Milk & Sugar: On a Mission 2009

Milk & Sugar: On a Mission 2009

by Milk & Sugar

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Release Date:
Milk & Sugar Germany


Disc 1

  1. On a Mission 2009-Intro  -  Milk & Sugar
  2. Leave The World Behind  - Sebastian Ingrosso
  3. Ybele  -  Fuzzy Hair
  4. Anyway  - BK Duke
  5. In The Air  - TV Rock
  6. Come Get My Lovin  - Hugh Gunnell
  7. Let The Sun Shine  -  Milk & Sugar
  8. Organ of Love (Want Love)  -  Caesar's Scissors
  9. Free My Soul  -  D'Arezzo
  10. Violins  -  Lake & Lys
  11. Let Me Show You  -  Camisra
  12. Beat For Me  -  Kucho!
  13. Miracle Of Love  - Peter Gelderblom
  14. Needin U  -  Face
  15. When Love Takes Over  - David Guetta
  16. Let Me Be Your Fantasy  - Scott Giles
  17. Wolfgang's 5th Symphony  - Wolfgang Gartner
  18. Don't Let Me Down  - Eddie Thoneick
  19. Get Down  -  Minich Huose Society

Disc 2

  1. Feel The Music (A Capella Intro)  -  Milk & Sugar
  2. Esa Negra  - Jesse Perez
  3. Ain't Nothing Personal  - DJ Marmol
  4. With You  -  TDJ
  5. Let Me Dance For You  -  Vintage System
  6. Blue Magic  -  Twylah
  7. Hold Me  -  Kuningas
  8. Feel Free  - Phoebe Hall
  9. Housemusic Is Life  - Wilkine Brutus
  10. This Is How We Do it  -  Loui & Scibi
  11. Sinfonia Della Notte  - Dennis Ferrer
  12. Somebody Else's Guy 2009  -  D.O.N.S.
  13. Can't Get Enough  -  Housemates
  14. Love Will Keep Us Together  - Viviane "Whiteside" Wyss
  15. Move Your Body  - BK Duke
  16. I Want You  - Joe Calabro
  17. Ponle Tumbao  - Ralf Gum
  18. Lift Me Up  -  Milk & Sugar

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Milk & Sugar   Primary Artist
Gil Kaupp   Brass
Raoul Walton   Bass
Pepper Mashay   Vocals
Angie Brown   Vocals
Dennis Ferrer   Keyboards
Marcella Woods   Vocals
Gerd Fink   Brass
Lisa Millett   Vocals
Steven Sugar   fender rhodes
Angela Caran   Vocals
Rick Keller   Saxophone,Brass,Soloist
Katie Jay   Vocals
James Reynolds   Keyboards,Musician
Tylene Thompkins   Vocals
Ayak   Vocals
Twylah   Vocals
Paul Gardner   Keyboards,Musician
Axel B   Piano,Keyboards
Rudy Sandapa   Vocals
Hugh Gunnell   Keyboards,Musician
Phoebe Hall   Vocals
Chris Muzik   Guitar
Steven "Sugar" Harding   Guitar
Sheylah Cuffy   Vocals
Azhar Kamal   Guitar
Scharodrick "Preach" Jackson   Vocals
Michael Sax   Saxophone
Wilkine Brutus   Vocals
Uli Heinzeler   Bass

Technical Credits

Big World   Producer
Galt MacDermot   Composer
David Morales   Composer,Producer
Jean McClain   Composer
Richard Rome   Composer,Producer
Deborah Cox   Composer
James Rado   Composer
Gerome Ragni   Composer
Laidback Luke   Composer,Producer
Mike Milk   Composer,Producer
D.O.N.S.   Producer
Dennis Ferrer   Arranger,Producer,drum programming
Andrew James Komis   Composer
Kelly Rowland   Composer
Axwell   Composer,Remixing,Additional Production
Michi Lange   Producer
Julian Napolitano   Producer
Christian Weber   Composer
Ivan Gough   Composer,Producer
Ralf Benkert   Composer,Producer
Markus Binapfl   Composer
Steven Sugar   Composer,Producer,Engineer,drum programming
Christian Pfeuffer   Composer,Producer
Jerry Ropero   Composer,Producer
David Guetta   Composer
Chris Lake   Arranger,Producer
Steve Angello   Composer
Rick Keller   Brass Arrangment
Sebastian Ingrosso   Composer
David Penn   Composer,Producer
James Reynolds   Producer
Eddie Thoneick   Composer
Denis The Menace   Producer
Grant Smillie   Composer,Producer
Peter Gelderblom   Composer,Producer
Jeff Daniels   Composer,Producer
Yves Murasca   Arranger,Producer
Ayak Thiik   Composer
Gerd Lehmkuhl   Composer
Michael Ova   Composer
Paul Gardner   Producer
Jorge Martin S.   Producer
DJ Marmol   Composer,Producer
Quarrel   Composer
Rudy Sandapa   Composer
Jesse Perez   Producer
Andrew Smith   Composer,Producer
BK Duke   Producer
Wolfgang Gartner   Composer
Dyce   Composer
Robin Morley   Composer
Hugh Gunnell   Producer
Dee Roberts   Composer
G. Calabro   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Mark Brown   Producer
Cesar Lores   Composer,Producer
Buero Lehmann   Artwork
Del Grosso   Composer
Tayebi   Composer
Chris Norlin   Composer
Denis Zet   Composer
Phoebe Hall   Composer
Olivia Nervo   Composer
Myriam Nervo   Composer
Adam Shaw   Producer
Kucho!   Producer,Engineer
Phillip Hurt   Composer,Producer
Steven "Sugar" Harding   Composer,Producer
Viviane "Whiteside" Wyss   Composer,Producer
Tom Bucher   Composer,Producer
Marco Lys   Arranger,Producer
David Jordan   Composer,Producer
Paolo Oliveira   Composer
Kuningas   Composer,Producer
Kent Brainerd   Composer
Sheylah Cuffy   Composer
Jose Luis Marmol Pastor   Composer,Producer
G. Van Gestel   Composer,Producer
Dione Warren   Composer
Daniel Manzano Salazar   Composer
Bominaf System   Producer
B. Gogo   Composer
Sihrazinia   Composer
Shadow Stars   Remixing,Additional Production
Seref Simsek   Vocal Engineer
Sascha Pollach   Illustrations
Rike Boomgaarden   Composer
Melvin Candy   Choir Arrangement
Marcus Bachmann   Composer,Producer,Vocal Engineer
Vintage System   Producer
Frédéric Riester   Composer

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