Mighty MotoXers

Mighty MotoXers

by Michael Sandler

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Children's Literature - David Adams
The world's greatest distance motorcycle jump is nine feet shy of an entire football field. Such is the exhilarating world of motocross presented in Mighty MotoXers. This thrilling presentation captures the basics of the sport, its history, athletes, and the sport's future, all done with clear cut text and colorful photos. Siblings of motocross are supercross and freestyle motocross, which are also covered. Riders include both men and women. This reviewer was somewhat confused by the explanation of how someone wins a race in basic motocross, but young daredevils will nevertheless be intrigued by some of the sport's personalities. One successful racer is completely deaf and uses the bike's vibrations in her hands and body to tell her when to switch gears. The most exciting thing about motocross is to see the riders in action, something that is in the videos linked on the publisher's website. The author's credentials are conspicuously absent, but he does a good job of not glossing over the danger of motorcycle riding. This book is one of six in the series called "X-moves." Includes glossary, suggested reading, bibliography, and index. Recommended for public libraries and school libraries. Reviewer: David Adams
School Library Journal
Gr 3-5–Readers may not have tried, or even witnessed, many of these sports in person. Nonetheless, they will welcome these overviews that feature short sentences coupled with colorful action photographs, and that all include at least one famous female competitor. History, basics, and important competitions are covered in a spread each, with text on one page and a full-page photograph on the other (many photos show superstars wearing the recommended helmets and other safety gear). Interesting fact boxes further explain concepts from the narratives. Closing “101” sections detail the equipment necessary. Rally Car Dudes, the most unusual offering, disappointingly does not fully describe what the sport is until the third chapter. Select individual titles as needed.

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X-Moves Series
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5 - 10 Years

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