Milken Archive: A Hanukka Celebration

Milken Archive: A Hanukka Celebration


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  1. B'rakhot L'hanukka (based on melodies by Joshua Lind, Solomon Ancis, Ze
  2. Hannerot Hallalu, for choir
  3. Ma'oz Tzur
  4. To Celebrate a Miracle, for large wind ensemble or wind orchestra
  5. Likhtelekh
  6. Di Khanike Likht, for voice & piano
  7. Hanukka Madrigal: Mi y'mallel? (from Six Madrigals), for a cappella cho
  8. 1. Rock of My Salvation (Ma'oz tzur)
  9. 2. The Lights We Have Kindled (Hannerot hallalu)
  10. 3. For the Miracles (Al hannissim)
  11. 4. Who Kindled These Lights? (Mi ze hidlik?)
  12. 5. Into the Temple Judah Came (El hammikdash ba y'huda)
  13. 6. Who Can Retell? (Mi y'mallel?)
  14. 7. Candles in the Night
  15. 8. Rock of Ages (Ma'oz tzur)
  16. Mizmor Shir Hanukkat Habbayit, for men's chorus
  17. Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin, round, for a cappella chorus (or chorus & piano)
  18. Adonai Z'kharanu, for chorus
  19. 1. Light the Legend
  20. 2. A Hanukka Dreidl
  21. 3. Light
  22. 4. Psalm 150

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Samuel Adler   Conductor
New London Children's Choir   Choir, Chorus
Abba Bogin   Piano
Ronald Corp   Conductor
Tim Koch   Conductor
Neil W. Levin   Conductor,Recorder
Benzion Miller   Vocals
Rodney Winther   Conductor
Simon Spiro   Vocals
Carolina Chamber Chorale   Choir, Chorus
Coro Hebraeico   Choir, Chorus
Zhou Jin   Piano
Schola Hebraeica Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Moshe Haschel   Vocals
Cincinnati Wind Symphony   Ensemble
Southern Chorale, University of Southern Mississippi   Choir, Chorus
Rochester Singers   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Samuel Adler   Composer
David Dusman   Engineer
Campbell Hughes   Engineer
Tom Lazarus   Engineer
Timothy Martyn   Producer
Alexander Olshanetsky   Composer
Rob Rapley   Engineer
David Frost   Producer
Michael Isaacson   Composer,Producer
Simon Weir   Producer
Morris Rosenfeld   Text
Zavel Zilberts   Composer
Aaron Miller   Composer
Marc Stedman   Engineer
Neil W. Levin   Arranger,Liner Notes
Lowell Milken   Liner Notes
Eliyahu Mishulovin   Text Translation
M. Zeilingold   Text Translation
Morgan Roberts   Engineer
Jeff Rake   Text
Susan Nurenberg   Text
Morton M. Leifman   Text Translation
Michael Isaacson   Producer,Text

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