Mike Rayburn at Carnegie Hall

Mike Rayburn at Carnegie Hall

by Mike Rayburn

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Release Date:
Thirty Tigers


  1. Introduction
  2. Bele Chere
  3. Bad Luck
  4. Carnegie Hall? (Bit)
  5. Boy Bands (Parody)
  6. Felipe (Parody)
  7. Old Rockers (Bit and Parody)
  8. Questions (Bit)
  9. Country Lounge (Bit and Parody)
  10. Combo's Intro (Bit)
  11. Bob Marley Sings Garth Brooks (Parody)
  12. Dan Fogelberg Sings Ac/DC (Parody)
  13. Ac/DC Sings Dan Fogelberg (Parody)
  14. Led Zeppelin Sings Dr. Seuss (Parody)
  15. Hang the Jury
  16. Writing Music I Couldn't Play (Bit)
  17. Variations on Pachelbel's Canon
  18. Quicksilver
  19. Wearin' My Clothes
  20. Scarlet Intro (Bit)
  21. Scarlet O' Hara Is Alive and Well
  22. Devil Intro (Bit)
  23. The Devil (Parody)
  24. Encore-Tattoo

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