Mind of My Own

Mind of My Own

by Chris Costner Sizemore

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Even after the book and the film The Three Faces of Eve broke records in the late 1950s, the identity of ``Eve'' was kept secret and little was known about multiple personality disorder (MPD). Subsequent publications, The Final Face of Eve and I'm Eve --both written by Sizemore in collaboration with professionals--told more of the story Sizemore augments here. Retracing her life from birth in 1927 in Virginia, the author makes one understand the ``persons'' who took turns submerging her until she ultimately mastered the intruders, asserting ``the mind of my own.'' Sizemore gives credit to the therapists who helped, but none more than her husband and children, described here as miracles of ``devotion, commitment,'' which readers will agree may be an understatement. The author has been publicly active on behalf of the mentally/emotionally ill since her recovery in 1977. Literary Guild alternate; film rights to Sissy Spacek. (Sept.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Subject of the well-known book and movie, The Three Faces of Eve, and co-author of I'm Eve , Sizemore has written a spellbinding account of her life since her recovery from multiple-personality disorder. With remarkable candor, she describes the obstacles she overcame to achieve success in personal relationships and in professional endeavors, which included a public speaking career advocating understanding for mental illnesses. She also developed her painting talents. While her focused style contrasts remarkably with the fragmentation of a similar work, When Rabbit Howls ( LJ 6/15/87), her references to former selves in the third person is somewhat unnerving. And her discussion of her psychic experiences, plus allusions to reincarnation, ``possession,'' and the occult, will undoubtably evoke controversy. A fascinating, riveting story.-- Carol R. Glatt, Northeastern Hosp. of Philadelphia

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