Mindhealer (Watcher Series #5)

Mindhealer (Watcher Series #5)

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by Lilith Saintcrow

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The attacks are brutal, leaving the victims unconscious and broken. Circle Lightfall doesn't even know who-or what-to suspect, so Caro Robbins, a Mindhealer who might be able to piece together what's happening to these crushed bodies and shattered minds, is called in. Unfortunately, a Mindhealer is also vulnerable to the Dark-and Caro refuses even the idea of having a


The attacks are brutal, leaving the victims unconscious and broken. Circle Lightfall doesn't even know who-or what-to suspect, so Caro Robbins, a Mindhealer who might be able to piece together what's happening to these crushed bodies and shattered minds, is called in. Unfortunately, a Mindhealer is also vulnerable to the Dark-and Caro refuses even the idea of having a Watcher. She won't have another man die in front of her, and that's that.

The witch Merrick rescues from the dogs of the Dark is obnoxiously stubborn, infuriating, and seemingly determined to put herself in every dangerous situation possible. It's enough to drive a man insane, and definitely enough to make a Watcher frustrated. How is he supposed to protect her, especially when she insists she doesn't need a Watcher?

But Caro is going to need all Merrick's skill and strength sooner than anyone guesses. The attacks haven't stopped, and the closer Caro gets to solving the mystery, the more danger she's in. Because she's the next victim-unless Merrick can save her. And Merrick just might die in the line of fire if Caro can't find a way to keep her Watcher safe.

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Watcher Series, #5
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The EEG suddenly blipped into life. High hard alpha waves, beta scrabbling thickly enough to blur, static crawling over the screen. Stink filled the air, heavy and close like the smell of an animal's lair, and Merrick didn't stop to think. He bolted forward, blurring with preternatural speed, over the bed, getting her down and away as the thing burst like a poisonous flower, snarling in a psychic falsetto that drove through his teeth. Caro let out a short cry, bitten off halfway as Merrick hit her, driving her down.

Landed, hard, twisted so she didn't hit the floor, he barked his elbow a good one and his head smacked the radiator under the window with stunning force. He had her down and rolled, covering her body with his as the thing clawed at the air. There was no space, his legs tangled with hers and he pushed himself up, knife hilt smacking into his palm. He made it to his feet, facing the thing that rose from the shattered body like a cancerous mushroom. Warmth slid down the side of his neck, wet and coppery. He'd smacked himself a good one in the close quarters between the bed and window.

Red dappled the walls, the runes chased into the black steel of the knife blazing with clear crimson radiance that cut through weak wintery sunlight. Merrick's lips pulled back from his teeth.

The thing squealed again as sunlight pierced it, thin red lines from the blazing runefire bouncing off the walls. The dual assault striped its smoking flesh. A low head, eyes made of unhealthy crimson radioactivity, a clawed paw that swiped at him uselessly as it shredded in the sun falling over his shoulder. The body on the bed twisted and jerked, a fine mist ofblood spattering up from broken capillaries in the skin of her face and hands; the machines began to give out warning beeps, boops, and whistles.

Lovely. That will bring everyone running. Dammit.

Caro struggled up to her knees. Merrick kept himself between her and the bed. The jade bowl chattered, water turning to steam, the thing howled again as the steam billowed around it. The smell was insistent, sulfur mixed with a darker tang, and the thing retreated, hopping down from the bed and clumsily splatting on the floor on the other side. He could see it, writhing and melting, and his blood went chill. "Caro?"

"I'm all right." She sounded dazed, and most definitely not all right. He was unprepared for the sharp pinch of fear under his skin. He had just touched a Mindhealer during her work. You were never supposed to do that lest you disturb the careful balance necessary for them to leave their bodies and walk in other minds. He was damn lucky she was still alive. "Merrick?" Wondering, disoriented.

Thank you, gods. She's alive and conscious. Two to the good, luckier than I have any right to be. "Right here. It's dying, the sunlight hurts it. Get your bowl and your bag, we're leaving."

She shook her head as if dazed, and he was suddenly possessed of the intense desire to shake her. Don't ever do that to me again. He discarded the thought. It wasn't the kind of thing a Watcher could say.


