Miller's Anesthesia (2 Volume Set) / Edition 6

Miller's Anesthesia (2 Volume Set) / Edition 6

by Ronald D. Miller, Roy F. Cucchiara, Edward D. Miller

ISBN-10: 0443066183

ISBN-13: 9780443066184

Pub. Date: 09/22/2004

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

From fundamental principles to advanced subspecialty procedures, this masterwork covers the full scope of contemporary anesthesia practice in just two volumes. A who's who of internationally recognized authorities offers in-depth, state-of-the-art coverage of basic science and pharmacology...step-by-step instructions for patient management...and an in-depth


From fundamental principles to advanced subspecialty procedures, this masterwork covers the full scope of contemporary anesthesia practice in just two volumes. A who's who of internationally recognized authorities offers in-depth, state-of-the-art coverage of basic science and pharmacology...step-by-step instructions for patient management...and an in-depth analysis of ancillary responsibilities and problems. Video clips on the accompanying CD-ROM demonstrate the proper technique for new and difficult procedures. And, a new, continuously updated online version delivers even more reference power.

• Brings techniques to life with full-color video demonstrations on the CD-ROM.Presents each chapter as a self-contained, mini monograph on its topic.
• Uses a two-color design that makes reference easy.
• Offers full-color sections on regional anesthesia techniques and transesophageal echocardiography.
• Includes extensive references.
• Provides an Appendix with ASA guidelines.

• Available as a two-volume a dynamic, fully searchable, continuously updated web site...or as a breakthrough e-dition book/web access package.
• Presents completely revised and thoroughly updated coverage throughout.
• Offers fresh new perspectives and insights from new author teams for more than 20% of the chapters
• Features brand-new new chapters that address today's hottest topics including Implantable Cardiac Pulse Generator · Civil, Chemical and Biological Warfare · Anesthesia for Robotic Surgery · Perioperative Blindness ·Human Performance and Patient Safety · and many more.
• Includes new video segments on key techniques on the CD-ROM, such as Fastrach Intubation · Thoracic Epidural · Tracheostomy · Pediatric Lines · and Nerve Block Using Ultrasound.

With 155 additional contributing experts.

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Table of Contents


1. History of Anesthetic Practice, Merlin D. Larson


2. Scope of Modern Anesthetic Practice, Steven J. Thomas and Frederick K. Orkin

3. Basic Principles of Pharmacology Related to Anesthesia, Debra A. Schwinn and Steven L. Shafer

Inhaled Anesthetics

4. Mechanisms of Action, Donald D. Koblin

5. Uptake and Distribution, Edmond I. Eger II

6. Pulmonary Pharmacology, Neil E. Farber, Paul S. Pagel, and David C. Warltier

7. Cardiovascular Pharmacology, David C. Warltier, Paul S. Pagel, and Neil E. Farber

8. Metabolism and Toxicity of Inhaled Anesthetics, Jackie Martin

9. Inhaled Anesthetic Delivery Systems, Russell C. Brockwell and J. Jeff Andrews

Intravenous Anesthetics

10. Intravenous Nonopioid Anesthetics, J.G. Reves, Peter S. A. Glass, David A. Lubarsky, and Matthew D. McEvoy

11. Intravenous Opioid Anesthetics, Kazuhiko Fukuda

12. Intravenous Drug Delivery Systems, Peter S. A. Glass and Steven L. Shafer & J.G. Reves

Other Drugs Commonly Used in Anesthesia

13. Pharmacology of Muscle Relaxants and Their Antagonists, Mohamed Naguib and Cynthia A. Lien

14. Local Anesthetics, Charles B. Berde and Gary R. Strichartz

15. Complementary and Alternative Therapies, Michael K. Ang-Lee, M.D., Chun-Su Yuan, M.D., Ph.D., and Jonathan Moss, M.D., Ph.D.

