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Migrants and Refugees

Migrants and Refugees

by Trevor Smith

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The movement of people from one land to another has an obvious uprooting effect upon multiple publics. One need only look to American history to see the many and varied impacts that successive waves of immigrants have had, and continue to have, upon society. In Migrants and Refugees, Trevor Smith touches upon the complicated and wrenching story of world migration. Spawned by natural disasters, warfare, ethnic persecution, economic woe, and other reasons, migration takes many forms. Immigrants to a new land who have come seeking a better life for their families have a far different experience than refugees from a genocidal conflict. In terms of the reactions of indigenous peoples, those migrants who are more similar culturally to the native peoples may also have an easier time of melding into their new homes. Whatever the catalyst for migration, the uprooting nature of immigration can be shocking to not only the immigrants but also to those whom they meet in their new homelands. In this entry in the "Understanding Global Issues" series, readers will be confronted with a variety of issues related to the immigrant experience. By confronting these complicated concerns, author Trevor Smith does an outstanding job of providing both information and the value of fairness. This is a well-developed book and one that touches upon a subject of great relevance in our oft-times tumultuous world. 2004, Smart Apple Media, Ages 12 up.
— Greg M. Romaneck

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Black Rabbit Books
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Understanding Global Issues Series
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8.10(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.40(d)
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15 - 17 Years

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