Mighty Little Lion Hunter (We Both Read Series)

Mighty Little Lion Hunter (We Both Read Series)

by Jana Carson, Bob Staake

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Children's Literature - Trina Heidt
Kibu, a young member of the African Masai tribe, is determined to go lion hunting. After he is laughed at by his bigger brothers and told that he is too little to hunt the dangerous Father Lion, Kibu becomes even more determined to become the mightiest of the lion hunters. He sets out into the wilderness taking with him only his determination and a basket of food from his loving mother. Along the way, clever Kibu is able to use both to ensure that he is victorious. This book, from the "We Both Read" series, teaches some valuable lessons while sharing a small part of the rich tradition of African folktales. The "We Both Read" series encourages parents to share the responsibility of reading with their beginning readers by alternating between parent-read pages (more difficult text) and child-read pages (beginning reader level). The format works well in this story, as transitions are hardly noticeable. This is a Level 1 book.

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Treasure Bay, Incorporated
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We Both Read Series
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5 - 6 Years

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