16. The Autonomic Nervous System, Jonathan Moss, M.D., Ph.D., and David Glick, M.D.

Physiology and Anesthesia

17. Respiratory Physiology and Respiratory Function During Anesthesia, William C. Wilson and Jonathan L. Benumof

18. Cardiac Physiology, Lena S. Sun

19. Hepatic Physiology, Simon Gelman and Phil Mushlin

20. Renal Physiology, Robert N. Sladen

21. Cerebral Physiology and the Effects of Anesthetics and Techniques, Piyush M. Patel and John C. Drummond

22. Neuromuscular Physiology and Pharmacology, J. Jeevendra Martyn

23. Outcomes and Statistics in Anesthesia, Stanley H. Rosenbaum


Preoperative Preparation

24. Risk of Anesthesia, Lee A. Fleisher

25. Preoperative Evaluation, Michael F. Roizen and Stephen P. Fischer

26. Pulmonary Function Testing, Thomas J. Gal

27. Anesthetic Implications of Concurrent Diseases, Michael F. Roizen and Lee A. Fleisher

28. Patient Positioning, Ronald J. Faust, M.D., Roy F. Cucchiara, M.D., and Perry S. Bechtle, D.O.

29. Malignant Hyperthermia, Gerald A. Gronert, Isaac N. Pessah, Sheila M. Muldoon, and Timothy J. Tautz


30. Fundamental Principles of Monitoring Instrumentation, James F. Szocik, Steven J. Barker, and Kevin K. Tremper

31. Monitoring Depth of Anesthesia, Donald R. Stanski/Steven Shafer

32. Cardiovascular Monitoring, Jonathan B. Mark

33. Transesophageal Echocardiography, Daniel P. Vezina and Michael K. Cahalan

34. Electrocardiography, Daniel M. Thys

35. Implantable Cardiac Pulse Generators: Pacemakers and Cardioverter-Defibrillators, Marc A. Rozner

36. Respiratory Monitoring, Richard E. Moon and Enrico M. Camporesi

37. Renal Function Monitoring, Solomon Aronson

38. Neurologic Monitoring, Michael E. Mahla

39. Neuromuscular Monitoring, Jørgen Viby-Mogensen

40 Temperature Monitoring, Daniel I. Sessler

41. Acid-Base Balance, Clifford S. Deutschman and Patrick Neligan

Anesthesia Techniques

42. Airway Management, Thomas J. Gal

43. Spinal, Epidural, and Caudal Anesthesia, David L. Brown

44. Nerve Blocks, Denise J. Wedel and Terese T. Horlocker

45. Regional Anesthesia in Children, Bernard J. Dalens

Perioperative Fluid Therapy

46. Fluid and Electrolyte Physiology, Alan D. Kaye, with Ian Kucera and Alan W. Grogono

47. Transfusion Therapy, Ronald D. Miller

48. Autologous Transfusion, Terri Monk and Tim Goodnough


49. Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery, William C. Wilson and Jonathan L. Benumof

50. Anesthesia for Adult Cardiac Surgery, Daniel Nyhan and Roger Johns

51. Anesthesia for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, William J. Greeley

52. Anesthesia for Vascular Surgery, Edward J. Norris and Peter Rock

53. Neurosurgical Anesthesia, John C. Drummond and Piyush M. Patel

54. Anesthesia and the Renal and Genitourinary Systems, Vinod Malhotra and Sudhir Diwan

55. Anesthesia and the Hepatobiliary System, Christopher J. O’Connor, David M. Rothenber, and Kenneth Tuman

56. Organ Transplantation, Claus Niemann and James Baker Yost

57. Anesthesia for Laparoscopic Surgery, Jean L. Joris

58. Anesthesia for Obstetrics, David Birnbach

59. Resuscitation of the Newborn, George A. Gregory

60. Pediatric Anesthesia, Charles J. Coté

61. Anesthesia for Orthopaedic Surgery, Nigel E. Sharrock and John Savarese

62. Anesthesia for the Elderly, Frederick Sieber

63. Anesthesia for Trauma, Richard Dutton

64. Civil Chemical & Biologic Warfare, with Emphasis on the Role of the Anesthesiologist, David J. Baker

65. Anesthesia and Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery, John V. Donlon, Jr. and Marc Feldman

66. Anesthesia for Robotic Surgery, Ervant V. Nishanian and Berend Mets

67. Anesthesia for Laser Surgery, Ira J. Rampil

68. Outpatient Anesthesia, Paul F. White and Recart

69. Anesthesia at Remote Locations, Paul E. Stensrud

70. Clinical Care at Altered Environmental Pressure, Richard E. Moon and Enrico M. COmporesi

71. The Postanesthesia Care Unit, Thomas W. Feeley and Alex Macario

72. Acute Postoperative Pain, Chris Wu

73. Chronic Pain, John Rowlingson


74. Overview of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Michael Gropper Liu

75. Respiratory Care, Todd Dorman

76. Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care, W. Daniel Kovarik

77. Nutritional Aspects, John L. Stene

78. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Peter McGlinch and Roger D. White

79. Brain Death, Kenjiro Mori, Koh Shingu, and Shinichi Nakao


80. Finding Professional Information on the Internet, Ira J. Rampil

81. Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement, Peter Pronovost

82. Perioperative Blindness, Steve Roth

83. Human Performance and Patient Safety, Marcus Rall and David M. Gaba

84. Patient Simulation, David M. Gaba and Marcus Rall

85. Teaching Anesthesia, Alan Jay Schwartz

86. Operating Room Management, James Kindscher

87. Electrical Safety in the Operating Room, Lawrence Litt

88. Environmental Safety Including Chemical Dependency, William P. Arnold III

89. Ethical and Legal Aspects of Anesthesia Care, David B. Waisel and Robert D. Truog


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