Who? Then he remembered. The victim. He heard running feet, shouts. The nurses and doctors would be along soon. The thing shrieked again, but fainter. The chaos of noise from the machines splashed through the room, tore at his ears. He shut it out.

Merrick scooped up the jade bowl with his left hand. The water was gone and the stone bowl was hot enough to burn a man's fingers. Thankfully, none of the bloodmist had fouled it. He resheathed the knife--this thing, whatever it was, was losing coherency quickly. Each moment of sunlight made it more insubstantial.

It still might hurt her, so he kept his body between Caro and the thing as he bent down, offered her his free hand. "Come on, love. Best to be on our way."

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Mindhealer (Watcher Series #5) 4.2 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 9 reviews.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review** Caro was a strong mindhealer going to Altamira. She specially trained the mindhealers and seers. Caro had been a foster kid who heard voices. Trev was Caro's little brother and wanted her to travel with a watcher. He was a light bringer, an air witch. Merrick was a watcher who saved Caro's life as she'd gotten lost and had been attacked. He then realized she was his witch. Humans and psychics were being attacked. That had started about 6 months ago. They were found mostly on the north side of town. There was a sense of something not right. Only mindhealers could smell that the air was fowl around someone that had been attacked. There had been 14 attacks, 8 victims were already dead. Having their own witch was the only way the watcher could make up whatever bloody acts or series of acts had tortured them into becoming something inhuman to atone for it. Caro was a mindhealer, very mentally and physically strong. She was a good person through and through. She could be stubborn and determined. When she decided something, it was nearly impossible to change her mind. She was afraid to have another watcher. I really enjoyed her character. Merrick was mentally and physically strong. he knew his job and knew it well. Then he saved Caro and knew she was his witch. He didn't feel he deserved her, but he'd give his all to protect her, even against her will. I rooted for him all through this story. I loved this story, the characters and the plot. I do hope another comes out. I highly recommend it.
plappen More than 1 year ago
Part of a series, this book is about a modern-day society in the middle of a long-term war between the forces of Light and Dark. Caroline (Caro) Robbins is a Mindhealer, a special kind of witch. She has the ability to go into the mind of someone who has been psychically ravaged by Dark forces, and repair the damage. During an ill-advised drive to a safe house in the city, Caro almost becomes the next victim. She is rescued by a Watcher named Merrick, and brought to the safe house. Watchers and Witches are never supposed to physically touch; if they do, the physical reaction is something like a severe electric shock. When Merrick touches Caro, and nothing happens, he realizes that the two are bonded. The Watcher/Witch relationship is much more than just a lifelong, 24-hour bodyguard. Merrick is bound by honor and duty to never let Caro out of his sight, and to sacrifice his life, if necessary, to keep her alive. This is despite Caro's extreme disinterest in having another Watcher. Her previous Watcher died in the line of duty, and she is determined to not go through that again. The safe house is under nearly constant attack by Dark forces, despite being covered in magical protection spells. Being saved by Merrick, more than once, has not blunted Caro's very wide stubborn streak. During one trip inside a victim's mind, a waiting Dark carnivore almost makes a psychic, and physical, meal out of Caro. Merrick is tormented by not wanting to disobey her, wanting to handcuff her, and sit on her, to keep her out of danger, and the tendency of his crotch to do the thinking, instead of his brain. Do they survive the attacks? My only complaint about this book is that it is not the first in the series; I am one of those who has to read a series in order. It's a first-rate piece of writing, with enough romance and emotion between Caro and Merrick (maybe a little too much). Even for those who don't think that they like dark fantasy stories, this is very much worth reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kiratala More than 1 year ago
JeriTRyan More than 1 year ago
The Mindhealer by Lilith Saintcrow is the fifth book of the watchers series and I have to admit that I do not know the other books – so this was a first for me. I really liked the world that the author created but I had serious issues with Caro. I totally could not connect to her as she felt more like a child. Merrick on the other side is a pure male – so it totally needs magic to make this work for the reader and somehow it did not fully work for me. The writing itself is good and the storyline is intriguing therefore I do not regret the time I spend with this book. I just could not fully enjoy it. But still I think I will pick up the other books at some point to get a better feeling for this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago