeologist. As Logan helps Gwynn discover some truths about herself and her ancestry, they are bound together in a quest to find an ancient tablet that will help Logan and his fellow warriors defeat Deirdre and her evil. Though Gwynn and Logan are from different centuries, their attraction and developing romance is real and scintillating as he comes to terms with her independent streak and she learns to love him despite his overprotective nature. Time travel, ancient legends, and seductive romance are seamlessly interwoven into one captivating package. Agent: Amy Moore-Benson, AMB Literary Management. (June)
From the Publisher

“Dark, sexy, magical. When I want to indulge in a sizzling fantasy adventure, I read Donna Grant.” —Allison Brennan, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Historical fave Grant takes the Druids and Highland warriors from her Dark Sword series and jumps them to the 21st century. Evil Deirdre has also been transported to the future so the war continues. Grant delivers plenty of dark doings and dangerous magic, all while providing memorable characters.” —Romantic Times Book Reviews on Midnight's Master

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St. Martin's Press
Publication date:
Dark Warriors Series , #1
Edition description:
First Edition
Product dimensions:
4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.20(d)

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December 18th Gwynn Austin clenched the arms of her aisle seat, her knuckles white and her breath locked in her lungs as the airplane finally touched down in Edinburgh.

God, she hated flying. She barely made it through short trips across the US without being sedated or drinking heavily.

But the message from her father had changed everything.

Gwynn let out her breath as the plane taxied down the runway to the terminal. She was starving and nauseated at the same time. It had taken all she had not to get sick on the plane, so eating was out of the question.

As the plane stopped at the terminal, however, she was ravenous and couldn’t get off the plane fast enough. And wouldn’t you know, there was a man two rows in front of her who wanted to look through his carry-on and hold up the rest of the plane?

Gwynn wanted to shove the guy, to knock him on the back of the head for being so rude. Her mouth dropped open as the guy suddenly gave a grunt and fell over in the aisle. He lifted his head, looking at everyone staring at him.

This wasn’t the first time Gwynn had wished something and it happened, though she didn’t look too deep into herself to find out why. Too bad she hadn’t been able to wish herself to Scotland instead of having to fly.

Looking away as the guy scrambled to his feet, Gwynn ignored the tingle of awareness that lodged itself in the base of her spine. She had always had a fascination with Scotland and its supposed legends and myths of magic, Druids, and Highland warriors.

Gwynn stretched her shoulders as she finally stepped off the plane and followed the signs to baggage claim. Worry over her father’s cryptic message pushed aside her nausea.

It had been three weeks since her father’s message. Three long, worry-filled weeks with little sleep. He was known to get deeply involved in his research and forget to call for a day or so, but never for three weeks. It’s what had spurred Gwynn to buy a plane ticket and spend eleven hours on the flights from Houston to New York, then on to Edinburgh, with her mind conjuring all sorts of accidents that could have befallen her father.

Gwynn collected her small suitcase and adjusted the strap of her purse over her shoulder as she looked around for the rental car sign. As soon as she saw it, she made a beeline for it while dodging other people and their luggage.

It took no time at all to rent a car, but as Gwynn stood beside her small red Fiat Punto she had to wonder if she could drive it. Not only would she be driving on the wrong side of the road, but she’d be sitting in the wrong side of the car. A manual car.

“I’m an idiot with my left hand,” she mumbled as she tossed her suitcase into the back and climbed behind the wheel.

But she had to know what had happened to her father. He was all she had left. Her mother had died three years before, leaving just Gwynn and her father to cope. Her mother had kept the family bound together.

It had been a loose bond, but it was still a bond.

Her father, Professor Gary Austin of Rice University, the most prestigious private university in Texas, was the professor everyone hated to get. He loved his field of anthropology, and he expected everyone else to love it as well.

It was that love that had taken him from his family. Gwynn’s mother had merely smiled as she watched her husband succumb to some new finding that would keep him at the university far into the night doing research.

Gwynn had hated him for it. Weeks would go by before he would return home or check on his wife. Gwynn had learned to distance herself from him, to forget that she still had a father.

Until her mother died.

It was as if Gary had looked at her for the first time and realized he had a daughter.

From that moment on, he’d made an effort to call her at least every other day while he was off finding new research all over the globe. While he was at home, Gwynn made sure she cooked for him every Sunday night.

It had taken her mother’s death, but Gwynn had gained a father. Somewhat.

Gwynn pulled out the map and bit her lip as she used her finger to find the road she would need to take to the west side of Scotland and the isles there.

She folded her map and turned on her phone. Gwynn blew out a harsh breath when she saw no messages waiting for her. She was expecting two calls: one from her father telling her he was fine and there was no need to worry, and one from Rice. Hopefully the university could tell her exactly what had sent her father off to Scotland within an hour of finding some ancient book.

Gwynn rubbed her tired eyes, wincing at the sandpaper feel behind her eyelids, and started the car. The first thing she had to do was find something to eat. All she wanted was to curl up and sleep, but it was ten in the morning in Scotland, and she had traveling to do. She could sleep for a week once she found her father.

No sooner had Gwynn found first gear and uneasily let out the clutch than her phone rang. She was in such a hurry to grab the phone she had tossed on the seat next to her that she stalled the engine.

She fumbled for the phone, uncaring what happened to the car.

“Hello?” she said breathlessly, hope spreading in her chest that it was her father.

“Is this Gwynn Austin?” a nasal male voice asked.

Gwynn closed her eyes and rested her head against the seat. “It is.”

“This is Phil Manning from Rice University. I’m returning your calls about your father.”

“About time.” She didn’t bother to keep the testiness out of her voice. She’d been calling Rice for about a week. No one would take her calls, nor would anyone return them. Maybe it was the threat to call the FBI that had gotten things moving along.

“Yes,” the man said, and she could just imagine him rolling his eyes. “Your last message left us little choice.”

“Why there was a choice to begin with, I wouldn’t know.”

“Your father’s whereabouts are no longer our concern.”

A sick feeling filled Gwynn’s stomach as she clutched her cell phone tighter. “What do you mean?”

“He resigned his position here almost a month ago. He refused to listen to reason or even agree to take a sabbatical. He was one of our best professors, Miss Austin. He’d been with the university for decades. None of that meant anything when he quit.”

Gwynn swallowed and let his words sink into her fuzzy brain. “So, you’re telling me the university didn’t send him to Scotland to investigate some artifact he wanted to research?”


That one word opened the floodgates. Tears began to fall unheeded down her cheeks. “Do you…” She paused and cleared her throat. “Do you know what he was looking for?”

“He took all his research, Miss Austin,” the man said, his tone softer. “I am sorry we cannot be of more help.”

She nodded, then realized he couldn’t see her. “Thank you. If you happen to find anything of his he might have forgotten, or something that might help me find him, please let me know.”

“Of course. Good luck, Miss Austin.”

Gwynn hung up the phone and put her forehead on the steering wheel as she sniffed. “What the Hell is going on, Dad?”

Her father loved the university. Rice had been his life. He had sacrificed years in order to gain the position of professor. What would have made him leave so suddenly?

Gwynn lifted her head and wiped her eyes before she started the car again. She drove until she found a convenience store where she bought a soda, a bag of chips, and the one sandwich that didn’t look questionable.

She didn’t allow herself to think of the conversation with Mr. Manning at Rice. She’d let her mind speculate enough on the plane ride from the States. It was time she had facts. Until then, she would keep her mind focused on getting to her destination.

And not leaving the transmission on the road while she learned to shift with her left hand.


Copyright © 2012 by Donna Grant

Meet the Author

Donna Grant has been praised for her "totally addictive" and "unique and sensual" stories. She's the author of more than twenty novels spanning multiple genres of romance—Scottish Medieval, dark fantasy, time travel, paranormal, and erotic. Her acclaimed series, Dark Sword, features a thrilling combination of Druids, primeval gods, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her husband, two children, a dog, and three cats in Texas.

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Midnight's Master 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 60 reviews.
MaryKayMF More than 1 year ago
I love all of Donna Grant's books. I really enjoyed the fact that finished the Dark Sword Series with the start of the Dark Warriors Series. I would recommend this book to fans of paranormal, romance, or historical books. It has a little bit of something for everyone!
Shauni More than 1 year ago
Midnight’s Master is the beginning of Donna Grant’s Dark Warriors Series.. The Dark Warrior Series is not exactly the beginning of a series rather the middle where the Dark Swords take a slight turn.. Oh they are still fighting evil, most especially Deirdre and they are still working hard to control their inner gods.. but they have been fast forwarded to the future.. or rather NOW.. It’s hard to make a huge transition and make it work. There are so many issues and factors that could go wrong. Happily Donna makes the move with skill and style. Upon the death of the Warrior Duncan, Ian’s twin Deidre was caught up in a maelstrom of power and flung into the future. She managed to drag some of her minions with her along with Ian. The Warriors and Druids found a way to send a select few as well. We take up this story with Logan having found himself in the alien atmosphere of 2012 Scotland. As confused as Logan was he managed to use the skills that he had learned as a Warrior and start adapting to the 21st century. And his legendary charm hasn’t failed him yet. Logan seems to be drawn to Eigg and yet isn’t sure why. He was sent to find Ian not search Eigg and yet... Logan is a man adrift, trying to make up for one really bad choice in his past and to deal with the guilt of that life. He is the youngest of the Warrior’s having been only 100 when he was sent to the future. The guilt and his youth make for an intriguing combination. Playful, sensitive, charming and yet always aware what can happen if you make the wrong choice. He is also forever a protector. Gwynn, is a Druid whose powers had remained hidden. Lurking in the depths of her essence. Until the death of her mother she was ignored and abandoned by him and yet finally she feels that they have a relationship and she is completely distraught to find him now missing. I like Gwynn because even though she has issues from her past she isn’t a whiny, wimpy character. She takes action.. Dad missing, Off to Scotland to find him. His job won’t help her, she threatens them with the FBI.. Finds a hunky man from the past, she works with him to not only discover who she is but to search for a missing artifact. Nothing passive about this girl. As this is a book about the Warriors, Deidre is never far away.. she has found herself held captive by another Drough... one determined to connect with her and then rule the earth with her forever. Declan is devious and a 21st century villain. Poor Deidre *snicker* has to deal with some time in captivity herself. Too bad.. *grins* I am not sure if Declan is Deidre’s equal or not only time will tell but I really like his insidious evil. The one thing I worried and wondered about when Donna brought her Warrior’s forward was if we were going to see all of them and MacLeaod’s keep. I kept thinking poor Logan was going to go to the keep and find it a ruin, with everyone either dead. Ms Grant kept me guessing for most of the book.. And I am happy to say she dealt with the keep, Warriors and Druids in a feasible manner. Explaining how they might possibly survive 400 years unknown. I have always liked the Dark Sword Series and feel that Ms Grant did a successful job of pulling them forward while keeping the mystery and magic of her stories complete. You seriously have to read this book!!
Ns_ More than 1 year ago
In Midnight's Master, the heroine Gwynn finds herself where I would want to be. She's in Scotland and soon meets Logan, a highlander who's very endearing. He's a warrior, thrown forward from 1603 Scotland to the modern time. Only, it's not quite a vacation for Gwynn. She's on a mission to find her father who has disappeared after finding a mysterious artifact. Logan also has a mission of his own. He is trying locate a fellow warrior and twart Deirdre from her evil plans. Together they create magic in more than one ways. I liked that both Gwynn and Logan found themselves in the same both and having to rely on each other. Gwynn is just discovering her Druid ancestry and understanding the magic she possesses, while Logan is trying to adjust to the modern ways. He's still very much a brave hero. He's fiercely protective of Gwynn and she suits him so well. Their adventure is one that is full of magic, excitement in a great world. Now if only I could visit I could visit MacLeod Castle!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have recommended this series to a lot of friends that love it as much as I do
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series is great! All the books are good but I have my favorites! You can't go wrong with donna grant
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Molly Book provided by the publisher for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book I’ve heard oodles of great things about Donna Grant, but have never had the pleasure of reading her works….until now. And, I must say that I am beyond please with the outcome of what I read. I was swept away instantly into the heart of Scotland, following characters who take the reader on a whirl wind ride, searching for a missing artifact, overcoming evil, and fighting sizzling attraction. Donna layered this story perfectly, keeping me completely hooked until the last page was read. Gwynn Austin has left Texas to search for her father in Scotland. She hasn’t heard from him in too long and fears somethings wrong. When she arrives in Scotland, though, things aren’t what they seem, especially after laying eyes on the world’s most gorgeous man…in a kilt. What’s more is, this sexy man seems too confused by the modernity of the world today. But, she needs him, despite the fierce attraction she feels for him, to help her find a missing artifact and her father. Highland Warriror Logan Hamilton comes from the year 1603. He’s been propelled to the 2012 in search of Deidre, the evil one who killed a fellow warrior’s twin brother, and is out to set evil throughout the land. What he wasn’t expecting was the complete and utter protectiveness he feels for a human. But, when he lays eyes on her, his protectiveness kicks into gear. It’s not until he’s helping her search for her father, and an artifact that can help him, that he learns the truth about Gwynn. Can Gwynn learn who she truly is,as a Druid, in time to save her father….and her ancestors land? Or will her Dark Warrior loose out on all he’s come to love when the devilish Deidre and Declan connect? Donna kept the suspense kicking it, and the romance was perfect. The magic was believable and the evil was masterful enough to round out the story. It’s most definitely one of my favorite paranormal romance novels to date. This book is deserving of more than just simple praises, but I will say that you need to read this. It’s awesome. I am looking forward to reading book 2 in this series, Midnight’s Lover, and hope to see more of Logan and Gwynn, as well as the other awesome Druids, Warriors, and Droughs! I will also be going back and adding Ms. Grant’s previous works to my pile of must read books! Well done, Ms. Grant, on a masterful novel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I started reading this book and promptly got lost. Word of warning you have to read the Dark Sword Series first to understand this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
That a book could suck SO bad.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put the book down. A must read & a huge fan of Donna Grant.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RubyDH More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
apck More than 1 year ago
I am new to Donna Grant novels and i can't put them down. she keeps me reading long into the night. my dvr is filling up because i refuse to stop reading.